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    Protien Powder

    I'am a 5'7, 140 lbs white tailback and i just startedto lift, does anyone have suggsetions on which protien powder to get. Thanks, T.he
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    Any good RB workouts

    Does anyone know of some good RB workouts for speed and power(weightlifting). Thanks T.he Edited by: T.he
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    White RB, in IL

    Iam a white running back(5'7, 140 lbs) and i live in nothern IL, near chicago, iam a freshman in HS and want to get a football scolership to a Div.1 school. Anybody know of some that can help me get some info. Thanks T.he
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    I'am White and a RB, someone help!!!

    Thanks BACKROW, Don, and jaxvid. I will continue to do some reserch on footspeed, and i recently went to a speed camp that Don Beebe taught.(that guy is fast) and thanks for the reply T.he
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    I'am White and a RB, someone help!!!

    I'am writing this about myself,iam 5'7 140lbs and i want to play tailback next year at YHS(IL.) as a sophmore. Last year as a 8th graderi tried to play TB but the coach played his son, this year(freshman0 i couldnt play football due to some tragic times.I run a 5.3 40(not so fast,but i can hurt...