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    2018 World Cup

    I don’t usually follow the sport, but I’ve been watching World Cup. Let’s go Uruguay, Belgium (I guess), Croatia, and Sweden!!!
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    2017 MLB Season

    I'm really enjoying the baseball season thus far. This may be a dumb question, but do any of you all still play fantasy baseball? I'm only in one league, but I'm currently in 2nd place among 12 teams. And my roster consists of 22 whites, 2 hispanics, and 1 Japanese player. LOL. I thought...
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    2017 MLB Season

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    2017 NFL Draft

    Didn't see it mentioned yet; Cole Hikutini signed with the 49ers last night.
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    2017 NFL Draft

    Yes sir, 44 / 253 In an odd bright spot, Louisville's long snapper, Colin Holba, was drafted by the Steelers in the 6th round (the only long snapper drafted). He was valedictorian at the largest high school in Kentucky, and an academic All-American in college. No D1 or D2 schools recruited...
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    2017 NFL Draft

    I just finished crunching the numbers, because I'm a geek ppl like that, I suppose. Double-checked my work and here is what I've got: 1st round - 5 2nd - 5 3rd - 7 4th - 5 5th - 10 6th - 6 7th - 6 For a grand total of 44. Glad I could help.
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    2017 NFL Draft

    I hope that is what happens for TE-Cole Hikutini, my favorite player at Louisville the last couple of years. I saw several mock drafts showing his being selected by the 5th round, but he went undrafted!! He's 6-4, 240 lbs. Academically, he was on the Dean's List. He never takes a play off...
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    2017 NCAA Tournament

    '14 Mats Stockman '15 Ryan McMahon Hope that helps to answer your question. I hope and pray that Stockman and McMahon get more playing time next season than this year, but I'm not holding my breath. The 7'1" Mats Stockman from Norway is transferring from Louisville to Minnesota for his final...
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    Bellarmine University and the NCAA Div. 2 Final Four

    Some of you may remember that Bellarmine won the D2 National Championship in 2011. Well, they're back in the Final Four again. Yes, this is the college basketball program in Louisville, Kentucky, that actually plays white kids. 12 of the current 15 players are white. 9 of the 10...
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    2017 NCAA Tournament

    As a Louisville alumnus and sometimes "fan," here are the white signees I remember recently for Rick Pitino: 2006 David Padgett (transfer from Kansas) '08 Kyle Kufic '09 Mike Marra Stephen Van Treese '10 Elijah Justice '12 Luke Hancock (transfer from G. Mason) '13 David Levitch '14 Mats...
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    The extinction of the white cb is almost here.

    My old eyes were reading this particular thread for the first time, and I misread the headline as "extinction of the white QB..." I am sure that's just a matter of time as well.
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    2015 College Football Season Week 2

    I only WISH the QB controversy was over. Petrino is very stubborn and apparently is still in love with the quotaback, Michael Vick, that he first left us at Louisville for, but ironically never got to coach. The rumor is that, when Louisville plays Clemson on Thursday night, Petrino will still...
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    Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton are BOTH in my fair town this evening. I have issued public service announcements to keep all white women indoors and protected in the meantime. On a serious, related note...I saw Jim Furyk at a local restaurant and he seemed like a nice guy.
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    2014 PGA Championship @ Valhalla Golf Club

    I hadn't seen this topic posted yet, so forgive me if I am posting "out of turn." I'm simply excited for my city to be hosting the 2014 PGA Championship. What better location for one of the majors than the incredibly beautiful course named after the Asgard home of the Norse gods. Valhalla...
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    2014 ESPY Awards

    It's a tough crowd. David, I agree that there are much better organizations than ESPN. But since a lot of people unwise to the caste system will watch the ESPYs, I would like to see some good white athletes get recognized...that's all. Pamela, I proudly voted for the LA Kings in category of...
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    2014 ESPY Awards I reluctantly even post this, since I am sure the results may be more fixed than the average election in this country. However, there is a chance to vote for a lot of good white athletes, with some "tough" choices as well: Best...
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    All Star Game Voting

    Voting ends at midnight on July 3rd: Here is my ballot, although my work schedule and sh!tty cable/internet provider don't allow me to see as much baseball as I would like. So feel free to constructively criticize if I am way off here: AL...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    It is far more sickening when you live in the state. We have tons of people in Kentucky who have never graduated high school (much less, ever step foot on the campus of the University of Kentucky), but they literally WORSHIP the Kentucky basketball team. It is truly their religion for these...
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    Congrats to Central Missouri, the Division II National Champions

    Central Missouri won the Division II National Championship in Evansville, IN, on Saturday. Their final record was 30-5. Eleven of sixteen players on the roster were white. They started three white players (and at times four) every game. For the season, six of nine top scorers were white.
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    First paragraph: I am SO glad you said this about Kentucky's thugs. We Louisville alumni have been saying this ever since Calipari arrived. Do they EVER call a foul on Julius Randle? He always uses that off arm in a way that would be a penalty even in an NFL football game, but doesn't ever...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    Well this is why I don't let myself "get into" spectator sports too much; it's been several years since I have been as angry about a sporting event as I am after the Louisville-Kentucky game. Maybe it was just me, but I felt like I was watching a finely tuned fundamental basketball team (albeit...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    It sounds like we should be cheering for Stanford, Wisconsin, UCLA and Arizona on Thursday night. And pull for Michigan, Virginia and (of course) my Louisville Cardinals on Friday. I am not sure if UCon-Iowa State will be worth watching.
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    "Cool Hand" Luke Hancoc k carries Louisville again... 21 pts (game leader), 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals (game leader), 1 block
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    My favorite player for my alma mater...."Cool Hand" Luke Hancoc k saves Louisville's behinds again: 16 points (game leader), 4 assists (game leader), 4 steals (game leader), 4 rebounds.
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    At the half, Louisville's Luke Hancoc k already has 8 pts (team leader), 3 rebounds, 3 assists (game leader) and 2 steals (game leader). Stephen Van Treese has 4 pts, 5 rebounds (game leader) and 1 steal. For the opposition (Manhattan), Shane Richards is the only white player to enter the...