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    The Numbers

    Resource: Scroll down to the last few pages to get a better optic on the 2020 figures and a comparison to year’s past. Observation: The numbers may be a little skewed if White hispanics...
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Looks like this Outkick media-outlet has an opportunity to be the alternative to the liberal-marxist propaganda that’s constantly on ESPN. Jason Whitlock is also affiliated with Outkick.... I was wondering where he went.
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    Caste football 2020 top 10 favorite NFl players

    1. Tom Brady 2. Christian McCaffrey 3. Julian Edelman 4. Josh Allen 5. George Kittle 6. Rob Gronkowski 7. Adam Thielen 8. Rex Burkhead 9. Scotty Miller 10. Tied between Ryan Nall/Patrick Laird/Taysom Hill :)
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    Caste Football, RIP

    Growing up as a kid in the 90s/00s..... I remember while playing sports, I subconsciously always tried to emulate athletes like John Stockton, Wayne Chrebet, Jim Edmonds, Jason Williams, Wes Welker, etc. In fact, friends and former teammates of mines used to always dub me with nicknames such as...
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    2019-2020 NBA Season

    Luka Magic! Luka Legend! What a performance!
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    2019-2020 NBA Season

    Although I am not a fan of trash-talking, I personally hate discipline for name-calling. During a battle, I feel a player should have the freedom to insult another player. Performing poorly due to verbal assault reveals a weak mental state. But if the league is going to punish a player for...
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    2020 White Wide Receivers

    Some Progress: In 2017, 24 WRs suited up for a game. Julian Edelman was on the IR all year long. In 2018, 23 WRs suited up for a game. Braxton Berrios and Jordan Taylor were on the IR all year long. In 2019, although Trent Taylor was on the IR all year long, 25 WRs suited up for at least one...
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Thank you for going above & beyond in clarifying this. This is great intel and something I will share with folks within the area!
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Excellent intel! @Truthteller It is interesting to note that as soon as the 86 year old Bobby Grier was hired for consulting, the team’s racial make up improved from 13 Whites in 2017 to 21 in 2018. Due to the signing of RB Zach Zenner, it may be around 22 in 2019. I tried searching for some...
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    The Miami Heat and the Miami Dolphins are two of the most White-friendly organizations in the year 2019. Incredible!
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Zach Zenner has been claimed by the Miami Dolphins! 2 white RBS and 1 white FB will be receiving playing time this Sunday! Wow!!!!!!! Credit to Brian Flores and staff!
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    2019 NFL Week 10

    Glad to hear Ryan Nall is active and that Patrick Laird will get some carries today: With Nall being active this week, it will mark the 5th time this season a White RB is active for a game. Christian...
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    2019-2020 NBA Season

    Agree W.L! We must also add Matthew Boling into the mix of most important athletes of this generation.
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    2019-2020 NBA Season

    As of today, the 20 year old Luka Doncic is averaging 26.7 ppg (7th), 10.3 rebs (12th) and 9.5 (2nd) assist per game. Would be pretty inspiring for White kids around the globe if both Christian McCaffrey and Luka Doncic win the MVP award in their respective sports.
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    Christian McCaffrey

    The clip is from 2-3 weeks ago, but it calls out the elephant in the room. The conversation of Greg Olsen’s most athletic teammates start around the 6min 43 second mark. Christian McCaffrey is mentioned at the 8 min mark and then Olsen states “he doesn’t get enough credit to how athletic he...
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    2019 Miami Dolphins

    RB Mark Walton has been suspended four games for violating the NFL's conduct and substance abuse policy, Miami will turn to Kalen Ballage to again be their lead back during Walton's absence. Rookie running backs Patrick Laird and Myles Gaskin will see increased playing time during Walton's...
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    2019-2020 NBA Season

    Coach Erik Spoelstra actually takes a strategic matchup approach in changing the starting lineup every game. Thus far this season, every game has had at least 2 Whites starting and all 5 Whites have recorded a game this season. Last night against the Hawks, the Heat started Leonard at C &...
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    2019-2020 NBA Season

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    2019-2020 NBA Season

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    2019-2020 NBA Season

    The Miami Heat were fun to watch. They played all five of their White athletes (PG Goran Dragic, SG Tyler Herro, SG/SF Duncan Robinson, PF/C Kelly Olynk, C Meyers Leonard) and throughout the game, they had anywhere from 3 to 4 Whites playing at a time. The 19 year old teenager Tyler Herro got...
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    Christian McCaffrey

    An interesting segment all around, including the personal story that Reggie Bush shared about Christian and his brothers.... Time and time again, it seems like these guys are the fairest out there when it comes to discussing white athletes. All four agreed that Christian McCaffrey is currently...
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    White Quarterbacks

    Not sure if this post should go in the white QB thread or the black QB thread, but Eric Mangini knows the score. Take a listen, specifically at the 3mins 40 second mark:
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    Class of 2021

    RB Will Shipley has been offered a D1 scholarship to play for Alabama. McCaffrey effect?
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    High School Basketball Prospects

    Yes, 2021 sounds promising in both basketball and football. RB Will Shipley has been offered a D1 scholarship to play for Alabama.