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Discussion in 'Happy Hour' started by C Darwin, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. C Darwin

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    Mar 29, 2006
    New York
    Toby Keith praises Obama

    LOS ANGELES - Barack Obama is getting praise from Nashville, courtesy of one big, patriotic country star.

    Toby Keith, perhaps best known to non-country audiences for his post-Sept. 11 song "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," says he's a Democrat, and was impressed by the senator from Illinois.

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  3. Bart

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    Feb 6, 2005

    From the link:

    "So I thought it was beautiful the other day when Obama went to Afghanistan and got educated about Afghanistan and Iraq. He came back and said some really nice things.

    "So as far as leadership and patriotism goes, I think it's really important that those things have to take place. And I think he's the best Democratic candidate we've had since Bill Clinton. And that's coming from a Democrat."

    I had to laugh when I read his comments. Can we expect anything different fromWhite celebriities? Toby was attacked recently by Max Blumenthal, who claimed the song, "Beer For My Horses ", was really about lynching blacks.[​IMG]

    So, I guess big tough Toby had to do the Texas grovel - step to get Max Blumenthal off his back. cused-of-racism-by-a-liar/

    Max Blumenthal recently referred to Toby Keith's hit song Beer for my Horses as an "ode to lynching." Later he insulted the whole audience at the Colbert Report where Keith performed the Song by saying, "Colbert's studio audience clapped to the beat, blithely unaware that they were swaying to a racially tinged, explicitly pro-lynching anthem that calls for the vigilante-style hanging of car thieves and other assorted evildoers." Later, Blumenthal added, "...during the days when Keith's 'Grandpappy' stalked the Jim Crow South, lynching was an institutional method of terror employed against blacks to maintain white supremacy."

    Edit: There is more at Blumenthal's blog

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  4. jaxvid

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    Oct 15, 2004

    Well duh! That's why everybody liked the song!!!
  5. Colonel_Reb

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    Jan 9, 2005
    The Deep South
    Toby never was on my list to begin with.
  6. PhillyBirds

    PhillyBirds Mentor

    Mar 25, 2008
    It's every white celebrity's obligation to support Obama these days. Didn't you know?
  7. Deacon

    Deacon Guru

    Sep 9, 2005
    Same here. I never liked him.
  8. GWTJ

    GWTJ Mentor

    Jul 21, 2005
    New Jersey
    That doesn't mean they are going to vote his way once they get inside the privacy of the voting booth. [​IMG]
  9. Charlie

    Charlie Guru

    Nov 26, 2004
    The video for 'I Love This Bar' had a large Confederate flag hanging from the wall. Keith has performed in Iraq.

    So who knows? I mean, how do you measure a pop music performer beyond his or her 'art'? When Keith names an album 'White Trash With Money' is he taking back a slur against his people or is simply making an attempt at comedy?

    According to Richard Faussette in his Occidental Quarterly article (Winter 2006-07) white gentiles are being replaced in virtually every niche in America. 'Country singer' might be allowed to remain a white niche, but only within limits. Keith, a successful careerist in a very competitive field, no doubt understands these limits. Max Blumenthal will happily remind Keith if necessary.

    The Dixie Chicks expressed an honest opinion, Bush is an idiot, and suffered for it. They might have thought being the sort of country act acceptable to trendites who also thought Bush an idiot made them off-limits to criticism. What they failed to realize is our masters had placed them in the country niche, which is closely monitored for unacceptable notions.

    What is acceptable within the mainstream country niche? Feminism, especially if it leads to murder of an unfaithful or abusive spouse; 'Goodby Earl', 'The Thunder Rolls', 'Independence Day'. Ain't America Great! Jesus, though perhaps not sexy Jesus, just mystical and cool, no rampages through the temple giving justice to money lenders. Drinking which leads to entertaining hijinks.

    What isn't acceptable? Steve Earle writing a song about the American Taliban, Johnny Walker. Porter Wagoner's 'The Cold Hard Facts of Life' in which a husband pays a little visit to his wife and her lover. Anything which addresses non-white crime, third world immigration, an increasingly impoverished working and middle class, and anything which might be out of place in Nation or Forward.

