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    Christian McCaffrey

    Jim Taylor of Lombardi's Packers with 1474 yards and a 5.4 per carry average in 1962. Taylor had five straight 1000 yard seasons 1960-64. He finished second to Jim Brown four times, led the league in 1962.
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    Cody Schrader

    I sometimes wonder if Christian McCaffrey had been named Christian Smith or Jones and from a small town in Tennessee or West Virginia he would have been a walk-on.
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    2023 Carolina Panthers

    Being traded to the 49ers was the best thing that could happen for CMac.
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    Lasse Viren

    The key to the slant of this SI story on Lasse Viren is that Kenny Moore was a friend of Steve Prefontaine, who was a White American distance runner of the early 70s. Prefontaine was killed in 1975 in a traffic accident and had been training to beat Viren in 1976. Steve Prefontaine was highly...
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    Israel - Hamas conflict

    Have you ever heard this expression? "We fought them the same way they fought us."
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    Cody Schrader

    Cody Schrader is a White American running back.
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    MLB 2023 Season

    I remember in my childhood baseball being the number one sport and how big the World Series was. They didn't need the hype machine used for the Super Bowl. Until 1971 the WS was played during the daytime. People would tell each other what the score was.
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    Joe Biden's America

    The Nashville authorities ae more concerned about the release of the three pages than they are about the contents. They don't appear bothered much by the killer's motivation. And they flat out lied by claiming there was "no political content" in the killer's writing. Tennessee is a Red state...
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    Great players I watched when growing up

    I remember Frank Howard hitting a long HR for the Dodgers in the 4th game of the 1963 World Series to help them beat the Yankees. Sixty years ago. I recall a long HR by him in the 1969 All Star Game. Both I saw on TV. With Frank Howard the home runs were always long.
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    2023 NFL Week Five

    The Cowboys were stacked for CMac which enabled others to get free and the 49ers won big.
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    I referenced that 1968 SI series on this Forum some 15 years ago. A good many of the things it claimed only black athletes suffered from also happened to White athletes. For example, coaches taking a dislike to a player for no good reason, being buried on a depth chart even if a good player...
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    2023 NFL Week 4

    I checked Curly Lambeau's Wiki entry. The name Lambeau Field is so imbedded in NFL history that the Packers refused to sell the stadium name, instead selling corporate names to entrance gates. The Packers being home owned is a factor in this undoubtedly. Ironically Vince Lombardi 60 years ago...
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    Brooks Robinson, RIP

    I well remember the 1970 World Series and the impression Brooks Robinson made with his phenomenal fielding. He also hit .429 with 2 home runs. Brooks Robinson won the 1970 Hickock Belt as the top pro athlete of 1970. The Hickock Belt was a big thing at the time.
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    Brooks Robinson, RIP

    I saw him on TV's Game of the Week constantly in the 60s and early 70s. His play at third base was phenomenal and he got a lot of big hits.
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    Christian McCaffrey

    For many years at this Forum it was noted there were often no White RBs in the NFL. There were hardly any journeyman backups. One wondered what it would take. It turned out it took a White RB being about the best in the league.
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    Joe Biden's America

    I saw that article. It's typical Trump being Trump. I believe his candidacy will lead to defeat, even if by a miracle he wins. He would be a 78-year old lame duck. And he would be doing the same stupid pardons, etc.
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    White RBs and 100-yard games

    Larry Csonka had 16 (one in 1969, the rest in the 70s) regular season 100 yard games, four in the playoffs. This comes from Pro Football Reference.
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    White RBs and 100-yard games

    John Riggins had 28 100 yard games in the regular season, six in playoff games. Jim Taylor had 26 regular season 100 yard games for Lombardi's Packers. I see you counted playoff games. Jim Taylor had one 100 yard playoff game, the 1960 NFL Championship. Ironically, this was the only...
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    2023 NFL Preseason

    They always sign for "more money" rather than the team which would give them more playing time and opportunity, which would eventually result in more money.
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    Joe Biden's America

    W When Obama won in 2008, the "anti-war" talk from the Left disappeared overnight. It was like the considerable (during the 80s) agitation concerning the Homeless was never heard again after Clinton won in 1992.
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    Joe Biden's America

    I wasn't recommending White men enlisting. I was stating it is part of the anti-White campaign.
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    Joe Biden's America

    If White recruits stop enlisting, it's just what the Biden regime and the Establishment wants. The idea is to drive White men out of the military. They will exult when they can boast of the U.S. Army being majority nonwhite.
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    Clay Travis promoted the idea that Christian McCaffrey was the greatest White football player of all time who was not a QB during CMac's Stanford days.
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    Christian McCaffrey

    I looked at several accounts of the party, including The Daily Mail. In all of them the implication was the term referred to the white outfits worn by the attendees. Today, People Magazine ran a story headlined, "Olivia Culpo Travels to Italy with Christian McCaffrey." Christian McCaffrey has...
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    Bashing of white athleticism among many white activists and the alt-right

    A lot of them dislike football, in particular, due to the incessant Black Worship the coverage consists of.