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    2014 Position Battles/Outlook

    This unfortunately is Jake Lockers' last chance in Tennessee. Be a star or be a backup. From what we've seen of Jake Locker, he looks to have the makings of a great player, unfortunately hasn't been able to stay on the field. The Titans appear to have a very average WR corps, coupled with Delanie Walker's good but not great numbers at TE, Tennessee should look to bring in some competition in these areas.

    RT - Michael Oher vs. Taylor Lewan ... The Michael Oher love story is over. He is what he is; a fringe starter at best. I fully expect Lewan to take the starting job, which will probably push Oher inside to guard to battle with Chance Warmack.

    DL - Karl Klug vs. Ropati Pitoitua vs. Sammie Lee Hill ... After a 10 sack performance last season, Jurell Casey will take one of the starting spots on the line, leaving these three to battle for the last two positions. Klug should have been starting years ago. Pitoitua would be my pick for the nose as Hill is a waste of space who is good at nothing besides being fat. Its funny how overweight, black linemen who make little impact, get credited with being 'run stuffers'....

    ILB - Colin McCarthy vs. Wesley Woodyard ... After a couple decent seasons in Denver, Woodyard will probably be the favorite to start heading into the season. McCarthy is bigger, younger, and more athletic and has had success of his own in the past. It really has been a mystery how McCarthy has fallen out of favor during the Munchack era. If he gets a chance to compete, it should be a no-brainer.

    Assuming McCarthy and Klug get into the starting lineup, the Titans could be a pretty good team to watch this year. Also, look for return specialist Marc Mariani, as he should be fully recovered from his injury.
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    Well Titans rookie quarterback, Zach Mettenberger, was sucker-punched at a bar. What did he do to deserve it you may ask? He simply said, "good luck with that", in response to a guy saying, "roll tide". The Bama fans' buddy then punches him. This is either the vile act of extreme DWFs or a negro (due to the sucker-punch which is their trademark). Either way, it's despicable the extent that Americans support "their team" that they'd resort to violence against a "rival's" former player. This country and it's citizens SUCK!

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    According to the article Mettenberger is not pressing charges. He should. Otherwise someone out there will think he's an easy target and can be attacked with impunity.

    Possibly Mettenberger didn't want to get involved in having to go to court, possibly numerous times, over the incident,
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    Colin McCarthy injured a shoulder in their preseason game vs the Packers. Initial reports that he needs season ending surgery.
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    That dudes more fragile than ceramic!

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