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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    I just found out my gold and silver bullion has been confiscated by a herd of Nazi's. I received this email yesterday from Liberty Dollars: I sincerely regret to inform you that about 8:00 this morning a dozen FBI and Secret Service agents raided the Liberty Dollar office in Evansville...
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    2007 NFL Week 10

    Regarding that interception in the end zone by indianapolis - why were the fans repeatedly booing the call by the refs after showing the replay? It was clearly an interception. I would like to think it is partisan fans, however the reality is most likely ignorance. More drunk white fans that...
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    LB’s in the 2008 NFL Draft

    I was at golds gym a couple of days ago on the treadmill watching T.V and apparently ESPN has issues with the Butkus award nominees. They were questioning how one of the University of Southern Florida's linebackers was left of the list. I didn't have headphones on so I could not hear what was...
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    2007 NFL Week 8

    Steve Young just called Wes Welker "insecure" for spiking the ball after his touchdown catch on Sunday.
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    Riley Cooper

    What is the status of this kid? I watch the Florida games and see 3 and 4 receiver sets multiple times and he is never one of the receivers. Is he injured? He put up good numbers early on in the season and seems to have disappeared.
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    rb-kyle bell

    No carries for Mosure or Bell through the first half today. Gartrell Johnson who was named MWC player of the week last week, is getting all the carries today.
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    Chris Long -- DE

    I watched him the last two weeks, he reminds me of Keith Millard. Very quick off the snap, excellent technique and strength. I think he could play tackle or end at the next level.
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    Ron Paul got booed alot. I am sure there were people there that disagreed with him, but it seemed a little suspect. I noticed applause (clapping and cheering) for some candidates comments, but didn't see peoples hands actually clapping-as if the applause was being "piped" in. They also had a...
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    Fox news debate tonight. Ron Paul winning the post-debate poll with 38%. Sean Hannity complaining about the results. Nothing new here. Fox news trying to do everything they can to discredit the results.
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    2007 Steelers

    I have the Steelers kicker for fantasy football and need a field goal badly. The fat ass #77 tackle for the steelers has knocked the steelers out of field goal range 2-3 times in the first half with his mistakes. I have never screamed at the TV so much.
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    2007 NFL Week 7

    Tarvaris Jackson halftime stats 2/5 for 15 yards finished the game 6/19 with 72 yards passing (of which 15 yards were given to him on the last play of the game by the cowbodys prevent defense)
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    I was thinking the exact same thing Pitbull, more divide and conquer tactics. I also agree that they are all over the internet. There are a couple of websites (blogs) I have been battling these CFR/globalist ticks. They are a clever bunch, they will even give the appearance that they agree...
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    There is a one day effort on November 5th to create the largest one day donation event in history. Read about it here-
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    Hispanic heritage month

    I was surfing the website and they had a link for hispanic heritage month, that included about 20 slides featuring Tony Romo, Anthony Gonzales etc.. One of the slides featured a Mexican guy carrying a giant Mexican flag running down the sidelines. It is slide #2 NFL slide showEdited...
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    Bug Parties

    The other day on the radio they were talking about this topic. I had to look on the internet to see if this phenomenon actually exists. What are bug parties? Bug parties are sex parties often ranging from a few to as much as 30 people. Unsafe sex with every participant at the party is...
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    The $1 million mark has been hit, with one full day to go yet.
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    Ron Paul has a "surge" going to collect campaign donations before 3rd quarter closes on Sep 30th. (He is trying to round up an extra half million in 5 days.) This is typically when the herd starts to thin with candidates. Historically candidates need to start showing money at this point or drop...
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    Thoughts on the NFL column?

    Where is the article?
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    Rush Limbaugh

    I checked out Rush's website to see if he had any comments about Mcnab's performance last night. Apparently somebody called in about the lack of white running backs in the league. Here's Chris, a cell call from South Dakota. Nice to know they have cell networks there. Welcome to the...
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    matt jones makes jaguars as #3 receiver

    This from my fantasy football website News: Jaguars WR Matt Jones, who caught only three passes Week 2 after catching none in Week 1, continues to upset Jaguars coaches and players with his lack of conviction. "I'm not comfortable with some of the body language he's exhibiting," head coach...
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    2007 NFL Week 2

    Before this game started Kornhole was questioning why Charlie Weiss still has a job, when Ty Willingham was fired when he lost 3 in a row. The viewer was supposed to draw one conclusion from this.
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    Amnesty = disaster!

    Here comes the Amnesty bill again, this time the Senate plans on implementing parts of it into the Department of Defense authorization bill.
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    Brian Brohm for Early Heisman!!!

    I was watching the Michigan state game this afternoon and the commentator had made his own "short list" of the top 5 quarterbacks in the NCAA. I thought "this is kind of odd to be plugging this now, but ohh-well lets hear what he has to say." The top QB in the NCAA according to this guy is...
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    Matt Giordano

    I was searching youtube for the interception and found this. Giordano brings the wood (check out some of the comments while you are there) Here is the interception, (its at 1:15 of the Drew Brees highlight film) by: KJV1
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    Republican Fox news debate tonight. Every time they asked Ron Paul a question about some of his positions, one of the moderators in the background would giggle into the microphone. (To imply he was a nut job) Very unprofessional, but expected from neo-con fox news. Dont forget to text vote.