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    2023 NFL Season Super Bowl LVIII

    This is likely headed for OT. Ugh.
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    2023 College Football Week 2

    That is what makes The Caste System so obvious. There are fewer average white players the higher you go. To get a Division 1 scholarship offer as a black player, you simply need to start on your high school team and not be completely awful. I have been to numerous high school games where white...
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    "High Intensity" or "Heavy Duty" training

    10 years on this workout paradigm. I started it the Summer after my father passed away, and I still get weird looks in the gym. It has changed a good bit. The gyms have changed a couple of times, the equipment has changed, and I am 10 years older. The idea is still the same: relatively brief...
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    2023 Georgia Bulldogs

    Lawson Luckie is not white. Quadroon. Blaske is unlikely to start. Probably the first OL off the bench regardless of position. Cash Jones might actually see some real touches. I will have to believe it to see it. He is not bad but not great. Not very big, but good hands and can run. A chance...
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    2023 Masters

    I just want Tiger to "hit that little stinger shot that he loves to hit." All these years later, and I still don't know what Gary McCord means by that. I doubt he does either. Pray for good weather.
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    2022 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

    Well, when a white player screws up, the DWFs blame all white players; but when a black QB screws up, the DWFs become hyper-individualists. Johnson is an amazing example, but the DWFs will not learned a thing from it.
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    2022 NFL Week 2

    Hunter Renfrow, c'mon man! Ugh. Murray bailed out.
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    2022 College Football Week 3

    Georgia lunch pailer safety, Dan Jackson, with an interception!
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    2022 College Football Week 3

    Brock Bowers for Heisman!
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    2022 College Football Week 3

    Georgia is also featuring Ladd McConkey in the passing game today. He is getting the most targets so far.
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    2022 NFL Week 2

    And it happened again. Maybe. Looks like a pick.
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    2022 NFL Week 2

    Mahomes bailed out by the refs. Gross.
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    2022 Masters

    He's limping badly today.
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    2021 NFL Conference Championships

    It seems like Fox is having a hard time with the post game show. The top 4 people to interview are all inconvenient for them: Stafford, Kupp, McVay, and Whitworth all look wrong. Donald can only say so much; we are about to hear him nonstop for days on end.
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    2021 NFL Conference Championships

    Neil Young probably has a chance, even though he's not an American. Many Fellow White People are also possible.
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    2021 NFL Divisional Round Playoffs

    I think it can be both.
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    2021 College Football Week 7

    Perhaps even more remarkable than McConkey and Bowers is the chance that Dan Jackson is getting at Georgia. That's a white player in the SEC on defense! And he's not at Arkansas! McConkey was lightly recruited, Bowers was a high level recruit, but Jackson is a walkon. Good enough to play for the...
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    2021 College Football Week 6

    I saw some talk on a college football message board about Auburn getting "lunchpailed" by Georgia. Pretty funny.
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    2021 College Football Week 6

    Ladd was offered by Georgia and Vanderbilt. He's not a walkon (I made the same mistake a couple of weeks ago). Georgia's QB (Stetson Bennett IV) was originally a walkon, and their nickleback (Dan Jackson) is a walkon for now. Ladd was a 3 star prospect who weighed only 155 in high school. He has...
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    College Football Week 4

    Georgia's few white players are showing out. True freshman TE Brock Bowers with a rushing TD and a receiving TD. Amazing that they would run an end around to a TE that "lacks athleticism" and it worked! RS Freshman walkon receiver Ladd McConkey also with a TD catch. Of course, QB J.T. Daniels...
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    Anthony Sherman retires

    From Wikipedia: "As a sophomore in 2008, Sherman had his best year statistically. He had three carries for 9 yards, had 26 receptions for 270 yards, and 13 tackles on special teams." That might be the whitest thing I have ever read. Good career. Glad he got a championship.
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    2021 Olympics

    I am continually amazed at white conservatives defending Simone Biles. She's the black granddaughter they never had. Move over, Candace Owens. The best comment I've seen on it from what passes as "the Right" was some guy essentially saying "she cracked, it happens" which is undeniably true. She...
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    2021 Olympics

    The Narrative is not having a good summer of sports.
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    EURO 2020

    Finding video of the shootout is difficult. YouTube obviously doesn't want it seen.
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    College Football News

    Um ... No.