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    2023 NBA Playoffs

    Out 6 weeks
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    2022-'23 NBA Season

    Marble-mouthed Kendrick Perkins made the MVP discussion a race debate, he fumbled his ESPN talking points but jew Zach Lowe picked up the ball and successfully made it all about the race of the voters, so now White voters have to vote for the Black or be called racist. The same jew Zach Lowe is...
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    2021 Green Bay Packers

    At least some of the ingredients are listed. For example, Moderna's vaccine:
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    2021 NFL week 4

    Why don't you tag that poster then you little coward?
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    Coronavirus thread

    Straight up lie you lousy troll. Pfizer: Isabelli Borges Valentim: 16-year-old Brazilian girl develops blood clots, dead eight days after first Pfizer mRNA injection...
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    2021 NBA Playoffs There it is. They didn't even bother to interview any whites, even with Rick Carlisle available. DWFs in the comments saying it should have been the hyped up woman coach.
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    2021 NBA Playoffs Looks like the Celtics are going to hire a black head coach just to hire a black head coach.
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    2021 NBA Playoffs

    Markkanen and KP are very different players. Markkanen is more of a SF that gets played as a PF. He has excellent off-ball movement, and catch and shoot mechanics. KP is more stationary, and wants the ball in certain spots. KP has no post moves, he just does a low % fadeaway from the elbow...
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    2021 NBA Playoffs

    Serves them right for putting their passion into a sports corporation that only values their pocketbooks, if even that.
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    2021 NBA Playoffs

    I think it was two seasons ago that two fans were banned and the season ticket holder they bought the tickets from had his tickets canceled and was banned too, all for mouthing "**** you bitch" to Isaiah Thomas, the opposing player even after they apologized when he confronted them in the stands...
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    2021 NBA Playoffs

    They played well last season in the bubble, and in the playoffs until Porzingis was yet again injured. This season Porzingis had a bad attitude, and that's on him, not Doncic. Porzingis statistically plays much better and more efficient playing with Doncic. He jacks up more shots when Doncic...
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    Yeah I will, pal ...
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    Yeah, I have since read that if you take the 5th they can't force you to the witness stand. I'm not sure those are your true thoughts though.
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    I don't know "Matt," he is an anecdote. You claim he died so fast he couldn't pull the needle out, it's more likely he was so baked he didn't bother to take the needle out. In either case injection and oral aren't the same. Fentanyl Floyd was overdosing on fentanyl, that is a fact. That is why...
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    Does this doctor explain why Fentanyl Floyd was foaming white at the mouth which is a symptom of fentanyl overdosing? Does this doctor say if you swallow a baggie of fentanyl you die in seconds like your relative "Matt"? Does this doctor bring up the fact that Floyd had a similar overdose...
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    What would be their motive for lying about his fentanyl levels? They used this story as an around the clock battering ram to push a narrative about "white supremacy," "systematic racism," etc. If they were going to lie they would have claimed he didn't have any drugs in his system or a low...
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    You can watch the full video online which leaked months ago. He started saying he couldn't breathe long before he went to the ground. He indeed was on fentanyl, and a cocktail of other drugs, in that video you can see he looks to have swallowed something as the cops come up to his car. I don't...
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    I'm pretty sure they can ask him questions but it would be his right to remain silent. If they keep asking him questions and he answers any of them that will waive his right to take the 5th and he'll have to answer further questioning. BTW what are your thoughts on the matter? Rooting for a...
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    UFC 260: Miocic Vs. Ngannou 2

    They should just make PEDs legal. The clean fighters at such a huge disadvantage when Dana White's pets can use whatever they want and get away with it.
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    I've seen more than a handful of such commercials now and they are never funny, never clever, and completely illogical fake news. He's insufferable.
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    Colorado Shooting

    Where are the White Lives Matter rallies? When do white NBA players and coaches start speaking out about all the violence perpetrated on white people by arabs, blacks and latinos? When do black and asian NBA players stand in solidarity with their white brothers? They're too busy pushing for gun...
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    Atlanta Massage Parlor Shootings

    Even before they made that about "white supremacy." When a black killed an old asian man they had a rally against white supremacy in his honor ... Whites are blamed for "inflaming racism against asians" by calling the kung flu the "China virus," as if blacks didn't already target asians.
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    Atlanta Massage Parlor Shootings

    Steve Kerr used his media pulpit to say exactly that. "We can do so much better. I hear people talk about the price of freedom. We have no freedom, if people are getting murdered by mentally unstable people with guns that are easily bought. That doesn’t sound like freedom to me. Freedom would...
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    Julian Edelman

    Remaining silent costs him nothing. He went out of his way to do this. It has nothing to do with his sport so why is he sticking his big nose in it?
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    2020-2021 NBA Season

    In the same league just last year Montrezz Harrell called Luka Doncic a "bitch ass white boy" and received no response from the league. Most of the people clutching their pearls about this now were then saying anyone that found it offense was "soft, because that's just basketball." I also don't...