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    Mayweather vs McGregor could be around the corner!

    Great performance from Connor. Boxing cummunity are literally going mental. Connor never had any professional boxing experience and was beating mayweayher before he gassed. He exposed mayweather, and that makes them angry... Did anyone see the body shot mcgregor landed at the beginning of round...
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    Mayweather vs McGregor could be around the corner!

    Im rooting for connor. But in your asessment of older guys, im not so sure. Most fighters are in prime mid 30s now. Wlad, federer, fedor, tom brady etc were all prime mid 30s,esp due to modern science. I agree with you with 40s though. Wlad would and should have battered Joshua in mid 30s but...
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    Japan-now this is tragic.

    Sums up their issues well.
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    Japan-now this is tragic.

    Japanese have always facinated me. Historically they can be very cruel people. Despite me being envious of their tight immigration laws thats where good stops for them as people. The women prefer white men or are asexual feminists and the men have literally lost ALL Testoterone. Check out this...
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    Coming Financial Crisis Worse Than ’29?

    2001 they didnt let the stocks crash, 2007/8 they didnt let real easte and stocks there definitely will be crash. You have to remember that have had to keep record low interest rates with mass stock buy backs and quantative easing.. It will happen, i wouldnt be surprised if it...
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    Stone cold broken skull challenge

    Great show, blacks enter it, but are often dominated by white cros fit athletes such as Hunter mcintyre. Anyone else seen this show?
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    Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko April 29 London Wembley Stadium

    I dont rate Joshua, but what concerns me for vlad is his lack of "pulling the trigger" in the Jennings fight. Plus, Joshua should, hes 28, vlads 41. I just hope Vlad putd in a great performance, win or lose, hes looks in great shape,
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    UEFA Champions League 2016-2017

    Why, whos better than messi?I cant think of anyone....
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    Chicago war zone

    Three under 12 childten including one toddler shot dead in chicago. Truely terrible :(
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    Lomachenko vs Walters

    I was watching lomochenko mauling oc gary russell and they scored it 114 114. it was one of the best master classes ive ever seen, in bar with lacey calzaghe. and was scored a draw. Guess what, black female judge lisa gambian. Guess its not just walters power lomochenko needs to worry about.
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    Lomochenko v nicholas walters

    After the robbery of Kovalev, we need to pick ourselves up with this fight. Walters is a very good big puncher and a dangerous opponent. But its my opinion lomochenko is the best fighter ive ever seen. 7 fights and two weight champion can attest to this. So i see lomochenko winning by 7 rounds.
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    Kovalev V Ward

    Yup black people are blatantly racist. kovalev beat up ward.
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    Chicago war zone

    702 murders, your right, its crazy.
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    Kovalev V Ward

    Great analysis,could you do one on lomochenko v walters, another big caste match up a week later? I layed good bucks on a kovalev win. hes slight underdog where i have him massive favourite. so i cant ignore this bout. But even if you thought it was a close match, i simply dont think wards...
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    Chicago war zone

    Has anyone been alerted to chicago gun crime. the homicide rate has reached 695 for this year already. expecting to break the 700 mark by thanks giving. despite chicago's population shrinking by 30 percent over the decades, its reaching 1998 killing levels(where ill assume population was over 3...
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    Khabib nurmagomedov

    Whats your thoughts on this guy. could he give connor some trouble at 155?
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    Connor Mcgregor-the most Athletic Mma fighter i have ever seen

    So now we have had time to reflect. what your opinion of mcgregor, do you think hes a supreme athlete?
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    The 2016/17 premier teams to root for.

    You called it, southgates a dusgrace. Glen johnson been called up over baines? Ox chamberlaine?how has he got in the team? Anthonia so good his...
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    The 2016/17 premier teams to root for.

    Im gonna throw it, out there, but with andre gray banned(for once i back a black player, he was banned for a homophobic tweet over 4 years ago?) Did Burnleys 2 nil win over the unlikable watford form a 100 percent white team? I think so, i need rebaljo for clarification?
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    Alvarez vs Smith

    Great calls westside.
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    Summer 2016 Transfer Thread.

    Cheers for break down mate, your a great poster, and bang on about hamilton, a overated driver who constantly is spoon(egg and) fed the best car, and still messes more than he should, plus hes hideously ugly compared to graham hill. But if you read mine and heretics post, we were referring to...
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    Summer 2016 Transfer Thread.

    I appreciate the premier league has issues, and i agree with alot of what rebajlo says. However, why are people saying this year is unwatchsble this year when(although horrible by my standards) the premier league, as i predicted is becoming more watchable. With bournmouth staying up, Burnley up...
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    The 2016/17 premier teams to root for.

    Pogba now a laughing stock for his price tag, compared to debruyne whos playing great. If only the dwf logged on caste football manu would have saved themselves millions.
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    GGG vs Brook

    The black ref had zero peripheral vision. The cornermen were right next to him screaming and waving the towell and he was oblivious.
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    The 2016/17 premier teams to root for.

    So jose sold debruyne for 17 million because he didnt rate him, manu sold pagba for 2, jose buys back the terrible pogba for 80 million, and debruyne cost mancity 30 million less. Debruyne was immense, and made pogba look like a kitten! If mancity sign a white holding player they have got a...