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    Apr 26, 2005
    Hello All

    I just went to a site that trains many of the combine participants and athletes from all sports.

    Please have a look at the website

    It is so true that blacks not only get scholarship offers at a higher rate because of the caste system but before they go to the pros their agents train them hard to peak at combine!!! Check out this years participants..I think only one white guy-a tackle from Boise State?

    Round 1

    Mario Williams, Houston, 1st overall
    Vernon Davis, San Francisco, 6th overall
    Michael Huff, Oakland, 7th overall
    Ernie Sims, Detroit, 9th overall
    Tye Hill, St. Louis, 15th overall
    Laurence Maroney, New England, 21st overall
    Davin Joseph, Tampa Bay, 23rd overall
    Marcedes Lewis, Jacksonville, 28th overall
    Round 2
    Rocky McIntosh, Washington, 35th overall
    Jimmy Williams, Atlanta, 37th overall
    Daryn Colledge, Green Bay, 47th overall
    Round 3
    Leonard Pope, Arizona, 72nd overall
    Jon Alston, St. Louis, 77th overall
    Dominique Bird, St. Louis, 93rd overall
    Round 4
    Brad Smith, New York Jets, 103rd overall
    Jason Avant, Philadelphia, 109th overall
    Ray Edwards, Indianapolis, 127th overall
    Round 5
    Marques Hagans, St. Louis, 144th overall
    Anthony Montgomery, Washington, 153rd overall
    Round 6
    Keith Ellison, Buffalo, 178th overall
    Babatunde Oshinowo, Cleveland, 181st overall
    LaJuan Ramsey, Philadelphia, 204th overall
    Round 7
    Terrance Pennington, Buffalo 216th overall
    Todd Watkins, Arizona 218th overall
    DJ Shockley, Atlanta 223rd overall
    Rodrique Wright, Miami, 226th overall
    Stanley McClover, Carolina, 237th overall

    Sign up for their newsletter and lets get our sons training-I am!

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