    'Welfare Cadillac', a top ten hit for Guy Drake in the early seventies:

    I've never worked much, In fact
    I've been poor all my life
    I guess all I really own
    Is ten kids and a wife
    This house I live in is mine
    But it's really a shack
    But I've always managed to somehow
    drive me a brand new Cadillac.

    The back door steps ...
    They done fell plumb down
    The front screen door is off and
    Laying somewhere out there on the ground
    The wind just now whooped
    Up another piece of that tar
    Roofing off the back; I sure hope it don't
    skin up that new Cadillac.

    The front porch post fell
    loose at the bottom
    It don't make no sense to fix 'em
    'Cause that floor's just too darn rotten
    In Winter time we sometimes have some snow
    That blows in through the cracks
    If it gets too bad we all just pile up
    And sleep out there in that new Cadillac.

    I know the place ain't much
    But I sure don't pay no rent
    I get a check the first of every month
    From this here Federal Goverment
    Every Wednesday I get commodities
    Sometimes four or five sacks
    Pick 'em up down at the Welfare Office
    Driving that new Cadillac.

    Some folks say I'm crazy
    And I've even been called a fool
    But my kids get free books and
    All them there free lunches at school
    We get peanut butter and cheese
    And man, they give us flour by the sack
    'Course them Welfare Checks
    They meet the payments on this new Cadillac.

    Now the way that I see it
    These other folk are the fools
    They're working and paying taxes
    Just to send my young'uns through school
    The Salvation Army cuts their hair and
    Gives them clothes to wear on their backs
    So we can dress up and ride around
    And show off this new Cadillac.

    But things are still gonna get better yet
    At least that's what I understand
    They tell me this new President
    Has put in a whole new poverty plan
    He's gonna send us poor folks money
    They say we're gonna get it out here in sacks
    In fact, my wife's already shopping around
    For her new Cadillac.

    Timely as ever, but even with updated music to fit today's country (rock guitars, faster tempo, punchier drums, multi-multi-tracks) it wouldn't now get past any radio programmer and certainly not at Viacom-owned CMT.

    Wow, I got through a whole post on country music without once mentioning how much I despise Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines. 'This is a good person,' someone once said about Garth. Never mind Garth completely ripped off Chris LeDoux. LeDoux dies of cancer and Brooks still waddles among us. How is that fair?Edited by: Charlie
  10. Charlie

    Charlie Guru

    Nov 26, 2004
    Chris Gaines/Garth Brooks, 'Right Now'

    Maybe it's the movies, maybe it's the books
    Maybe it's the government and all the other crooks
    Maybe it's the drugs, maybe it's the parents
    Maybe it's the gangs, or the colors that we're wearin'
    Maybe it's the high schools, maybe it's the teachers
    Tattoos, pipe bombs underneath the bleachers
    Maybe it's the music, maybe it's the crack
    Maybe it's the bible, or could it be the lack

    Come on people, now
    Smile on your brother
    Everybody get together
    Try to love one another, right now...right now

    Okay, maybe it's the papers, maybe it's the family
    Maybe it's the internet, radio, TV
    Maybe it's the president, maybe it's the last one
    Maybe it's the one before that
    Maybe it's the athletes, maybe it's the dads
    Maybe it's the sports fans, agents, fads
    Maybe it's the homeless, aliens, immigrants
    Maybe it's life, don't tell me that it's imminent

    Come on people now
    Smile on your brother
    Everybody get together
    Try to love one another right now

    Come on people now
    Smile on your brother
    Everybody get together
    Try to love one another right now
    You gotta love one another

    Maybe it's the fallout, maybe it's the ozone
    Maybe it's the chemicals, the radiation, cell phones
    Maybe it's the magazines, maybe it the next page
    Lotteries, fast food, bad news, road rage
    Maybe it the unions, big business
    Maybe it's the KKK and the skinheads
    Maybe it's the daughters, maybe it's the sons
    Maybe it's the brothers of the mothers or the guns

