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    position by position analysis

    If you put Woodhead and Charles in the SAME offense its 1a and 1b, 4 is kind of low. 1a Jamaal Charles 1b Danny Woodhead 2. Peyton Hillis 3. Maurice Jones-Drew (in a situation like Hillis) 4. Ray Rice 5. Chris Johnson 6a LeGarret Blount (hate to say it but he really was impressive, needs to...
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    position by position analysis

    ToughJ. What would you consider Brian Westbrook? a scatback? He doesn't have elite top end speed, in fact only three rushes in his entire career over 40 yards but he has been able to put up over 10,000 yards from scrimmage, around 6,000 of those rushing. Hes really shifty and great hands. If...
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    2011 Top O-Lineman

    I think Joe Thomas is slightly better than Jake Long, both are top in the NFL despite them constantly trying to make Left Tackle a black position. Steinbach is really good I would say THE most athletic guard in the league, when they have him pull it is almost always a big run play, he is so...
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    Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye July 2011

    Just like I expected, Haye wasted everyone's time. He didn't belong in the ring, he was just trying to survive out there. I can't people bought into the hype, I wonder if the dwfs from England feel stupid for going out there.It would be one thing if he tried and lost but he didn't even try. I...
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    Would you ever date a black or Asian woman

    I dont really know any white dudes who date black girls and usually it is only nerds with no self esteem that date asians. Even for those not racially aware or very concerned about the white race (most of my friends from back in the day) I try to put this thought into their head: Do you want to...
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    2010 New England Patriots

    Good news about Matt Roth, hopefully he has the pieces to run the type of defense he wants to run, the last few years didn't look like a typical BB defense like he had back in the day scheme wise. looks like we were wrong about Bellicheck drafting a runningback, but I am trying to stay...
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    Mitchell Cunningham

    yeah he is but there is no way they could convert him to fullback at 5'8 (some places have him at 5'7 and a few quarters). He is built like Maurice Jones-Drew who looks like a bowling ball at 208. The worst they could do is slot receiver. Hes big enough to start as a freshman since he weighs...
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    Mitchell Cunningham

    Hes 5'8 and 200 pounds, he doesn't have much room to bulk up to fullback. Edited by: snow
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    Mitchell Cunningham

    Hes not lined up as a fullback, hes lined up as tailback in shotgun formation which can be harder for a lot of backs to run out of since they aren't running downhill when they take the handoff but he doesn't seem to have much of a problem with that. They run the zone read quite a bit, the whole...
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    Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye July 2011

    "During the Ruiz fight time and again there were thunderous shots going in but he stepped off, knowing he had hurt his man and there was no immediate need to expend any more energy, the accumulation of these blows was going to tell." "Why did he not thunder into Audley Harrison? Again...
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    2011 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

    6'0 215 pound fullback, thats pretty small. Sad, he had almost 1k rushing in 09 and played on a bum ankle most of last year. Whites at skill positions can't afford to get injured. This is worse than what happened to Leonard because at least Ray Rice is one of the top backs in the NFL, I just...
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    2011 Utah State Aggies

    Is Jake Doughty related to Reed?
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    Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye July 2011

    Looks like Gaye was an appropriate name afterall. "Im excited for the fight, I got a f'n hard on right now thinking about it" If Haye was truly not scared of Wlad I don't see what would stop him from taking a cheap shot on that show. Plenty of affletes do it during the weigh ins, pre fight...
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    2010 St. Louis Rams </span> St. Louis Rams linebacker David Vobora was awarded $5.4 million by a federal judge in his lawsuit against a supplement maker, his attorneys announced Monday. Vobora sued Anti-Steroid Program, LLC, a Florida supplement...
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    Yeah most of the times are crap. Nike has combines all over the place and its more accurate. I think they had one in 15 different locations this year, the lowest turnout I think was 350 in Hawaii. Places like in Ohio had 700+. Only TWO 4.3 runners. A 4.45 was in the top 10. It makes it really...
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    Jamarcus Russell

    This doesn't surprise me after Burress and countless other affletes getting a million chances. Analysts debating on whether Russell should get a second chance.
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    2011 Texas A&M Aggies

    Yeah Swope did much better once Tannehill was playing qb. I wish they would use Swope more as a hybrid wr/rb, like in a Percy Harvin role, he was on of the top backs when he came out imo. He rushed for over 1800 yards and 27 tds his senior year against tough competition in Texas.
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    FBS Defensive Backs 2011

    Just awesome. Move the only guy that could stay with a receiver in man coverage to backup safety. That makes perfect sense. I know Bob Toledo has gotten praise for getting more white players, but in reality he is a horrible coach. I don't think he is responsible for Tulane getting white players...
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    FBS Defensive Backs 2011

    Alex Lauricella JR Cornerback, had 5 pass deflections last year, not much else but he injured himself in the first game and played on it for about half the season and wound up having to miss the 2nd half (I think hip and groin issues). Has 4.3 speed. Hopefully he can stay injury free and light...
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    2011 Philadelphia Eagles

    Well now that I think about it I think it is like someone already said, not a credible source. It is just one dwf (and probably countless others) with this opinion, not the actual coaches or managers. I doubt it happens but then again some idiot team will pick every one of these losers up, I...
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    Fudge Van Hooser

    Its a nickname he got when he was 5, they called him fudgehead then it turned into Fudge (I don't know why). His name is Walker.
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    Pick One: 2012 Draft Class

    only one? hah thats easy. Andrew Luck, dude is a great passer, strong arm, mobility in the pocket, can run too when he wants. If he had to play in Auburn's offense last year Id say he wouldve put up better numbers than Newton, of course passing, but rushing as well, had almost 500 rushing yards...
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    2011 Nebraska Cornhuskers

    I doubt they stop becoming white friendly. The walk on tradition helps them stay pretty white. Cody Green was a highly touted prospect (I think 4 star) but hes never going to be a full time starter, the same with most of the highly touted recruits with a bunch of stars by their names. Of course...
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    Klitschko - Haye betting odds only 2 to 1

    I don't think that is possible to retire after this if he were somehow able to win (which I highly doubt), the contract he signed guarantees a Wladimir a rematch in that scenario. I don't know if you can get out of that by simply retiring, can you? unless maybe you had some injury where you...