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  1. Wes Woodhead

    2019 NFL Conference Championships

    Brady is looking like a JV backup.
  2. Wes Woodhead

    Sergey Kovalev defends his WBA, IBF, & WBO titles against mandatory challenger Nadjib Mohammedi

    3rd round KO. Sergay is the best pound for pound without question.
  3. Wes Woodhead

    Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury

    My favorite thing about this bout is that its a no lose from our perspective. If Klitschko wins (almost certain) then its par for the course. Another successful defense. If Fury pulls off the upset then at least the great old champ will have been dethroned by a young White lion rather than a negro.
  4. Wes Woodhead

    Carl Frampton

    Carl got dropped in the first, but got up to dominate every second of the fight afterwards.
  5. Wes Woodhead

    Bruce Jenner

    Very well stated DD. Id say its at least a solid 75% of people who claim to be Christians are not Christians at all. It really is a very simple test. IF you are a REAL Christian then the world hates your guts, and liver. If you aren't facing persecution, and slandered by your peers then you are...
  6. Wes Woodhead

    Vitali v Hughie: Peter Fury eyes Klitschko v Fury double in October

    Over the last few days I have been watching Fury replays. THe guy stands as much of a chance to beat Wlad as anyone he has ever faced.
  7. Wes Woodhead

    Muslim murders 4 Marines

    The most important thing is this tragedy is to remember that not ALL Muslims are crazy like this. We must not think this is what islam is. Blah blah blah.
  8. Wes Woodhead

    David Price

    David Price is a giant with a good punch, but unfortunately for him he is a pansy. I believe there are welterweights that could whoop his big, soft ass.
  9. Wes Woodhead

    Sergey Kovalev defends his WBA, IBF, & WBO titles against mandatory challenger Nadjib Mohammedi

    Kovalev trained in Big Bear for the Hopkins bout, and Jackson was the head trainer then. If there is a split between Kovalev, and Jackson then it is DEFINITELY because of his "racist" remarks. No matter what the official story might be.
  10. Wes Woodhead

    Sergey Kovalev

    He has become my favorite boxer too. In fact I havent enjoyed watching a boxer fight as much as I enjoy watching Kovalev since Calzaghe retired.
  11. Wes Woodhead

    2015 Boston College Eagles

    I have always found it hard to root for a team with a black quotaback. There is ALWAYS a White man that would be better for the job. I dont care if he is the teams only negro starter, I cant root for a team with an affirmative action QB. It helps if they have a White Tailback. I have noticed...
  12. Wes Woodhead

    Carl Froch Retires

    Froch is without question a top 10 super middle of all time. I likr his swagger, and toughness, but didnt like his disrespect of Calzaghe. He acted like he would have just knocked Joe out, and thats ludicrous. Clazaghe would have won every round, and Froch might not have hit him the whole fight...
  13. Wes Woodhead

    UFC 189

    It doesn't really matter how Jewish they are. IF they weren't absolutely in bed with the jews, and their politically correct propaganda, then the fights would simply never get on TV. Therefore brown pride tattoos are celebrated, while White pride is not allowed.
  14. Wes Woodhead

    This will spend the end of the NFL (cornerback syndrome)

    Yes there have been huge strides made in the last three years to get rid of the White WR. Our guys had made huge strides in that position since the 90s, but there has been an obvious push to eliminate them.
  15. Wes Woodhead

    Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury

    I dont want to just write Futy off for this one, but Its hard to overlook the fact that Cunningham put FUry on his butt.
  16. Wes Woodhead

    Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving HUMAN FLESH

    If Im not mistaken those are stills from a documentary I saw years ago about Freetown. If its the same one they also had little babies hanging upside down along a close line butchering them for that nights dinner.
  17. Wes Woodhead

    Ryan Tannehill

    I root for Tannahill hard. When he was in college he was the best QB on the team, but was moved to WR so that a no name negro could be the QB. THe guy has had to fight the caste system quite a bit, and hes still doing well.
  18. Wes Woodhead

    Black QBs in the NFL

    This isnt just a racial double standard. This is so blatant that every retarded idiot negro worshiper should wake up. Will they? Hell no.
  19. Wes Woodhead

    A nice video of White Dunkers
  20. Wes Woodhead

    2015 NFL Draft

    Yeah me too. I think that would be key in the awakening of our people. If a few of our guys would just say "look, I was the best RB in camp, but since Im white the wanted to make me tackle people on kickoffs, and ride the bench".
  21. Wes Woodhead

    The Patriots Strike Back

    THe Patriots are being punished for beating the Blackhawks in the Stuper Bowl. The NFC championship game was clearly, obviously, and undeniably rigged so that the Blackhawks could repeat. It was setup to a T for Wilson to be the big hero. Its not Bradys fault that Russel Wilson choked under...
  22. Wes Woodhead

    Dmitry "The Sledge Hammer" Kudryashov

    Obviously a very clean left hook. The guy had a big red lump on his head when they finally got him on the stool. This young man is knocking out solid opponents like they are bums.
  23. Wes Woodhead

    Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving HUMAN FLESH

    Of course this is the White mans fault too. Just like everything else.
  24. Wes Woodhead

    Gennady Golovkin
  25. Wes Woodhead

    Gennady Golovkin

    Golovkin will plow over this negro in just a few rounds. Maybe just one, or two. He has a suspect chin, and cant punch hard enough to keep GGG off him. Its gonna be a fun bout to watch.