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Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by bigunreal, Oct 24, 2007.

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    For those who might have missed it, "Killer" Ray Lewis publicly lashed out against Caste System guru Brian Billick following the Ravens' loss last Sunday. Here is an update on the story, from a fantasy web site (Fantasy Football Mastermind):

    The Baltimore Sun reports Ravens HC Brian Billick said last night that he has no problem with ILB Ray Lewis criticizing his play-calling. On his Monday radio show, Lewis expressed frustration over Billick's decision to throw the ball three times, starting with second-and-one at the Buffalo Bills' 49 with less than two minutes to play. All three passes were incomplete, and the Ravens offense didn't get the ball again in a 19-14 loss at Buffalo. "There's frustrations, and I don't know that he's not right," Billick said on his WBAL radio show. "I don't know if I agree [with Lewis about running the ball] on the second-and-one and third-and-one. I definitely agree on the fourth-and-one call. I certainly don't find any fault with Ray being honest and straightforward." Lewis said he was among those who wondered why RB Willis McGahee didn't touch the ball on that final drive. "You can't make oranges be peaches," Lewis said. "It doesn't change. It will never change. That's what Billick has to ask himself: why we keep putting ourselves in those situations." After the loss at Buffalo, Billick told his players to stick together and not point fingers out of frustration. "There are a lot of things to be frustrated [about] - the offside, letting [the Bills] get down the middle of the field, the fumble," Billick said. "There are a lot of things that are going to affect the outcome of the game that we want to address, and the play-calling is one of them. I have to constantly analyze what I am doing, and I have no problem with what Ray said."-- Billick Okay with Ray Lewis' Criticism --Wed Oct 24, 2007 --from

    Let's see; if say, Todd Heap or Kyle Boller said the exact same things about Billick, do you think he'd be okay with that? Now don't get me wrong; personally I think "Killer" Ray was absolutely right in his criticism. Billick is a complete idiot, and even the jock-sniffers in the media have stopped referring to him as an offensive "genius" after the consistently horrible offenses he has overseen in Baltimore, year after year. Read Billick's words again, and try to imagine these the magnitude of what we face in getting clowns like him, and Jack Del Rio, Brad Childress, Mike Nolan, etc., to simply be fair to white players.
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    No, Billick would have condemned them publicly.
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    Another charming member of the Ravens defense is LB Bart Scott, who threatened to kill Steelers WR Hines Ward after Ward vigorously blocked him during the Ravens-Steelers game last Monday night.

    "I threatened him," said Scott. "If I see him again, I'm going to threaten him again."
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    Thanks for the info regarding Bart Scott, Don. I'm not here to judge anybody, but Scott publicly discusses his Christian faith and the impact it has on his life. His actions don't seem to embody his words.

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