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  1. celticdb15

    The Genocide of Germans in East Prussia

    I remember as a Sr. in High School I asked my AP World History Teacher if it was true that most of Bolsheviks were Jews. His jaw nearly dropped but he did answer with a yes and that was about all he had to say. If they do teach about communism in regular classes it's most likely very vanilla.
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    2018 MLB Season

    Another smear job by the ((usual)) suspects.
  3. celticdb15

    2018 Defensive Linemen

    Nice group! Bosa and Allen should be no doubt 1st rounders.
  4. celticdb15

    The NBA is trending down.

    Another dummy. :smash2:
  5. celticdb15

    100 years ago this week: Russian Royal Family murdered by the Bolsheviks

    Lol, not cool says the loser in a Chewbacca costume! As they say truth hurts. Don't mean to hijack this wonderful thread but Thrashens posts regarding ((who)) made up the high ranks of Soviet government reminded me of this video.
  6. celticdb15

    Positive Messages

    I should clarify. Not sure of that fellas sexual orientation. He knocked that antifa guy out cold, guy ended up with brain hemorrhages! Proud Boys are a weird group. They're pro gun, anti immigration, pro gay, but anti masturbation but also declare themselves not to be "alt right" or "racist"...
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    The Trump Era Begins

  8. celticdb15

    Positive Messages

    Nice wallop too bad he's a "Proud Boy" . Aka gay boy.
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    Ultimate Cucks

    Rhett perfect example of what's wrong in country music and our country. Friggin cuck. I remember a few years ago another "country" cuck Brad Paisley had similar lyrics in of his songs. Something to the effect of the world is changing, a jab at the fastly changing demographics from turd world...
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    Health/Fitness/Diet Propaganda

    Good news Dixie keep up the good work. That's awesome your son's train with you!
  11. celticdb15

    2018 Wimbledon

    Glad to see Brutus "Win 2nd place". Even normies on GAB were commenting on her roided up physique.
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    2018 World Cup

    Ah and again the caste system wins. Huge blow to our cause..
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    Health/Fitness/Diet Propaganda

    Well my wrist has been A okay. Had boss man order me a wrist brace and it hasn't swelled up since. I've also been doing a 100 knuckle pushups a day in my down time at work. So far seeing good results already notice uptick in strength and slimming down. What does everybody else do these days to...
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    Crime Thread

    Ahh typical and no white man or even man in the restaurant steps in to break up this savagery.
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    Athlete Crime Thread
  16. celticdb15

    2018 World Cup

    Well done by the Croats!
  17. celticdb15

    2018 Defensive Backs

    Awesome looking forward to this years crop of DBs!
  18. celticdb15

    UFC 226: Miocic vs Cormier

    Well they say all good things must come to an end. Stipe's 3 title defenses at Heavyweight was an impressive accomplishment.
  19. celticdb15

    UFC 226: Miocic vs Cormier

    He did indeed. Stipe royally screwed up trying to clinch with DC, and as WIR put it I don't think he fully respected DCs power.
  20. celticdb15

    UFC 226: Miocic vs Cormier

    And now DC calls out Lesnar who storms into the ring and shoves DC. ******** it's official, UFC has gone WWE. After that snooze of a fight between Ngannou and Lewis wouldn't be surprised if Dana "Sellout" White greased a few pockets to save this ******** card. Stipe did get caught clean though...
  21. celticdb15

    UFC 226: Miocic vs Cormier

    ****! Stipe ktfo. Horrible two nights of fights for our guys.
  22. celticdb15

    2018 World Cup

    PJW is good for some things and completely useless for others. This idiot as well ((Ben Shapiro)) both believe race doesn't matter, ideology does. Uh ok doufus.
  23. celticdb15

    UFC 226: Miocic vs Cormier

    Let's go Stipe! I concur with Dixie's prediction, he keeps it standing he wins. Unfortunate that they had to scrap The Holloway V Ortega fight. Holloway pulls out of another fight.