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    Foreign Players on U.S. College Teams

    I see no problem with White foreigners coming to any western country and playing/representing that country. The way I see it, we are approaching the day (if we are not already there) where terms like "American", "Canadian", "Australian", etc are really of no value or significance. Is a Minnesota...
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    HBO won't show any more Klitschko fights

    Well said Freedom. I agree with your last post 100% Somewhere along the lines someone is lying. (mainstream) If it was only about money the powers that be would take a guy like Wladimir Klitschko and try their absolute hardest to sell him to white America seeing as though there are fewer and...
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    It's Time.......UFC 117

    I would not be surprised if Belfort beats Silva. Vitor Belfort (like him or hate him) has scary one punch Knockout power as a middleweight. Hell, Vitoe Belfort had dam good power as a Light Heavyweight. If Vitor can muster a the type of performance that he is capable of, I will not be surprised...
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    It's Time.......UFC 117

    Welcome to the site Howard.
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    It's Time.......UFC 117

    You can NEVER count out "Big Country". I have no proof, but I am of the opinion that the UFC really does not like Roy Nelson at all. In fact I think UFC management views him as a pest. I think soem of this has to do with the way Roy bull whipped Kimbo Slice right at the beginning of the Ultimate...
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    Dmitry Pirog

    To add to that, when they announced that ALL the judges had Jacobs taking 3 out of the 4 rounds I was even more grateful for the KO. For I am not sure what fight the judges were watching. But it is apparent that there was a f*ck job about to take place if Jacobs somehow managed to survive till...
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    Dmitry Pirog

    Everyone knows that these days MOST black youth (that weigh in the area of 150/160) are now focusing on golf, spades, and Billiards. As even more of the black youth begin to focus on such sports I expect to see even less affaletes winning titles in boxing. Edited by: aussieaussie31
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    2010 European Championships

    Mastermulti said "didn't you? I am somewhat offended but I accept your apology..... Man, what's with this whore talk anyway?" Well, if you actually read my post you will see that I say nothing. I said " I usually pretend not to hear when such nonsense is spoken. But in my mind I tell...
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    2010 European Championships

    Mastermulti said "didn't you? I am somewhat offended but I accept your apology..... Man, what's with this whore talk anyway?" Well, if you actually read my post you will see that I say nothing. I said " I usually pretend not to hear when such nonsense is spoken. But in my mind I tell...
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    2014 : The Year America Dissolved

    Good read for sure. It is a testement to the foundational stregnth that the founding fathers had laid that the once great nation of the United States is still standing. I believe that at one time the United States was the strongest, most moral, most freedom loving advanced nation that the...
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    Wladimir Klitschko vs Sam Peter II

    Let's go Wlad. As always..... I will be watching our kinsman do his thing.
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    Good on Lemaitre. It is important for all racially conscious white men to support our white brothers when they take the athletic field. All other races support their own first and foremost. We must do the same. A bit off topic, my daughter is a huge Wladimir Klitschko fan. She enjoys boxing and...
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    Teddy Atlas

    Teddy Atlas treats the Klitschko's in many ways the same way his co-tribesman treat hardworking white gentile men in the real world. Whereas in the real world white gentile men keep all your various western developed countries (CODE WORD FOR WHITE COUNTRIES)functioning and are then belittled and...
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    2010 European Championships

    I hear ya brother. And I do agree with ya in some respects. Problem is, many of these northern European beauties from Germany, Sweden, UK, etc whore around with black Africans,sometimes multiple encounters over a period of 3 or 4 years. In my opinion, they become unclean physically, and unfit...
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    2010 European Championships

    Foobar Said "As for hot German tracksters of past and present, I have to go with Susen Tiedke." I agree Susan Tiedki was attractive. I looked at her differently after she married black American long jumper Joe Greene. They married in 1993. I was like dam. All the hottest German women have...
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    Vyacheslav Uzelkov

    Thanks for the info in regards to the Uelkov situation. Coming in three days before the fight??? You have to really wonder about his management. (Unless of course there were visa issues) Now Pirog is coming in only a few days before the fight?? Why are these Eastern European fighters being...
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    Academy Awards

    Needless to say, my favorite Hollywood/director is Mel Gibson. I think Mel was one of us that just happened to slip through the cracks.
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    world's happiest countries

    All this artificial population growth of African Somalis and all other third world Sub-Saharan groups in Europe will come to abrupt end one way or another. 1) Europeans wake up and start forced relocation programs designed to move such people out of the country. Or 2, the native white (I speak...
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    Vyacheslav Uzelkov

    I have Shumenov sweeping every single round easily with the exception of the 1st when Uzelkov dropped him. Frustratting. I like Uzelkov. But it truly seems like he does not even want to be there. No passion, no desire, no effort really coming from Uzelkov. Just standing there.
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    Vyacheslav Uzelkov

    Uzelkov throws 5 punches a round. Ridiculous!!!!
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    Vyacheslav Uzelkov

    I would like to see Uzelkov take this. I think he will wear Shubenov down over the stretch and eventually stop him.
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    Tomasz Adamek

    That is what I am saying Liverlips. Do I think he could be a good Heavyweight? Yes, I think Adamek can compete and be a solid heavyweight. However, I see him possibly building a legacy at cruiserweight. I think the tribe was appaulled at the way he decimated Banks while defendinghis title...
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    Tomasz Adamek

    Adamek better be cutting weight to get bac to Cruisereweight because he has ZERO power aat heavy. The wa y he faded down the stretch was baaaaaaaaaad. Real bad. I lik Adamek. In fact I feel bad for him that the tribesmen that run HBO virtually blocked his fights while he was a cruiserweight...
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    My Grade 12 French Presentation on racial pride

    Good job Toronto. I agree with you. Don't listen to some of the detractors around here. Women of all ages want men who show leadership, confidence and dare I say a bit of brashness. The mentality Tom Iron (I don't mean to have a go at ya Tom but you put yourself out there with your response to...
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    Mikkel Kessler

    MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! This fight sucks. To me, Mikkell seemed out of the fight from the opening bell onward. What surprised me was just how bad Ward made Kessler look. Big surprise for me in that regard. Hopefully Kessler can recover from this loss and move on. Mabye the result would be different if...