Diversity Is Strength!

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    Depressing story. How horrible to be in his situation.

    What does the future hold for many White Americans.


    Diversity Is Strength!

    By Simon Krejsa
    Previously by Simon Krejsa: Hispanic Sex Offenders Listed As White In Wisconsin. Why?
    How does one end up in a homeless shelter at age 60 when one is not a violent and/or habitual felon, petty criminal, drug addict, alcoholic, high-school drop-out, psychopath, schizophrenic, low-IQ low-lifeâ€"or all of the above?
    To answer that question, I would have to tell you the story of my strange life, and I don't have the space, much less the desire. I'll just say that I've written four books, and not one has been published. And given the first three "failures", I was forced to live for all but 3-4 years of my adult working life in a hamlet of 2800 people in Northern Wisconsin, indigent and isolated, with no chance of finding a decent job and no educational opportunities.
    Then, at age 55, my life improved. In May of 2005, I inherited a small fortune by my humble standards, enough money to live on for 4-5 years if I didn't suffer a grave and costly misfortune. I immediately moved to a small city (which I will call SmallCity) to write full-time. I also inherited an old car with over 125,000 miles. For a few months, for the first time since my late 20s, I had fun and took many trips (Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul). Then I junked the car and began to write articles and my fourth book.
    I wasn't optimistic, but I thought I had a good chance, at least a much better chance than before, of finding a publisher. I was wrong. And, unable to find a publisher, I began to look for a job when my savings dropped to around $15,000â€"just about the time the economy collapsed.
    Given my age and work history, I knew that no one would hire me. But I was so desperate not to be homeless and living in a hell-hole with sundry offal and carrion that I applied at dozens and scores of businesses.
    I got one interview.
    Unable to find a job, any job, in the worst economy since the Great Depression, I eventually ran out of money to pay the rent and had to move into a homeless shelter in May 2010.


    What is the unemployment rate in SmallCityâ€"7.9% or 8.2% or 8.4%, slightly below the national figure? But who cares about the exact numbers, since the actual jobless rate is surely closer to 15-16%. Thousands of people are unemployed and "underemployed". Most have lived in SmallCity all or most of their lives. And yet throngs of blacks and Hispanics keep pouring in from Milwaukee, Chicago, Mexico, Africa. Almost every day I see blacks I haven't seen before. Every week I see Hispanics I haven't seen before. Many are hired almost as soon as they arrive because of quotas, preferences and affirmative action-- and with Latino immigrants, legal and illegal, the insatiable desire for cheap and cheaper labor.
    Brenda Walker recently pointed out on VDARE.com that Green Bay, WI now has a Somali "community" in addition to thousands of American blacks and some 15,000 Hispanics. The crime rate has tripled as a result of this invasionâ€"and now they have to worry about Islamic terrorism.
    Recently, I saw my first Somalis in SmallCity, a mother and her two young children. And a few weeks earlier, I saw another mother and her two young children, exotics who were not Somali but clearly Africans rather than American blacks.
    If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get to share a room with a ghetto black, an African immigrant, or even a Somali. I'll be so enriched!
    In twenty, perhaps even ten years, half or more of the residents of the SmallCity Homeless Shelter will probably be black at any given time, and most will be nonwhite.
    If I were 50 or even 55, rather than 61 and eligible for Social Security in less than a year, I'd seriously think of suicide for the first time in my life.
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    Definitely do not need any more Mexicans and blacks pouring in to Wisconsin. Racine and Milwaukee are already basically lost causes. Where I live, in Kenosha, itis majority white. But with the way our country is headed, that probably won't be the case by the time I have kids..

    Green Bay is an awesome city and its sad to hear that they are letting in all thgese turd world refugees. The tripling of crime shoud be expected!!! f**k
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    It's amazing to compare the area I grew up in with the way it looks now.You pretty much have to go to a very small town out West to have a homogeneous area. Of course, it's our country, but we're the bad people for questioning it.
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    In the woods at my still.
    Europe I was thinking you were from well, Europe?

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