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    Oct 31, 2009
    15 white players on 53 man roster ; fluid situation

    QB Brees ; Taysom Hill (Swiss Army Knife)
    FB Micheal Burton
    TE Josh Hill ; Adam Trautman (R)
    OL Ramcyzk ; Easton ; Clapp

    DE Trey Hendrickson; Margus Hunt
    LB Alex Anzalone ; Chase Hansen

    K Lutz
    P Morstead
    LS Zach Wood

    Reserve/PUP ....LB Kiko Alonso

    Unsure about LB Kaden Elliss from a Caste perspective

    OL- Hurst suspended ...likely back up

    Practice Squad
    LB Joe Bachie
    LB Anthony Chickillo
    TE Garrett Griffin
    OL Calvin Throckmorton
    TE Tommy Stevens
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    Feb 17, 2008
    Trey Hendrickson is having a great season so far but racist fans are still saying Davenport is better and are blaming Cam Jordan's lack of production on Davenport being out and are claiming that Trey's production is only the result of teams heavily focusing on Jordan.

    So I looked up the numbers, Cam was the 7th most double teamed DE last year, Davenport wasn't even close, so if anything Davenport heavily benefitted from team's focusing on Jordan.

    I rewatched several games on all 22 film, Hendrickson is actually seeing just as many double teams as Jordan this year. Against the Lions he saw slightly more. Yet despite this he has half of Davenport's production for an entire season (well 13 games because Davenport keeps getting hurt) in 4 games.

    They act like offensive coordinators are dumb like "oh this guy keeps hitting our qb but let's not try to stop him". There were several plays where he was triple teamed as well, one of them allowing a DT to get free and a sack

    I'm not even gonna get started on the fans clamouring for Winston to replace Brees because "Brees refuses to throw the deep ball". Brees has never had a cannon but has been a master of the short to intermediate passing game, always taking what the defense gives him but somehow Winston is going to take the Saints to a Superbowl because he can throw "60 yards with a flick of the wrist"

    This is how the caste system works, you merely have to suggest a narrative (in this case Brees's arm is dead and Davenport commanding massive double teams), don't need any facts to back it up, and people just parrot it as if it were truth.

    There's literally 100s of Facebook and message board posts with people saying the same exact thing but when I present facts like screenshots of the all 22 footage their argument goes in circles and a dead end "well something just looks off about such and such". It's no different with the argument about White backs and dbs etc
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