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    "Average American" is Dying Off

    That article celebrates the coming displacement of whites and what makes it even more sickenning is the just realization of what will be lost.So its to be celebrated that the average American in 50 years will be browner,less intelligent,physically smaller, and aesthetically and physically less...
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    Fedor to Face Rogers

    Fedor will demolish Rogers in a bout so one sided that questions will arise post fight regarding his level of competition and why he decided to sign with Strikeforce and not the UFC.Arlovski gave Fedor problems with his power,hand speed,size,footwork,elusiveness and takedown defence.Rogers only...
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    Fedor to Face Rogers

    Though i wouldnt class Belfort as white,hes not Black or Mullatto either so hes not distinctly non white.Hes kind of like a white guy with darker skin,similar in many ways to Henderson or Machida.Dos Santos definately appears to be white.
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    2009 AIBA World Amateurs in Milan

    The German boxer Robert C Keth i assumed was white but from reading his profile he was born in Venezuela and immigrated to Germany when he was young.He dosnt have a Spanish or South American name so his father maybe German based on the name Keth.Whether hes White or not it was an outstanding...
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    UFC 101 : Declaration

    These are a list of white fighters that could easily hold their own within the UFCs ranks but are being ignored for one reason or another.Most of these guys will end up in Japan or some other org that dosnt opperate based on Caste ethos. Damien Growbowski HWT Poland,Alexander Gustaffson LHT...
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    UFC 101 : Declaration

    That was horrible.Theirs absolutely no way MMA is a white dominated sport,no way.A black fighter hasnt defeated a white guy like that in a boxing main event for a long time and that defeat brought back the bad memories of boxings dark days.The most important fights of yesterdays card featured 2...
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    Tyson Fury

    Fury is awkward which is the greatest asset he has as he steps up.His opponents like Ellis and Zeller have tried to put pressure on him and get inside but have been beaten up with hooks,uppercuts and body punches.Box him on the outside and he tees off with jabs and right hands.Hes huge,has...
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    NON-Whites in White Roles

    A black bond was strongly considered during the last casting and selection process for the newest Bond.A black actor made the final auditions which opened some eyes,so its really only a matter of time.Bond is a white man,in a white role written as such in Flemings novels the original source...
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    Martin Rogan

    Sextons a talented young fighter at just 24 years of age posessing fast hands and decent boxing skills although suspect regarding his cardio which contributed to his only defeat as a 22 year old.If hes not overawed by the pro Rogan crowd then he should be a live underdog.
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    Hatton vs. Pacman

    I dont think Hattons overrated,his career and what hes brought to boxing is HOF worthy imo. The problem with Ricky though is that his style though intense is physically demanding and very taxing on the body and he gets hit alot because of that style which is not conducive to career longevity.He...
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    swine flu ... any thoughts?

    If the source is of the illness is Mexico and its as bad as their making out then they need to close the border asap.But they will never do that,so it will most likely find its way into the general US population and affect everyone including non hispanics.
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    UFC 97

    Hope Shogun Rua destroys Liddell and once again finds the form he showed in Pride where he really was the Black destroyer beating Jackson,Randleman,Overeem and other dark non white Brazilians like Nogueira and Arona.That version of Shogun is a threat to anyone including Evans.If Liddell wins he...
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    billy joe saunders

    Saunders actually boxes at Welter,,a division that has always been starved of white talent.Saunders is a very precocious talent who was ranked as the worlds no1 p4p in the amateurs as a junior where he was unstoppable schooling the best that Russia,Cuba and the US had to offer.He has a very...
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    david price wins pro debut

    Good thread.I really like Price,he can definitely reach world level with his talent.Hes well schooled for such a big man and pleasing on the eye technically as opposed to the eye saw many guys his size are.He signed a contract with David Haye and Adam Booths promotion company and they appear...
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    Vitali Klitschko vs. JC Gomez

    It appears so.Atlas has been involved in boxing 40 plus years and cut his teeth as a coach,pundit etc in a culture of boxing particularly with the heavys that was very American,very Las Vegas where all the champions and contenders were Black Americans who all invariably possessed the kind of...
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    NCAA Wrestling Championship

    Winning the last five upper weight classes was impressive.Its almost a lock every year that the super heavyweight champions white.Gomez winning at 133 is not too disapointing as like in boxing whites are probably not as competitive in them truly small weight classes like the statistically more...
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    Arthur Abraham

    Anyone who thinks the white domination of boxing is somehow down to a lack of Black participation is just wrong.Its amazing how many contenders and undeafeated prospects they can continually throw out and this guy Lajuan Simon is another.In the middle and super middle divisions,theirs a number...
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    Matvey Korobov

    Korobov's a special talent.One of,if not the best amateur i've ever seen.Can do everything in the ring,lightning fast hands,exceptional reflexes,rythm and strong punch,not afraid to mix it up similar Calzaghe,can move,counter and switch hit.He came to prominance for me when he took the world...
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    Fedor-Sylvia: Affliction Banned

    Fedor is the best in the world now no doubt.Their excuse was that he dos'nt fight top comp but that goes out the window now.Its a shame he's not in the UFC,simply because he would gain so much more exposure.
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    Islam Timurziev

    Timurziev is obviously Chechen.Whats interesting is Russia's top light heavy and heavy fighters are also of Chechen decent.A significant number of the Russian wrestling team that dominated last years world championships were Chechen aswell as Dagestani and other caucas tribes.This level of...
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    Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tony Thompson

    i really want to see Vlad ktfo Haye next.He mouthed off about Klitschko again last night on Setanta as he's been continuously doing even when Vlad has comported himself with humility and class in return.He's a truly repulsive,arrogant,disrespectful Black man,far worse than any of the current...
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    Wimbledon 2008

    It would be gut wrenching to see Federer lose this final when he's so close to history.Nadals a great tennis player,great athlete but he posseses no where near Federers natural talent.This rivalrys similar in many ways to the Graf/Seles rivalry of the early 90's where for a time Seles because of...
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    European Championship 2008

    The Spanish sports fans are amonst the most nationalistic and passionate as any in the world.Englands starting Black players were subjected to some relentless racial abuse while playing the Spanish their a couple of years ago aswell as other similar incidents in European competition games...
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    European Championship 2008

    I think the Arab your refering to Liverlips is Van Bronkhurst[sp?].He's partially Asian,white father,Asian mother.He's not a first teamer and neither is one of the mulatto midfielders so really the Dutch team should be even stronger and Whiter if not for injuries.This was a great result as they...
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    Pavlik - Lockett confirmed

    whats interesting about Pavlik,something the comentators on Setanta picked up on is how beloved Pavlik is amonst the fans.he had something like 7000 fans drive thousands of miles from Akron and other areas to suport him.Thats unheard of for an American fighter and the only other American fighter...