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    High School Recruits

    Actually a better than average class. Lots of athletes like super rising Caruso, Also wings Roscoe Allen and Katin Reinhardt amoung others.
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    OFs at Fututre Games

    The Future Games on July 10 feature up and coming outfielders worth noting. Bryce Harper will be there and he gets the most press but three guys interest me most. Mike Trout is being touted as as an all around budding star with great speed and everything else. Love to see him and Borjous in the...
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    6-6 Alex Caruso Class of 2012

    Rising very fast after play at Pangos he has a 40 inch vertical great lean athletic ability and can shoot and pass. Star in the making.
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    Wide receivers class of 2012

    Great job guys as usual.Always looking for the speed merchants. MattHarper I cannot find Nick England on facebook can you help me out here? I need more verification before I slot him into the white category. I did see a white pic on rivals or something but not sure it was him--no name was listed...
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    Mario Hezonja

    Young player slated for 2013 draft. 6-6" Croatian with a lot of early buzz. Quick and and can really leap. Looks to be the next big thing out of Europe.
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    Chris Herren book

    A great combo guard prospect from Mass during the 90's he is best known for playing at Fresno State but drug addiction ruined any long term career. He did make it to the NBA but his career stalled. Upsetting book because he had so much talent and looked to be a high draft pick at one time. Think...
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    Blake Webb

    WR class of 2012 ran fastest time at recent Houston combine 4.43. Runs track and has blazing speed . Highly recruited. 6 ft-172lbs.
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    Benjamin knauf

    4.33 40 fastest time at recent camp 2012
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    Max Owens

    If anyone hears where this guy was recruited let us know I can't find anything at moment darn. Also at same camp the 2nd fastest time was Brandte McIntyre a QB class of 2012 . Ran a 4.40 forty.
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    2010-11 NFL Playoffs

    Yes Jordy dropped a few but he was WIDE open all day--couldn't be covered. Great win for Pack very pleased. Rogers is a classy low key guy too.
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    Max Owens

    Love to see this type of speed. Been off i-net for ages thanks for the find.
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    Bubba Starling - 2011

    May end up in baseball (outfielder) after all is said and done from what I hear. Will play both sports at nebraska
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    Drew Stubbs watch

    Great pure athlete needs to refine hitting mechanics but had a strong finish.Glas Reds stuck by him and it paid off. My favorite player along with Brett Gardner and Peter Borjous a blindingly fast rookie for the Angels. Stubbs was a WR/ 100 meter sprint champ in HS.
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    2010 U.S. Open

    Yes QS I was watching the final when I heard that ESPN Classic was waiting in the wings in case the match intruded on a semi meaningless pro football opener. Amazing. CBS cow tows to Queen Oprah, someone I never watch and places it on a weird cable CBS affiliated weather channel. CBS bails even...
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    2010 White WR's

    great job keeping us informed on perfomances much appreciated.