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    It’s a Joke???

    I hope this post IS a joke!
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    It sucks to be a Chicago Blackhawks fan

    I really wanna know what happend to the Saint Louis Blues!!! Talk about sucking. Last I've seen they are the worst team in the NHL. Right behind them are the penguins! Ouch!
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    Super Bowl XL: Your thoughts

    Very possible that the NFL games are "fixed" Never really thought very hard on this subject. That's all I really have to say so far.....
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    Detroit Hosts the Super Bowl

    On TV the city of Detroit looked pretty bright and active. Heck they even had comerica parks lights on!
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    Super Bowl XL: Your thoughts

    Why do they keep calling hima a possession WR? The man has speed and jumping ability. just like you said!
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    Super Bowl XL: Your thoughts

    Joe J. To Dallas. Bledsoe would love to throw the ball to him. Great game tonight for Joe! Great game in general.
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    Manning and Brady suck??

    Thanks. Sorry don't know to much about the older players. Am I right on just McNair and McNabb?
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    Manning and Brady suck??

    I noticed an earlier post by Cassiodorus of 38 of 39 QB's that have won the super bowl have been white. I wonder how many black qb's have even made it to the superbowl as a starter? McNair and McNabb who was the black qb to win the super bowl?
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    Detroit Hosts the Super Bowl

    Very interesting article. I live in Omaha Nebraska. When I first moved to Omaha about 15 years ago, it was a small city. Population around 275,000 or so. Small city. Now we have seen a population boom of over 400,000. Not even including all the small cities(suberbs/towns) that have not been...
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    Messiah Vick?

    Mike Vick stats against the Carolina Panthers... Passing Yards- 171, Touchdowns Thrown- 0, INT's Thrown- 2, Rusing Yards- 36
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    Ohio Bobcats

    Solich pulled over for DUI...
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    Terrell Owens suspended indefinitely(?)

    Hear that Dallas Cowboys may have interest in Owens. The last thing this team needs is a glory hog like Owens coming in and ruining the teams chemistry. Dallas is having the best year since the old cowboy dominating days. Drew Bledsoe is playing wells again. Terry Glenn is also playing...
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    Dre Bly/Joey Harrington

    The lions are not playing well in general!
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    Notre Dame vs. Ohio State

    White CB, It would be a great match up. I love the Ohio State Linebacking Core... Plain Studs. Agree with Colonel Rebel though. When do we find out who plays who in the bowl games offically? Is it Sunday?
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    Ohio Bobcats

    Colonel Reb.... You are right about about the "A"! I would not see how that is an honor. All it means is that you played by the rules of what blacks want you to do for hiring a head coach. Not an honor at all! Ohio was right in hiring Frank Solich. Solich is looking at a lotta High School...
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    Ohio Bobcats

    interesting........ READ UP!
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    Tyler Palko-(Pitt QB)

    Hey, Quick question... Anyone think that there is a chance of this kid going pro after his senior year. I have been watching him develop since a sophmore at pitt.... He is getting better every year. He has the size and a great arm to be an NFL QB. Just a junior... so he will have another...
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    Un-known white defensive players

    Add Kyle Vanden Bosch to that list. Leading the nfl with sacks! But no! Who get all the attention from the media? Ray Lewis!!!! And the sex boat freaks!!! NFL is sad.
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    Pavel Bure

    Whats the latest on the russian rocket? Is he gonna play this year? Or has he called it a career?
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    Minnesota High School Football

    Alright our local paper has a top 10 every week after friday night games are played. Usually 9 of those schools are dominately white programs with an occasional black athlete on 1 or 2 of the top 10 teams. But here's what gets me... when topcollege programs recruit players from our state...
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    Kyle Vanden Bosch

    Saw this guy play in college. He is a great Defensive End. Knee injuries may do him in at such a young age though.
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    Retiring Players

    Scott Stevens is one of the greatest Defense Men to EVER play the game. The guy is a tough ruff neck that eveyone would want on their team. Great man on and off the ice. It's to bad to see all of this happen right after the strike. Hoepfully all three of these men will be inducted into the...
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    Drew Bledsoe

    Alright I have been thinking about this since Drew passed Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas in the all time passing yards list and will have a very good chance at passing Dan Fouts this year if not, then for sure next year. Along with the name of Vinny Testaverde. Personally Drew Bledsoe is one...
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    Favorite College Teams

    I like a lot of Midwest and Mountain teams. Nebraska, Colorado State, Kansas, Ohio State, Kansas, BYU, Iowa and Colorado, Ohioare probably the teams I follow the most. Meh... Don't really care for them but throw Missouri in there also. Cannot stand Brad Smith though. One of the most...
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    Mizzou’s TE Chase Coffman

    Never heard of him until now. Thanks for the info Bronk. Gonna keep an eye on him for weeks to come. Do you think that Missouri is a white friendly team? Notice a lot of blacks with them, a few whites but mostly blacks. Just wondering what your opinion is on Missouri Bronk!