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    NFL Week 16 2011

    Haven't posted in a while, but it was nice to see two white RBs post 100+ yard games, which makes 3 different white players with 100+ rushing games on the season. This is a nice contrast to 2 seasons ago when we didn't see it happen at all! With Welker having a big game that this makes a nice...
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    NFL Stat leaders

    The previous two games were Welker's lowest outputs of the year, but I knew he would bounced back like this, and I think we will even see another 180 yard plus game somewhere on the home stretch of the season. As it stands now, at 120 yards per game, Welker is on pace for 1920 yards. To tie...
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    NFL Stat leaders

    Looking at the NFL stat leaders on ESPN in the 6 categories they selectively display, it was nice to see our athletes holding 5 of the 6 top spots, although Eric Weddle is tied for most interceptions, he got the picture anyway! Passer rating, Aaron Rogers 129.1 Receiving Yards, Wes Welker...
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    Should the NFl Make the goal post narrower

    I actually think kicking should be more a part of the game than it is. They should be able to kick FGs with tees and have the old college width field goals. The game is FOOTball afterall. Maybe the PAT attempt should be a little farther out, like the 15 yard line instead of the 3. What isn't...
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    Peyton Hillis

    Hopefully Peyton is feeling great again and can add his first 100+ yard rushing performance of 2011 on Sunday. If that happens, and we see a similar type weekend to last with the offensive performances, we can be sure of one thing: record setting traffic at CF!
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    NFL Week 3

    Great to know FootballDad! How is your son adjusting to high school ball? I hope he winds up as one of our talked about prospects in the HS football forum!
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    caste matchups week four

    Just having some fun with the numbers projecting. I always hope when it's one of our guys that the average sticks in the tougher games, and they even ramp it up as the season progresses.
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    NFL Week 3

    All I can say is that fortunately things have worked out that even when the stuff we hope for, like Hillis and Woodhead producing big, other athletes step it up like Welker, Gronkowski, Angerer, and Casey and Co. Also, when a huge performance doesn't come in from one of our running backs...
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    Zach Line FB??

    Don't forget about injuries, that can always be a game changer.
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    caste matchups week four

    Glad to see Burkhead have a career game against Wyoming. He's now 19th in the nation in rushing yards with 420, 1 yard short of teammate Taylor Martinez at 18th. He's also tied for 9th with 7 rushing TDs. Martinez also has 7 rush TDs. This is nice considering Gerry DiNardo on BTN after week one...
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    NFL Week 2

    Honestly, I think Woodhead's level of carries is going to change from week to week depending on the defense, game situation, etc. I predict he will have at least two 100-yard rushing games. Remember also today he had a 5th carry for the 2 point conversion. Doesn't go down on his career rushing...
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    NFL Week 2

    In a strange way I think Ochostinko going to NE is the best thing that could have happened. With all the offensive weapons NE has, 85 is not going to be a star or have the ball force-fed to him in any way. What better way for the archetypal loud, brash, showboating black primadona WR to be...
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    My 1002nd post!

    Thanks for the props guys. I am happy to make contributions to this site, whatever they amount to. I will get to work on the prototype flier which I will distribute, disply, and disseminate in secret of course. I was thinking some like "What happened to all the other Danny Woodhead's and Peyton...
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    British woman raped, stabbed and attacked with sulphuric acid

    These stories need to be spread far and wide so people know the color of crime. Dating a black man not only shows that you lack character, it can cause serious injury, paralysis, or death! All dangerous things comes with warning signs, which is why we should also warn white women about the...
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    My 1002nd post!

    I originally intended this to be my 1000th post, but I unwittingly responded to two other threads and got up to 1,001. Either way, I still wanted to commemorate the occasion for reaching this milestone. Caste football is the only website I have been visiting for this long. Back in 2006, I was...
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    Sarah Palin: Mudshark

    I agree, in a weird way I hope this is true and that it buries her standing in the public realm. I see no way it could be spun by white conservatives to show she embraces "diversity" by having had a one night stand with a black college basketball player.
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    Doughty article

    While Doughty will be long remembered for "giving up" the game-tying 4th down touchdown catch to Andre Johnson last season, resulting in one of NFL Network's "Top receiving touchdowns of 2010," Doughty has a great sense for the football. Even in that catch, he had the receiver well covered, just...
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    Preamble to a CF blog entry which I posted on another board.

    thesnowfell, welcome to CF! I'm glad you are bringing CF to the attention of other pro-white websites. I've been trying to slowly but surely do this myself, as have others. Caste Football has been increasingly mentioned in other parts of cyberspace over the past 2 years. I hope this picks up.Y...
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    NFL week 1

    I think most people don't get what a high motor is anyway. Is it supposed to be an anology to a motor in 5th gear that is cranking steadily and doesn't stop? Either way, it was great to see Welker add the career long TD, and tie the NFL record, which was only the 12th 99 yard reception in NFL...
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    NFL week 1

    Indeed, a high motor is the only explanation!
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    Site Traffic

    Just saw that the Caste Football forum just set another "most users online" record with 228 users just a few minutes ago.:cheer2: Congrats Caste Football! Hope the record is shattered many more times in the future!
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    NFL week 1

    Wes Welker 99 yard TD
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    2011 Arizona State Sundevils

    Former Oregon Duck Aaron Pflugrad is having a nice senior season so far with 11 receptions for 230 yards (20.9 avg). He's tied with two other players for 2nd in the nation with 4 TD catches. I hadn't even thought about Pflugrad until actually looing to see how T.J. Moe did.
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    2011 Texas Longhorns

    I thought I was experiencing deja vu when I saw J. Shipley and C. McCoy in the stats column on for the Texas-BYU game. It's unfortunate to see Gilbert get sat, but nice to see the McCoy and Shipley brothers continue the legacy!
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    2011 Michigan Wolverines

    I agree, that's front page material. Also, can the college fb reviews from stuff black people don't like be place in the additional headlines section? Thanks! The University of Tennessee: Clay Travis, Rocky Top, and What Happens When a program goes 365Black. Boise State's All-White Receiving...