Baltimore Orioles--Whites Lead the Way

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Stonewall, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Stonewall

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    Nov 13, 2007
    As a serious baseball fan since the mid 80s, I am very pleased with what I see as the return of the white to prominence in Major League Baseball. For years, black players were drafted and handed major league jobs based on their "athletic tools". After years of failure by these black players, fairness and equality are returning. Scouts are now looking for natural, pure hitters who can "rake" (I love that baseball term, it totally describes white hitters who constantly hit the ball hard) and who take walks.

    Since 1998, my hometown Baltimore Orioles have posted 10 consecutive losing seasons. That could change this years and if it does, it will be as a result of the play of whites. Look at the offensive leaders:

    1) Aubrey Huff14 HRs
    2) Brian Roberts Top 2Bs and SB man, an All-Star
    3) Luke ScottAt 30, finally gets a chance 12 HRs
    4) Nick Markakis Hits for AVG, Power, and has a Hose
    5) Kevin MillarStill a HR leader

    The media won't talk about this team, but they can't ignore this forever. Furthermore, teams all over MLB are being led by young mashers.

    Just take a look at the All Star game post on this page. Another example, 10 years ago there were virtually no white shortstops. Now, the top young SSs are white, Hardy, Greene, etc. Heck, 2 white shortstops with the same last name (Beckham) were Top 10 picks in the draft a few weeks ago.

    With a victory today, Baltimore takes 2 of 3 from the sacred Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Birds take care of the media's anointed "best team in baseball" this afternoon.
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    Jan 7, 2006
    It's been a little bit since I have seen a post of yours Stonewall. I could have easily missed one but welcome back anyways! [​IMG] You are right about the Orioles, I haven't heard nary a word about them from the sports media. I think most true passionate baseball fans have heard of Huff, Roberts and Millar though and I am glad Roberts in particular is having such a fine season but Kinsler in Texas is giving him a run as far as who's the best 2nd baseman in the AL.
  4. whiteCB

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    Apr 14, 2005
    Yeah Roberts had a grip on best 2B this side of Chase Utley but Kinsler had a
    good season last year and now is just tearing it up! I made the unfortunate
    mistake of trading Kinsler for Roberts before the season started on my
    fantasy team. However, Brian is still playing great and getting tons of runs
    and SBs. Also Stonewall don't forget about #1 starter Jeremy Guthrie another
    great player who is finally starting to get noticed around the league.
  5. Deadlift

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    Aug 2, 2007
    North Carolina

    The 1st Beckham picked (by Tampa Bay), who hails from a Georgia high school, is black. A dark-skinned Georgia black.

    Gordon Beckham, from the Georgia Bulldogs, is the White SS picked by the Chicago White Sox.
  6. Bear-Arms

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    Mar 8, 2005
    United States
    Aubrey Huff was one of the best White players in the league a few years ago. I was surprised how fast he fell. I could expect that from many power hitters but Aubrey hit for average. Was he hurt?
  7. Realgeorge

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    Nov 2, 2004
    Excellent topic, Stonewall!

    You're all over it -- The White Orioles are excellent. Their worst players are *******, and the baseball media fawns over them. Just last night the "MASN" TV network ran a whole-game "spot" on the extremely dark and stupid Freddy Bynum. Bynum had just been sent to the minors! then his replacement got injured, and back came Bynum to stink up Baltimore with his miserable bat and gap-tooth grin. We were treated to frequent "spots" of Bynums "exemplary" family and life, while ignoring the game being played by the outstanding White Orioles' players.

    The White core you mentioned -- Roberts, Millar, Scott, Markakis, and Huff -- is one of the best in baseball. But the infuriating anti-White behaviors are all there. The outstanding drafted White catcher Matt Weiters wastes time in the minor leagues instead of replacing the fat, slow, and ineffective Chicano incumbent catcher, Fatso Hernandez. Several excellent White third basemen salt the Orioles farm system, but the ever-ineffective Melvin Moron gets the nod for another season.

