MLB Players off to a good start

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    MLB Players off to a good start

    Major League baseball appears headed in a different direction from the NFL as the sport is enjoying a new infusion of young white players that should be a force in the game for years to come.

    While the NFL virtually forbids white players at many positions, no matter how talented, from getting a chance to play, baseball has gone somewhat in the other direction and given white players good opportunities. Undoubtedly the fact that white players make up a large percentage of the best pitchers, encourages teams to develop players at other positions.

    Perhaps a couple of factors are weighing in white players favor. The parents of white kids have invested a lot of effort in their kid’s baseball. They haul them around to games and tournaments, pony up big bucks so they can play, and invest a lot of time in running leagues, umpiring games, and coaching players.

    This privately financed source of talent development has to be welcome to the baseball establishment which is burdened by the tremendous escalation in player contracts and the cost of supporting minor leagues. Not to mention their foolish attempt to invest millions trying to get black kids to play the game.

    The fact that the NFL and NBA have become virtual no-go areas for white American kids has literally forced them into the one game that will give them a look. Since black kids have made it clear that they will not play baseball under any circumstances college baseball teams have plenty of roster spots open for white kids. While nearly every Division I, II, and III, college will fill every open football and basketball scholarship with vibrant diversity (under orders from the vibrant diversity departments that infest those schools); they are unable to do so for baseball. Thus you get the ludicrous situation that some historically black colleges are forced to field majority white baseball teams.

    And perhaps white guys are wising up. Jeff Samardzija is a well paid pitcher for the White Sox. He could have went to the NFL as a receiver, and possibly had to endure the treatment that Riley Cooper, Eric Decker, and even Jordy Nelson, have to face on a regular basis. Namely constant media sniping that the untested black rookie on the bench is better, head hunting black defensive backs that love collecting white scalps, and a race graduated salary rate that if it existed for blacks would be the subject of a congressional investigation.

    Currently perhaps the best young player in either league, maybe the best players in their respective leagues are Mike Trout in the AL and Bryan Harper in the NL. Both of these guys are so young that they could still be playing college ball. Trout is on a career arc that could make him one of the greatest players in the history of the game. He is the youngest player ever to reach 100 career HR’s and steals, possessing an extremely rare combination of power and speed. Harper has been a highly touted rookie for a couple of years, starring while only 19. If both players can continue to play well for a long time there is a HOF ballot in their future. But they have to avoid the various pitfalls that have affected other white players that seemed destined for greatness (see exhibit A: Josh Hamilton).

    Here are some other young white position players to keep an eye on.

    Rookie Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant was a spring training sensation hitting more home runs then anyone else before the season started. Bryant took a while to heat up but has been on a tear of late. Another rookie, Joe Pederson of the Dodgers has already hit 10 HR’s. Other young guys off to a good start are Todd Frazier, Reds, 3B, and Stephan Vogt, catcher for the A’s.

    Josh Donaldson is playing well for his new team, the Blue Jays. Paul Goldschmidt has started hot as have the Royals trio of white talent, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas and Alex Gordon. Another hot hitting Red is SS Zach Cozart.

    At the start of the season Caste Football veteran poster Leonardfan compiled a list of white players by position to keep an eye on this year:

    Buster Posey Giants
    Johnathan Lucroy Brewers
    Evan Gattis Astros
    Devin Mesoraco Reds
    Brian McCann Yankees
    Matt Wieters Orioles
    Derek Norris Padres
    Jarrod Saltalamacchia Marlins
    John Jaso Rays
    Mike Zunino Mariners
    Tyler Flowers White Sox
    Chris Ianetta Angels
    Steven Vogt A's
    Blake Swihart Red Sox

    Paul Goldschmidt D-backs
    Anthony Rizzo Cubs
    Freddie Freeman Braves
    Joey Votto Reds
    Chris Davis Orioles
    Brandon Belt Giants
    Adam LaRoche White Sox
    Matt Adams Cardinals
    Brandon Moss Indians
    Lucas Duda Mets
    Justin Morneau Rockies
    Mike Napoli Red Sox
    Billy Butler A's
    Adam Lind Brewers
    Joe Mauer Twins
    Logan Morrison Mariners

    Ian Kinsler Tigers
    Brian Dozier Twins
    Dustin Pedroia Red Sox
    Jason Kipinis Indians
    Neil Walker Pirates
    Daniel Murphy Mets
    Ben Zobrist A's
    Chase Utley Phillies
    Jedd Gyorko Padres
    Scooter Genett Brewers
    DJ LeMaheiu Rockies

    Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
    J.J. Hardy Orioles
    Brad Miller Mariners
    Jed Lowrie Astros
    Brandon Crawford Giants
    Jordy Mercer Pirates
    Chris Owings D-backs/Nick Ahmed D-backs (in a battle for the position)
    Zack Cozart Reds

    Josh Donaldson Blue Jays
    Todd Frazier Reds
    Evan Longoria Rays
    Kyle Seager Mariners
    Kris Bryant Cubs
    David Wright Mets
    Matt Carpenter Cardinals
    Brett Lawrie A's
    Chase Headley Yankees
    Trevor Plouffe Twins
    Lonnie Chisenhall Inidans
    Chris Johnson Braves
    Casey McGehee Giants
    David Freese Angels
    Mike Moustakas Royals

    Mike Trout Angels
    Bryce Harper Nationals
    Cory Dickerson Rockies
    Matt Holiday Cardinals
    Christian Yelich Marlins
    Charlie Blackmon Rockies
    Kole Calhoun Angels
    Jay Bruce Reds
    Alex Gordon Royals
    Brett Gardner Yankees
    Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
    Mark Trumbo Diamondbacks
    AJ Pollock Diamondbacks
    Ryan Braun Brewers (PED abuser...not his biggest fan)
    Brandon Moss Indians
    Hunter Pence Giants
    Jayson Werth Nationals
    Joc Pederson Dodgers
    Adam Eaton White Sox
    Wil Myers Padres
    Steve Pearce Orioles
    Michael Cuddyer Mets
    Steven Souza Rays
    Josh Hamilton Rangers
    Nick Markakis Orioles
    Drew Stubbs Rockies
    Michael Saunders Blue Jays
    Dustin Ackley Mariners
    Josh Reddick A's
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