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  1. Pie

    2019 NFL Week 11

    CMac 191 yards from scrimmage today. Dalvin Cook, his chief competitor in that arena had 61 today.
  2. Pie

    2019 NFL Week 10

    Christian Mccaffrey 989 yards rushing and 396 yards receiving after 9 games
  3. Pie

    2019 NFL Week 10

    Yeah, that was a good game, only panthers game I've gotten to watch live this year. It looked to me like CMac got pulled enough to break the plane of the goal line on the last play, but it was a fair call without enough proof to overturn. My only gripe with the game is their young QB not...
  4. Pie

    2019 NFL Week 9

    CMac after 8 games, on pace for 2488 yards from scrimmage. NFL record is 2506. Couple more big games and he could very well set the all time record
  5. Pie

    2019 NFL Week 5

    CMac over 200 yards from scrimmage at the start of the 4th
  6. Pie

    2019 NFL Week 1

    I would love to see CMac have a 1000/1000 yard season this year.
  7. Pie

    2019 NFL Conference Championships

    Nothing but drops by black pat's players when it mattered most. Nothing but clutch from the honkies to cap it off. Hope the coaches take note.
  8. Pie

    2018 NFL Week 10

    Congrats to CMac going over 1000 yards from scrimmage this week. Used properly he would have been able to hit 2000, and even now that's still possible.
  9. Pie

    2018 NFL Week 2

    I would be hard pressed to have a problem with CM's usage in Carolina at this time. My hope for this season was 200 carries and 80 rec's. Through 2 games he has 20 catches already. Hopefully the rushes come, but I'm not going to complain about having a white RB on pace for 1800 yards from...
  10. Pie

    Pacific Pro Football

    Yes, this league will be almost entirely black, and yes, that will open up more slots for white players in CFB... which inevitably means that the media will start promoting the afroleague as where all of the superior talent goes(Pro ready right out of highschool! UPSIDE!). Actually, come to...
  11. Pie

    2015 NFL Week 16

    Woodhead went over 1000 yards from scrimmage during the game (108 total yards yesterday). So he got to 1000 despite being a half-timer, and half of his half-time being wasted on running up the gut on shotgun draws behind a chump-tier line, and half of the remainder picking up blocks for said...
  12. Pie

    NFL 2015 Week 3

    Looks like the Cowboys are lining up 3 crackers on defense, someone correct me if I'm wrong. If so they seem to have a good team count.
  13. Pie

    NFL Week 17

    I don't think you could call it "losing the sack title." Only the most hopeless DWF's would call a 20.5 sack season by a 3-4 DE as inferior to a 22 sack season by an OLB. You're right though, it's a crime if he doesn't win.
  14. Pie

    NFL Week 17

    Cmon JJ Watt, just one more sack! If Houston can get lucky and make it to the playoffs Watt should definitely get the MVP.
  15. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 15

    I hope JJ Watt can pick up 3.5 more sacks in his final 2 games and notch his second 20 sack season. Who else has done that? And he's got a shot at it as a 3-4 end no less. Seems silly I have to keep pointing out to DWFs I talk to just how much more remarkable that is.
  16. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 14

    Now this was pretty funny... For all you RGScreen fans:
  17. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 14

    Another sack and TFL for JJ Watt!
  18. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 14

    Yup. Another run of the mill day for Watt so far. 1 pass deflected. 3 tackles for loss. 2 sacks.
  19. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 13

    JJ Watt with yet another video game like performance: 1 Receptions 1 Reception Yards 1 Reception Touchdowns 3 Tackle Solo 2.0 Sack 1 Fumble Force 1 Fumble Recovery 2 Tackles for Loss 14 Turnover Return Yards What is this, the 6th or so completely insane...
  20. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 10

    Barwin just destroyed the poly sumo for yet another sack. edit: and his THIRD sack.
  21. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 10

    Eagles with 4 whites on defense at times.
  22. Pie

    Black QBs in the NFL

    Yes, there is no risk for a scout in this situation. Once you recommend an afflete based on "upside," you have immediately transferred the burden onto the coaching staff. It will be simply understood by the media and the DWFs that the "upside" exists and that it is the coaches failure if he...
  23. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 8

    Hey now, if JJ Watt can catch a touchdown pass, imagine what kind of numbers the REAL athletes at DE can put up?
  24. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 8

    If the Texans manage to make the playoffs, I think he has a very good shot at MVP as a defensive player. Of course Brady could put up a few more games like today and if so, who could argue against him for MVP?
  25. Pie

    NFL 2014 Week 8

    JJ Watt had a pretty quiet game. Quiet in that his dominant performance didn't include yet another touchdown. 3 tackles for loss 2 sacks 1 pass batted down 1 forced fumble