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    2011 Georgia Bulldogs

    Colonel they have a BYU transfer Alex Parsons who is another running back on their roster. I remember him being white, but I could not find a picture of him. I think that would make two white running bakcs in the mix for carries. Can someone find a pic of Parson's? Because I really would...
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    Jake O'Donnell

    What in the hell is going on at the U? Another white defensive recruit for one of the blackest teams in all of college football. Perhaps Al Golden wants to bring in smart athletic players instead of the thugs, and affroletes brought in by his predecessors. O'Donnell seems like a very good...
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    Jimmy Herman

    I think a white safety that has pledged to play for the Purdue Boliermakers. Has very good size, and might grow out of the safety position. However another I think white athlete that has found a home in the big 10.
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    I found a white named Derek

    Derek Dowrey is a big denfensive tackle that has pledged to Penn State. Look at his stats from last year and how fit he looks for being 280lbs as a junior in high schoo last year. I don't see any fat on this kid. Perhaps from the name old man Joe thinks he getting a black recruit lol...
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    2011 Georgia Bulldogs

    Hey look another affrolete who can't go to class. Their going to have to start a true freshman could a white walk on actually carry the ball in a game for the Bulldogs this year. If that happens the world may very well end. I bet they would let a fat black out of shape offensive lineman run...
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    Danny Anthrop

    Guys I don't know how this prospect fell through our perveribal cracks , yet some how this tremendous athlete/ slash wide reciever who might be one the fastest high school players in the country. Here is his scout profile notice how only one school has offered. If he were black he would have...
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    Thomas Sirk

    Hey guys I found another very big white named Thomas Sirk who lives in a small town in Florida. Here is his rivals profile.
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    2011 Georgia Bulldogs

    Brent Benedict has left Georgia because he says he needed a change. I believe it was be cause wasn't given an oppurtunity to land a starting role. How is a player that is ranked in the top 50 coming out of highschool not starting for your school if his knee is completely healthy which according...
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    Craig Brodsky

    You're right I bet Northwestern will offer him later on or BYU.
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    Reggie Bush

    Yes the sad part is the children when they question asked is who's your daddy, and you mother gives you multiple answers that my friends is not good. If fathers day is a mystery to you and you half brothers, and sisters then blame your skanky mother who would rather lay down with filth than...
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    Dan Vitale

    A ggod athlete that might play linebacker or super back for the Northwestern Wildcats. Not to mention that Vitale is very smart, and that can't hurt especially in a game where smarts can help just as much as physical abilty. Here is Vitale's...
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    Craig Brodsky

    Elon is not a bad choice for Brodsky they play teams like Applachian St. Wofford, and others. He will be given a chance to play corner, and who knows their are alot of players that make the pro's from the southern conference. I think Elon is a very white friendly school, and Brodsky is smart...
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    Reggie Bush

    Damn I thought I was harsh. The problem we can say thay white women who date outside their race are never taken back by white society, but that is not true. Kim K who you refer as a "chimp" is engaged to a white NBA player. I think the thresh hold is if they have offspring from the race...
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    Derek Hammann

    Very good indeed, but I think Iowa needs to offer Mitchell the speedy tank Cunningham. How this player is still without an offer truly astounds me. Cunningham too me at least might be the most talented white running back to come out of high school this year I believe. Joe Riddle would be my...
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    Tyler Siudzinski

    No worries, don't take things to seriously I have made that mistake far too many times, and I even argued the whitenes of some players that I thought were white and ended up some of them were actually mixed. I say if a player is 3/4 white that's good enough for me however some on this board...
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    Tyler Siudzinski

    I think he is mixed.
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    Reggie Bush

    Look people why take your childrens to a waterpark, and leave them unattended if they cannot swim in water that is 2or 3 feet deep. But that is exactly what happened when my children who belong to an almost all white private swim club subjected me and my wife too because they wanted to partake...
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    Saylor Lavalli

    Matt Harper post his picture as I was not able to find it online.
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    Reggie Bush

    I changed the wording of my post however it does not change the fact that we are losing the cultural war of which we are engaged with the minority population. I live in a southern state which is inundated by the blacks, and I can't tell you how many times I have seen the trouble caused by a...
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    JJ Diluigi and the NFl.

    You will see more white hopefully in the future because of guys who are kicking down the door.
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    Andrew Larson

    You want brazen ethnic cleansing here you go. This player is big 5ft 11in 196 lbs with 4.46 speed in the 40 yard dash. Here is some feedback from him talking about getting an oofer from Minnesota.Also his rivals profile. it is a damn shame because if his name was Antonio Larceny he would have...
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    Joe Riddle

    I found this highlite tape of Riddle one word impressive enjoy folks.
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    Joe Riddle

    Yes it would be nice for Riddle to dominate so close to our nations captal.
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    Mitchell Cunningham

    Their is hope because of players like Woodhead, and Hillis , and even Gerhart. I think because of this bad economy that it may very well help more whites get recruited because blacks have a harder time making ends meet. So they move around alot, and some are forced into a life of crime where...
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    Joe Riddle

    I know that this prospect has been written about before by Matt Harper. However He just committed to the University of Maryland, and I think he deserves his own page. Riddle is big,fast, and Maryland was the school that he was waiting for an offer from. Here is his rivals profile. Another...