    Come on people now
    Smile on your brother
    Everybody get together
    Try to love one another right now

    Come on people now
    Smile on your brother
    Everybody get together
    Try to love one another right now

    (You know, if we don't talk about it
    It ain't gonna get better)

    We gotta love one another

    (So, whadda say, let's talk)

    Maybe it's the parks, maybe it's the sex
    Maybe it's the talk shows, maybe it's a reflex
    Maybe it's the taxes, maybe it's the system
    Judges, lawyers, prisons
    Maybe it's the Catholics, maybe it's the Protestants
    Maybe it's the addicts, and the hippies and communists
    Maybe it's a fashion, maybe it's a trend
    Maybe it's the future... maybe it's the end

    Maybe it's the KKK and the skinheads

    Maybe it's the Catholics, maybe it's the Protestants

    That Garth Brooks has it all figured out. This is a good person.

    A person that is so good a learned teacher may reference him:

    Thursday, June 12, 2008
    Gift of unanswered prayers

    By Rabbi Dov Fischer

    Parshat Beha'alotecha (Numbers 8:1-12:16)

    When prayer is not answered, sometimes -- as the country singer Garth Brooks poetically has observed -- one reflects, stunned, and suddenly realizes that some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. Edited by: Charlie
  11. Bear-Arms

    Bear-Arms Mentor

    Mar 8, 2005
    United States
    I hate Toby Keith regardless. Actually, I have no idea who he is, never heard of him until today. From reading the other comments I can tell he is some kind of country western singer, which I kind of like, I mean, I do like country music. I just don't like the modern country music. To me it's just not real country music. I would call it rock music. Modern country music sounds more like rock and not even southern rock. Yeah, I hate that new stuff.

    I can't dog him too much for backing a Democrat. You can't really say the Republicans are for country anymore. What bugs me about him is that he's still a believer. When I say believer, I mean people that still believe in the parties - the Democrats and Republicans.

    As for whites. There is something I wanted to say about us. We are a compassionate bunch. Even when we were doing things like slavery we were having debates on whether it was moral or not. All the ideas for black equality and civil rights came from whites. The world would be a different place without these ideas. Do you see this much diversity in Japan or Africa? We are supposedly the racists?

    Look at this way, millions of illegals don't come here thinking we're racists, if they did, they wouldn't come here. They show up here because they know we are stupid. Okay. Not stupid but naive. We like to help people. They know this. They know white guilt is our kryptonite. They know if it ain't then call them racist. Simple math some whites can't seem to understand.

    The problem has never been other races but our own nativity. Yes. We should embrace the fact we are not inhuman. We are better because of it. I don't want to harm blacks. I'm not about that. We just have to be smart about handling matters. The problem is whites are not. We let people walk all over us. Freedom is not having a group of white guys coming to your house and hang you from a tree. However, freedom is also not having whites give you everything for nothing.
  12. jaxvid

    jaxvid Hall of Famer

    Oct 15, 2004
    I like Toby Keith. I have all his CD's and went to one of his concerts recently, it was the best one I have ever been too and I've seen the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Led Zepplin, Lynard Skynner, Eric Clapton, and many more.

    He's always been a working class Democrat wo why would he support McCain? It's disappointing but not surprising.
  13. guest301

    guest301 Hall of Famer

    Jan 7, 2006
    Toby Keith hasn't actually said that he's voting for Obama. He just said a few kind but stupid words of praise about him. Maybe he doesn't want to offend a certain percentage of his audience like the Dixie Chicks did. I think he's voting for McCain anyway because of Keith's very vocal support and visits to our troops in Iraq. Like Jaxvid said, I enjoy his music as well.
  14. jared

    jared Mentor

    Aug 16, 2006
    He visits our troops in Afghanistan as well. I was never a big country (as it's commonly understood today) music fan, but he put on an enjoyable show and seems like a cool guy.
  15. White Shogun

    White Shogun Hall of Famer

    Mar 2, 2005
    Great post Bear-Arms. I particularly like your last comment:

    I want to use this elsewhere, do you mind?

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