    Thirty miles south, we have the extremely Negriod Washington Nationals, who nakedly work the Black supremicist network, and who have fielded the worst team in Baseball. But their methods, will they spill northward? The Angelos crime family owns the TV net that televises both teams, and the Orioles are WAY too White. The Orioles always want to trade Brian Roberts for some treasure-trove of a whole bunch of Black "prospects". Now Roberts is having an MVP season, and the Angelosians are having a harder time pulling that trigger. In the meantime we can enjoy our special game films of the Bynum Family.
  8. Realgeorge

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    Nov 2, 2004
    10May09 Update:

    The Orioles have a veritable MLB All-White All-Star team in their AA and AAA "affiliate" teams. Just a few names: Matt Wieters, the #1 MLB baseball prospect anywhere, a catcher who can catch, throw, and hit for power both ways, just like Dale Murphy; Nolan Reimold, AAA outfielder, has his .330-.350 last few years, drilling home runs and extra-base hits, top-notch fielder with a rocket arm. Brandon Snyder OF and Justin Christian 1B are ready to play MLB, just waiting for the CasteBaseball system to let them play.

    And PITCHERS! Jake Arrieta, Brian Matusz (2009 1st round draft, a serious pitching talent, reminds me of Ron Guidry), Chris Waters, Matt Albers (Best reliever on the Orioles last year, got injured), David Hernandez, Brandon Erbe. Every single one of them is better than the #3 through #5 pitchers on the Orioles' big-league staff.

    But as with all MLB teams, the fans must be tortured with Magic Negroes and Afro-Caribbean weasels who "Have all the tools" but can't play a lick of baseball at the MLB level. This year there are only two such slugs on the roster. That's significant -- the mother-lode of Magic Negroes and Afro-Caribbean weasels is getting very thin! and it's getting just impossible to keep out the Freight Train of outstanding White baseball players!

    So the two slugs: First is this gigantic walrus of a pitcher named Alfredo Simon. Fortunately he has injured his way off the roster. When he pitches, he is a prototypical big, fat, wild Afro-Caribbean who can strike out drunken other Afro-Caribbeans, but gets pounded by real MLB hitters. He occupied a rotation slot that one of the deserving AA and AAA prospects should have.

    Slug #2, and the more appalling, is Felix Pie. Orioles acquired this slug from the Cubs, who knew that he could never hit MLB pitching. And sure enough, he hits 0.160 after two months, and is obviously a career minor leaguer, or better yet, a career Dominican Leaguer. But we get the usual excrement from Manager and Coaches: "He has all the tools !!" Yeah, he field so well that he routinely misses cut-off man, throws to wrong base, and loses fly balls in the sun. Hitting? Forget it. In short Pie sukks. He should be bounced immediately.

    Why aren't the the best prospects on the roster? We all know why. Fans make comments on the MLB Orioles and BaltimoreSun Orioles site all the time. Where are the call-ups? The Orioles' pitching stinks and needs the new babies, now. Of course we hear the usual "They're not seasoned enough yet" garbage. Especially Pie vs. Reimold. Nolan Reimold, we are told, is not ready. Yet he is a year older (25) than his inferior Magic Negro on the roster, and could be playing for MANY of the Oufield-strapped major league teams. But we have to wait for Felix Pie to torture fans for four months before the Club will admit that a real baseball player is called for.

    With Wieters, Reimold, and 3 or 4 of the heavy-duty pitching prospects sent to the parent club, the Orioles will contend again. But won't happen until after July Fourth weekend -- and Orioles are 20 games out of first place.
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  9. LabMan

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    Aug 6, 2006
    Very nice piece RealGeorge,

    And right on the money,I watch the Orioles quite a bit and the blatant discrimination against much more talented White players is evident,in my mind Nick Markakis is the face of that franchise,as you know,it's happening all over baseball but the many White players throughout both leagues playing at solid levels is encouraging.
  10. jaxvid

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    Oct 15, 2004
    Nice post Realgeorge, a pleasure to read some tell-it-like-it-is truth on the state of a baseball team.

    Although this isn't the thread for it my own hometown team, the Tigers, are quickly becoming whiter by the game. Josh Anderson has cemented the lead-off spot with his speed and hitting, Brandon Inge is finally hitting decently, call-up Clete Thomas is in the middle of the order, and shortstop and catcher are manned by two steady players (Laird and Everett).

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