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    I've known for a long time about the conflicting philosophies of liberals and conservatives, but this story is pushing my buttons to the extreme. I just cannot believe there are people that see the world so much differently than I do.

    At Virginia Tech University, there is a memorial for the murdered students and teachers. It consists of 32 rocks(27 students, 5 teachers) in a circle. This girl, a 27 yr old student, went to the memorial at 4:00a.m. and added a 33rd rock. She placed the rock there to represent Cho, the gunman. She seems to see no difference in the dead as long as they were Hokies.

    As I stated in a previous post, I lost my sister on 9/11. Unbelievably, her daughter currently attends Virginia Tech. She and her friends survived the other day but our whole extended family was calling her to see how she was. So forgive me if i'm not a big fan of mass murderers. Anyway, here is the link to the story and a link to her letter to the editor in the school newspaper.

    Link to story:
    http://content.hamptonroads.com/story.cfm?story=123575&ran=1 413

    Link to letter:
    http://www.collegemedia.com/stories/4-25-07/opinions/remembe ring.html
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