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    Christian McCaffrey

    I don't think it's happened in my lifetime, and I'm old. :(
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    Christian McCaffrey

    It's weird when you look at the stats on They show the top 25 running backs. Christian McCaffrey is the only white face on the list. It just ain't right.
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    Kansas City Chiefs General Thread
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    Inherent White Greatness

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    Antiwhiteism - Discussion

    SHOCK VIDEO: White High School Student Severely Beaten and Kicked to Death by 15 Thugs at Las Vegas School After Defending His Friend (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hᴏft
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    2023 San Francisco 49ers

    No TD for CMAC today, but a nice 95 yards rushing and 47 yards receiving.
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    Drew Hartlaub

    I just came across this guy. He ran a 4.22 40. Does anyone know if he ever played for the Panthers.
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    Miscellaneous Boxing News

    Fury is not really a good look for us or boxing.
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    Christian McCaffrey

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    Christian McCaffrey
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    Christian McCaffrey

    COOL!! He's still leading the league with 553 yards.
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    Christian McCaffrey

    How serious are oblique injuries?
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    Miscellaneous Boxing News

    I watched the highlights of the clown show boxing. The Paul brothers and their cronies have found a nice scam, i.e., box with people who cannot box, but still fall under the label of fighter. They thought they had a perfect dupe in Tommy Fury because he has a big name, but can't box. However...
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    We Are Living In A Cartoon
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    kick boxing

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    2023 World Outdoor Season

    Yeah, he was injured for most of this season. He had just gotten back to health, now he's injured again. His teenage body can't handle the speed he can generate.
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    2023 World Outdoor Season
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    Christian McCaffrey

    Genetics are real and I wish he would have had a baby with that Mary Beth Saint. She is more amazing than he is.
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    Christian McCaffrey

    He keeps rolling. Against Cardinals today, 106 yards rushing with 3 TDs and 71 receiving with 1 TD.
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    Miscellaneous Boxing News

    When I was cruising around the live commentaries last night, I realized how much the brothers hate Canelo. I work at a school in Southern California, and the Hispanic kids really love Canelo. They seem to be OK with white appearance. They hold him as a hero. It's really an interesting situation.
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    Late bloomers
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    2023 World Outdoor Season

    How is master multi going to explain this one? :D
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    We Are Living In A Cartoon

    "oh sheeet, I fo--gots mah phone" After women allegedly shoplift items from nail supply store, one comes back and brazenly demands phone she left behind. Things get way worse from there. - TheBlaze
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    2023 World Outdoor Season

    WT!?! Boonson has a wind legal 10.06, and he hasn't even turned 18?? That has to be a record. What is going on? He doesn't look like anything special, i.e., he doesn't look all jacked and juiced. He looks like a normal Asian kid. You just never know. This definitely does not fit with the general...
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    Best Prospects aged under 25

    Nick Ball has big fight in November.