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    Baltimore Race Riots

    Since we're throwing out random quotes ""Who can describe the injustice and cruelties that in the course of centuries they [the coloured peoples] have suffered at the hands of Europeans? ... If a record could be compiled of all that has happened between the white and the coloured races, it...
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    Doug McDermott

    He does play below the rim, though. He just does it ridiculously well. You rarely see someone use both hands in the paint as well as him, or finish near the basket as well as him. He's going to be a star in the league because of those reasons and how he moves so well without the ball, not...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    no words
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    Duke: marginalization of white players

    Grayson Allen can jam! He just won the 2014 McDonalds All American Dunk Contest by jumping clear over a 6'10" Jahlil Okafor
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    Free Agency Thread

    Toby Gerhart has signed to the Jaguars for 3 years/ 10.5 million. Good for him, that's pretty good money for a running back these days. Not the franchise one would like to see him with, but he should start.
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    2013-14 college basketball season

    it sounds similar to the Makhtar N'Diaye incidient'Diaye_(basketball)
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    2013-14 college basketball season Marcus Smart shoved a fan after he may or may not have been called a racial slur. Press conference at 6pm
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    Jimmer Fredette

    How did JJ Reddick get screwed? He's a very good player who makes 6.75 million dollars a year and is averaging 15 points a game.
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    2014 Hall of fame results!

    If Mike Piazza doesn't get into the hall of fame it's a travesty. He's never failed a drug test, how can you not vote for him out of pure speculation? Personally, I have no problem with Thomas being a first ballot hall of famer. His numbers speak for themselves. 500+ HRs, .300 BA, 20th all...
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    NFL 2013-14 Playoff thread

    Or how we heard about Eric Smith failing to contain on Tebow?
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    2014 NFL Draft

    Here's Abbrederis (4.5) beating Bradley Roby like a drum (4.4) I see Abbrederis being similar to Jordy Nelson with regards to how they run their deep routes. Both are very fluid and catch the ball behind coverage. I bet their track backgrounds help...
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    2014 NFL Draft

    I see a lot of pundits bringing up Manziel's frame. He outweights Bridgewater 210 to 197 despite being a couple of inches shorter. Bridgewater's frame is much more slight than Manziel's.
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    NFL Week 15

    At one point, Gruden blamed the Detriot Lions WR's drops on Stafford's odd arm angles.
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    2013 NFL Week 13

    IMO, most Jets fans have wanted Geno out for a long time. I think what represented the DWF mindset better was when they were excited after drafting Geno, despite all the writing on the wall that he was not going to be a good pro quarterback.
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    2013-14 college basketball season

    I was very impressed with McDermott last night. He was being doubled almost every time he touched the ball and scored 30 of the toughest points you'll see.
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    Young, Tarkenton, Elway, Staubach, and Rodgers!

    This was the lead article on ESPN for the afternoon.
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    An Outsider's Perspective on this Website

    I agree with the OP on the point that we need to make this site as easy as possible to "convert" an outsider. I remember there was an article written by Jimmy Chitwood (i think) comparing Peyton Hillis to Beanie Wells. It provided factual evidence, it terms of a player A and player B structure...
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    Speaking of "conspiracy theories", as the talking heads on your tv set like to call it...

    Imagine if werewolf put half the effort he gives in debating conspiracies into supporting white athletes?
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    2013 NFL Season Week 11

    If I'm not mistaken, Leonard has had only two carries over 20 yards in his career (only about 200 carries) . I'm more ticked Gerhart isn't getting touches. He had a 32 yard carry against Seattle and out rushed Peterson, despite having 13 less carries.
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    2013 NFL Season Week 10

    Here's to 100 yards from Brian Leonard after that slight by Gruden. "You'd like to have a more athletic back on third down."
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    2013 NFL Season Week 10

    Every Sunday night I'm shocked at the promo. Regardless of how corny it is, a country song and 9/10 players shown being white?
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    2013 NFL Season Week 10

    Jordy just got robbed of a touchdown IMO
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    2013 NFL Season Week 9

    Keenum is pretty short by NFL standards. If I'm not mistaken, they also run(ran) a similar offense, the Air Raid. Although, Manziel really just does what ever he wants on offense.
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    2013-14 NBA Regular Season

    Who are the teams to root for right now? I haven't been paying enough attention to any team besides Minnesota lol. Sounds like Phoenix is one, any others?
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    2013 NFL Season Week 9