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    Class Based society

    4th grade education, im calling AA troll. What does this have to do with class? How are 2 white women an example of all white women?
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    The Real Racists

    Without the US providing Isreal with aid the middle east would wipe THEM out in a few weeks. My hope is that the US is forced to withdraw from the middle east due to economic concerns, and Isreal is forced to peace with the middle east.
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    Would you date outside your "race"?

    Lets not attack Johnny here, he has his opinion. The best situation here if you dont like his opinion is to change his mind, and i dont think you can/will do that by attacking him. Besides, I agree with some of what he says. I think we have major issues to deal with before we begin squabbling...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas brothers!
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    Drew Brees

    Brees is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league, and consistantly carries the Saints. Running game? Who needs one when Brees is such a damn machine. I put him very close to the level of play of Manning and Brady, with half the media hype. It a shame.
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    I totally hear you, i like very fast furious music but there is such a thing as too much. I liked the more mellowed post reign of blood Slayer more. South of heaven and seasons in the abyss were thier best imho. And as for blistering - Kill em all, Jump in the Fire, around 3:46. Incredibly...
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    Chalk me up as another Slayer fan. Love Pantera too. What guy on this board cant enjoy Pantera's message? I listen to all sorts of crazy music, lol. Good to know some of my brothers do as well. Pure, unapologetic, brutal. And I happen to like the crazy drums and guitar, it takes talent...
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    caste football removed from google?

    I will agree with Voice. Think of Shoguns wonderful post on freedom. We are progressive thinkers using logic and appealing to white people who feel left behind by this convoluted government. Of course they consider us dangerous. Censorship is rearing its head gentlemen. The constitution...
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    Jerry Rice 40 time - 4.6. 50 td. David Ball 40 time - 4.6. 58 td. Your post is nonsense, 4.6 speed is common among white athletes. Many of those "olympic speed" athletes you listed were failures in the NFL. And we are referring to two men who had the same measurables, one a black arguably...
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    Obama Hemorrhaging Votes

    Aragorn - I hope you dont count me among them. You and I both have the same goals, we may argue about the way to go about getting them done but that fact remains. I also think you are angry about McCain and the election, and it is reflecting on your choice to leave CF. I urge you to realize...
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    The Election

    I was worried about you shogun. we usually agree on most things. Its good to see you being your usual self again.
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    The Greatest Danger from Obama

    There's never been a Negro in the White House. Since when has a Democrat or black 'leader' ever had to actually do anything worthwhile to receive the support of black people? Condeleeza Rice? Colin Powell? There have been plenty of blacks in the white house. What changed for blacks? You...
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    The Greatest Danger from Obama

    How could TNB be any more insufferable then it is now? Obama won't do anything for blacks at all, he is owned by the same interest groups McCain is. He will promise the moon to blacks for thier vote and give them nothing, like any other democrat. There is no money to give them any more...
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    Obama Hemorrhaging Votes

    I agree with KP and Mr Lutefisk. If you vote for McCain you will have no leverage as a conservative AT ALL. McCain may pass your beloved "conservative" supreme court justices but the flood of hispanics he will usher in will vote democratic. And in another 4-8 years you will have no choice, no...
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    Obama Hemorrhaging Votes

    Your wasting time speaking logic to them. Especially guest who thinks McCain is different them George Bush in any way. You have no choice gentlemen. Voting McCain is going back to the man who beats you muttering "he loves me he can change".
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    The Vikings were metrosexuals

    I speak from personal experience that Great Adventure (in New Jersey at least) is completely unbearable because of TNB. I got one kid thrown out and he snuck back in to threaten me and my wife, and was arrested soon after by the police. There were empty cigar wrappings in the bathroom as they...
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    The US is doomed either way. Neither candidate can stop the financial storm coming that will be the end of us. Our representative form of government has been coopted by oligarchs once again and nothing short of revolution will change it.
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    This is EXACTLY what i want. This type of behavior will FORCE white people to deal with blacks crying wolf about every silly little thing. Whites simply want to leave it alone because it is a very uncomfortable topic for them. Obama will support this rediculous behavior in blacks, enraging white...
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    As opposed to a McCain presidency? McCain stands for endless war in the middle east in support of AIPAC. Look at the Iraqi people standing up to us now. He also recieves payoffs from Georgians and wants to extend war there to defend his buddies oil interests. He would reignite the cold war...
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    Ron Paul in 2008!

    Really? What do you think Ron Paul should have done? Change the Republican party by himself? If you are disaapointed in a man respresenting the people like he is supposed to and attempting to dismantle the single party oligarchy that runs this country then you deserve what you get. Which...
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    I associate Stormfront with Nazis. If white nationalists think we will effect any change parading around with nazi logos you are sadly mistaken. The media has drilled it into our heads that Nazi = evil. Its gotten so out of hand that any show of white pride = nazi = evil. We MUST seperate...
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    The Greatest Danger from Obama

    The federalist papers were a discussion that lead to the formation of the constitution, and a good deal of insight into the wording of the constitution can be gleaned from reading the federalist papers. In a way the founding fathers were speaking for non-christian religions, a large part of...
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    The Greatest Danger from Obama

    Read the federalist papers, especially Jefferson. There is seperation of church and state because ultimately the church will legislate morality (as it had always done) and freedom would dissappear. This country was founded on the concept of FREEDOM. Telling other people how to live thier lives...
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    The Greatest Danger from Obama

    I truly hope you believe in states rights like I do. No one enjoys abortion Liberal or Conservative. But i honestly get the impression that the Neconservative/Christain coalition wants to federally mandate that it be illegal, again ignoring the constitutional rights of the states. And again...
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    The Greatest Danger from Obama

    How many times do we have to say this? 1.) There are no "rules" but the ones we make. Vote 3rd party and take the power away from these two liberal parties. Only then will voting for "the lesser of two evils" ever stop. It certainly wont from perpetuating it endlessly like a damn lemming...