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Discussion in 'Happy Hour' started by Carolina Speed, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Carolina Speed

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Upon hearing of the recent death, yesterday, of former NBA and N.C. State basketball player Charles Shackleford, I am reminded of how insane it is that most of the high school athletes that get recruited and admitted to D-1 colleges have no business being there.(Mostly football and basketball) In other words if not for some ability to succeed in a sport, would in no way be admitted.

    My daughter, who I would describe as intelligent, but a hard worker and eager to learn has applied to several North Carolina schools, UNC- Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and others. Ever conscious of the standards set for students at these two fine universities, has been sweating out being admitted. She has the grades, test scores and has worked to achieve her goals from an early age. As of yesterday she got acceptance from UNC, but will not here from Wake Forest until April, we are told because she didn't sign to commit to them early.

    Shackleford was famously remembered as telling a reporter," I can shoot with my left hand, I can shoot with my right hand, I'm amphibious." He meant, of course, ambidextrous.
    Off the court Shackleford was involved in many controversies and legal issues. He was suspended for poor grades and former head of NC physical education department, Richard Lauffer described Shackleford as a poor student without any interest in trying to get an education and should have never been admitted into NC State.

    I know it will never happen, but if I had the ability, I would make the D-1 Universities crack down on admitting unqualified students-athletes. If you don't have the academic requirements as a regular student, you're no longer getting in because of your athletic ability alone. You'll need the same grades and test scores as any other student.

    Hopefully, ya'll didn't mind the rant, but just wanted to let you know what faces your children when applying to a D-1 University.
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    Dec 10, 2012
    Speed, appreciate your personal post & thoughts.
    I was stoked when I was reading about the new Pacific football minor league. I understand cultivating a meaningful NFL farm system will take time. But it will benefit both the players who don't desire a college education and wanna understandably start making money, and the credibility of future, authentic student-athletes.
    Most collegiate sports (outside of big time football & hoops) have legit students competing. It's still a competition between student bodies of who has the best rowers & wrestlers. College football is more about the skill of the head coach in recruiting (or bribing) athlete-students. Good luck to u & your daughter. Hopefully times are changing, and the athlete-student charade is on the decline.

    As far as Shackleford,.. in all fairness, maybe he was bragging about his shooting & swimming skills..
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    Feb 16, 2006
    This is why both leagues need legitimate minor leagues so that guys like this could earn money and maybe get money set aside for a trade or skill of some kind(truck driving, cutting hair etc). Hockey and baseball never have these sad cases of corruption or the violent gang rapes and bribing to attend a school. That kind of player is probably bombing out the minor leagues and dealing with the real world.

    Ps. The D-League is just for post high school students and in some extreme cases players can make more under the table in D 1 cesspool programs than they can make in the D-League.

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