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    Mia Brahe-Pedersen 11.00 wind legal (Only a Junior in High School in Oregon)

    Amazing! It was nice seeing 3 whites in the final of the 200m.
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    The All Time USA White 100m

    Cole Beck just dropped a wind legal 9.97 Time to adjust the list.
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    Abby Steiner NCAA National Champion/USA National 200m champ 21.77 100m 10.90

    You can hear wind blowing in the microphone during the video. It’s an amazing run with or without, but there was definitely some wind.
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    Karsten Warholm World Record Holder 400 Meter Hurdles

    Under 46!?! Absolutely amazing!
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    Matthew Boling 9.98, 19.92, 45.17 and 8.25 LJ

    He will definitely dip under 20 during the outdoor season this year. I would love to see him go to the Olympics this year.
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    Matthew Boling 9.98, 19.92, 45.17 and 8.25 LJ

    All I can say is wow! With his wiry frame, this kid kid has a lot of potential. Does anyone know what the wind was when he ran 10.11?
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    Steroids and Black Athletes

    9.73 opener, really? Nope, nothing abnormal there. Come on! What is that guy putting into his body!
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    "Rocket" Ramil Guliyev 9.97 and 19.76 (World Champion 2017 over 200 meters)

    Yeah boy! I've been waiting for this guy to come back. Great opener!
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    2014 Outdoor Season

    Amazing, I think she needs to focus just on the sprints.
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    white long jumpers

    looks like Greg should start training for the 100m
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    2014 Outdoor Season

    Lemaitre & Byram in the 200m today in Rome. Watch it live, starting soon
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    MaryBeth Sant 11.25!

    never mind my last post, didn't realize she was in college already. Have I been away from the board that long? Well it nice to see she didn't get pushed into the long sprints. I take it she is a freshman?
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    MaryBeth Sant 11.25!

    She is amazing. I can't wait to see her college career. Knowing how strong the caste system is in America, they'll probably bump her up to the 400m.
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    Steroids and Black Athletes

    According to WADA they have a new test that should lead to hundreds of positives in old samples. They said positives are turning up n 6 month old samples. They specifically talked about the Jamaicans and Kenyans being part of those test. This should be interesting.
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    2014 Indoor Track Season

    It will be interesting to see what Rutherford can do in the sprints.
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    lets face it, if Lemaitre had been running the way he was 2 years ago he would have made the podium. I think the fact that he was probably the only clean finalist makes him a winner in my book. that race was a PED parade with Lemaitre doing the best he could against a field of drug cheats...
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    Julian Reus 10.01 & 20.29

    I'm going to predict a 10.06
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    Christophe Lemaitre "White Lightning" 9.92 and 19.80!

    So depressing! I thought for sure he would drop some good times. this is horrible!
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    2013 Outdoor Season

    ATHLETE DATE OF BIRTH NATION PB SB BOLT Usain 21.08.1986 JAM 9.58 9.94 CARTER Nesta 10.11.1985 JAM 9.78 9.87 CHAMBERS Dwain 05.04.1978 GBR 9.97 10.04 COLLINS Kim 05.04.1976 SKN 9.97 9.97 DASAOLU James 05.09.1987 GBR 9.91 9.91 LEMAITRE Christophe 11.06.1990...
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    Hannah Cunliffe

    good for her! I know I'd be happy with 4th in the world. the cherry on top, PR.
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    2013 Outdoor Season

    ever see Arnold Schwarzenegger at 15? sometimes it just genetics. I find it hard to believe a 15 year old would be on PEDs. 17, 18 yeah, but 15?
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    Is Bolt on Drugs?

    I'll do some digging, maybe White lightning can help shed some light.
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    Tyson Gay and Jamaicans test positive for banned substance

    I love how Gay is blaming his coach. so no light bulb went off in his head last year when his training partner Mullings got caught? So he is dumb or lying, either way it don't look good.