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Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by Bart, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Bart

    Bart Hall of Famer

    Feb 6, 2005
    Well, what do you know. The pursuit of justice takes a back seat to the pursuit of a Super Bowl. Sean Taylor must really be an important figure in our society to be able to skirt the system.I'm surprised Joe Gibbs didn't hold a press conference and inform the media of his intentions of not allowing Taylor to play until he performs his civic duty. The speedy resolution of the conflictwithjustice served is a higher priority to society than football games. Actually, I'm not surprised. OR?SITE=FLTAM&SECTION=SPORTS&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CT IME=2006-01-13-11-18-41

    MIAMI (AP) -- The trial of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor for allegedly pointing a gun during a dispute was postponed Friday so it won't interfere with his availability through the NFL playoffs.

    Prosecutor Michael Grieco told Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Mary Barzee that Taylor should not be treated differently than any other defendant, many of whom have to miss work to attend court, and his trial should begin as scheduled Tuesday.

    He also pointed to Taylor's ejection from last Saturday's playoff win over Tampa Bay for spitting in the face of Buccaneer running back Michael Pittman.

    "Mr. Taylor has not been a model citizen," Grieco said.

    But Taylor's attorney, Edward Carhart, told the judge that would create a hardship for Taylor and the Redskins, who play the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday. If they win, they would play Jan. 22 in the NFC championship game. Carhart also said he still needs to interview some witnesses.

    Barzee agreed with Carhart and moved the trial to March 20. The trial had originally been scheduled for last October, but was delayed so Taylor would not have to leave the team. Taylor was not at Friday's hearing.Edited by: Bart
  2. backrow

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    Oct 23, 2005
    he's a classless bum... spitting on the field is as low as you can get imo... abd his off-field antics are even worse
  3. bigunreal

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    Oct 21, 2004
    What a shocker- a pro athlete having the entire justice system cater to
    his special needs. Why do they even go through the charade of
    pretending that these clowns are not above the law? Just issue them a
    free pass each time they drive drunk, beat up a cop, punch their
    pregnant old ladies in the stomach, or rape some underaged girl.

    St. Joe Gibbs is the last person to condemn thug behavior. That
    hypocriticial moron would claim that Taylor is a "character guy," I'm
    sure. This is the same "born again" man of morality that regularly
    slept in his office at Redskins Park and rarely saw his kids when they
    were young. He also speciallized in claiming that the Redskins were a
    "family" and that no one should lose their job because of an injury.
    Strangely enough, whenever any veteran has been hurt for any length of
    time on a Gibbs-coached team, they always have lost their jobs. Just
    this season, ask Patrick Ramsey how he feels about this non-policy of
    Gibbs'. I am hoping against hope that Seattle crushes the
    Redskins tomorrow, but I just have a sneaking suspicion that the
    Saint is Super Bowl-bound. If I'm wrong, I'll eat crow and be very
  4. Lord_Lugdreg

    Lord_Lugdreg Newbie

    Dec 29, 2005
    That is my fear as well.

    Sadly I think that Gibbs is going to get rewarded for his efforts at trying to 'diversify' Nascar when he was into Nascar.

    Also when one looks at the Seahawks vs. Redskins record it is not very good. The Redskins even beat the Seahawks once during the Steve Spurrier-era when the Redskins were terrible.
  5. Don Wassall

    Don Wassall Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 30, 2004

    Taylor faced a maximum of 46 years in prison because of the very serious charges against him, but surprise suprise, won't spend a day in prison and, far more importantly, won't miss any of the upcoming NFL season.

    Remember all the talk during the Draft about NFL teams wanting "character" as one by one all 32 teams bypassed deserving white players in favor of blacks? What total b.s. Just since the draft the Steelers first round pick has been arrested, the Jaguars's second round pick was arrested (along with Ricky Manning for mercilessly beating a white man in a Dennys), and just the other day the Bengals 5th round pick, A. J. Nicholson -- who already has an impressive rap sheet -- was busted along with another former FSU player for robbing a current player of $1700 worth of electronic equipment.

    The NFL will be more thug-filled than ever in 2006. Here's a link to the Taylor story and a picture. Charming looking fella, isn't he?

  6. white is right

    white is right Hall of Famer

    Feb 16, 2006
    I love all of the guys in suits surounding him. Like they would care if he didn't make 7 figures a year........ [​IMG] It actually looks like he has something more important than yes your honour.......... [​IMG]
  7. whiteCB

    whiteCB Master

    Apr 14, 2005
    It must be that hot Florida sun that just makes these former Florida football players go nuts and break the law.

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