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    Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko April 29 London Wembley Stadium Let’s hopen Tyson Fury can get it together and take over the heavyweight division for years to come.
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80! -- Part Two

    I didn't understand one word, but that video was excellent!
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    A decent article on Rex to the Pats.
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    2017 NCAA Tournament

    I'll be pulling for UVA and hoping first year sensation Kyle Guy shows up big time. He was playing very well the last few games but laid a major egg against Notre Dame in the ACC tourney.
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    2016 NFL Week 14 Nice article about Hogan's athleticism.
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    2016 College Football Season Week 13

    So, I'm watching the UVA - VA Tech game today and VT is letting a white senior "fullback" (Sam Rogers) carry the ball! He ends up with 2 touchdowns (one on a 32 yd run) and 105 yards in just 15 carries. Apparently, he got this privilege because it was "senior day." One wonders what he might have...
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    Will Compton

    Looks like Compton has solidified himself as a starter and will be the defensive signal caller this season. That's 3 pale face starters on D along with Kerrigan & Murphy. Unfortunately, that only 1 more than the offense.
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    2016 New England Patriots

    Great news! Chris Long to the Pats!
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    2015 Stanford Cardinal McCaffrey's interview with Dan Patrick. There's an interesting exchange about "white guy cliches" beginning at the 4:48 mark.
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    NFL 2015 - Week 5

    Here's a gif of the Edleman ankle breaker. I just posted it on facebook as well.
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    NFL 2015 - Week 5

    It's nearly unbelievable, but the Redskins started seven white men and one of them actually scored a touchdown!
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    NFL 2015 Week 3

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    2015 NFL Draft

    Wow! Redskins stunned me! Good move by them. I'm sure the DC masses will be troubled - lol!
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    2015 Free Agency Thread

    I'm with you, but I don't think he aces the "eye test." I remember when there was talk of the Redskins making moves to get him years ago and his ancestry came up. I'm glad he didn't go to DC because I'm sure he would've been thrust into the "debate" about the team name. He seems to be claimed by...
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    2015 Free Agency Thread

    From Wiki: Bradford is 1/16th Cherokee and listed as an official citizen on the Cherokee Nation tribe's rolls.
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    I missed Caste Football - glad it's back!
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    Sam McGuffie

    Looks Sam will get his chance.
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    2014 White Purge

    May be old news, but I stumbled across this video looking for info on Sorenson.
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    2014 European Track & Field Championships

    Men's 200m final Men's 100m final
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    2014 NFL Draft

    "He's a remarkably gifted athlete," said Packers general manager Ted Thompson. "We do testing results of all the 40s and jumps and bench presses and shuttles and all that of every player in the draft that is eligible; it's like 1,000 guys. Of all the receivers in that group, he was the...
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    2014 NFL Draft

    You can't make this stuff up!!! I just checked the Redskins' website. They have blurbs on the players they drafted. 2 white players (progress I guess). Trent Murphy "works his tail off" and Spencer Long "brings workmanlike attitude." HOW CAN PEOPLE MISS THIS?
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    Donald Sterling racist rant

    From the Census department site: African Americans represent 13% of the population. As of 2010, the black poverty rate was 27.4% (about 3 times higher than the white rate), meaning that 11.5 million blacks in the U.S. were living in poverty. Whites make up 73% of the US Population and 38%...
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    Donald Sterling racist rant

    This "study" is skewed to produce this "result." Including Social Security? Medicare? There's is much larger white aged population receiving those "benefits" after paying for them for many years.
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    Just run, baby!

    I don't live far from Mechanicsville, VA. I have to mention that they are the Lee-Davis Confederates! I thought some who post here might appreciate that.
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    Julian Edelman

    I'd hate to see Edelman leave, but might this be an opportunity for Sam McGuffie?