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    2019 French Open

    Unfortunately we did not get the French open final everyone was looking for. I would have liked to have seen Nadal going for 12 French open wins versus djokovic going for four slams in a row. I think if the court conditions In the semifinals weren’t so horrible djokovic would have gotten by...
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    Don Lemon: "The biggest terror threat in this country is White men"

    The reason Don Lemon can get away with disparaging white men is Jews control the media, and Many Jews don’t consider themselves white in the true sense. You can disparage whites all day and they won’t say a word. If this was said about Jewish men he would have been fired immediately and would...
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    2017 NFL Week 10

    CM has gotten the worst treatment of any running back picked that high. The game was out of hand early in the 4th quarter and they had a big opportunity to give CM the ball and let him have a good night as a reward for carrying the running game last week and get some of his critics off his back...
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    The Trump Era Begins

    The problem is the republicans are divided the Neocons want to pass obomacare light. The more conservative republicans just want Obamacare repealed and the private insurance system back in place with free competition, tax credits, people choosing the type of insurance coverage they want, Or no...
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    2017 Australian Open

    As much as I like Roger and would like him to win his 18th slam I am actually rooting for Mischa Zverev. I know he is a long shot, but I love his serve and volley and coming to the net style. Tennis has too many boring baseliners. I miss guys like Mcenroe and Edberg who were great serve and...
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    The Trump Era Begins

    He also needs to create safe zones for refugees as soon as possible to stop the flood of refugees poring into America and Europe
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    I used to think the same way until fairly recently I a came to the realization that greedy corporations are one of the prime culprits behind the non white mass immigration to the US in the last fifty years that had basically destroyed the soon to be former white European majority in the US and...
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    The Trump Era Begins

    It should be no shock to anyone that Trump would take a pro Israel stance. His daughter and one of his sons are married to Jewish people what else would people expect. Far left jews are mostly responsible for the destruction and genocide of Caucasian Europeans and European americas. Wth complete...
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    2016 NFL Week 12

    Burkhead had a good game hopefully he stays healthy and gets at least 1/3 of the carriers the rest of the year, and perhaps more if the other Cincy running back gets hurt. Good time for him to showcase his talents, because I think he will be a free agent next year. Should be a number one running...
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    Zach Zenner, Z2K

    Zenner needs to pick it up a bit more in his limited opportunities or any chance at having any type of NFL career will evaporate. He can't keep counting on a barage of injuries to other running backs to get playing time. He needs to get everyone's attention with his playing ability. The zenner...
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    2016 NFL Week 7

    Detroit seems to keep on making zenner something he IS not. He seems Moré of a running back then a power back. The short yard stuff is pulling down his stats and people looking at the box score at the end of the game will think incorrectly that forsett had a better game. Detroit seems to be...
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    2016 NBA Draft

    Actual the 20 plus nba draft percent is relatively poor considering that a good percent from yeAr to year are from Europe. About 15 - 20 years ago that was around the percent of white players drafted without European players. The influx of white European players should have brought the percent...
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    Vote for the top athletes in ESPN poll

    Funny poll. Years ago they used to have a saying in movies etc. "token black guy". I guess in today's society Bryce Harper would be the "token white guy" in the poll.
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    Heavyweight World Boxing Champ Tyson Fury confirms existence of a racial caste hierarchy in sports

    The sad truth of the matter IS that Fury's father IS correct. White's are discriminated against. And the main culprit IS the media. After decades of the media promiting blacks as superior athletes to whites it has talent its toll. The average jock sniffing sports fan will no longer accept a...
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    NCAA wrestling tournament

    Off night for our guys. I woud sum up the cast matches as follows: Clark loss at 133 no shame in the loss. The guy he wrestled Was just better. Nolf 157 wrestled his heart out Against another Good wrestler just came up short at the end. Nickal - 174 bad loss lost to a guy he had already beaten a...
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    Super Bowl L

    I think the way Denver defense played today just shows how good Brady is. He came so close to beating that defense in let alone Denver.
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    Super Bowl L

    Looks like it is over. Good news for caste football supporters Newton awful in loss. Bad news Denver wins not because of Manning, but in spite o Manning's bad play.
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    Super Bowl L

    No matter what the outcome offensive play on both sides has been horrible.
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    Super Bowl L

    Denver has to pull Manning he had been awful this came is setting up for Carolina to win and Manning to be the Goat. Not a good way for Manning to go out if he retires.
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    Super Bowl L

    Denver letting Carolina hang around in a game that should be out of reach by now is going to come back and bite them in the ass.
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    Heisman Trophy Candidate Christian McCaffrey

    I hope McCaffrey can have another great year and claim the Heisman trophy he was robbed of this year. Hopefully he hasn't peaked too early in his college career. A couple of things have me concerned. First his ability to do it all may get him injured from being overused. Second he will be...
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    Heisman Trophy Candidate Christian McCaffrey

    Too bad McCaffrey didn't win it he was certainly deserving. I saw many posts on the intranet saying he was robbed. Most are attributing it to an SEC and East Coast bias rather than a racial bias. I however think there is a racial basis that creeps into the thinking of the voters in that if a...
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    Toby Gerhart

    I hope he gets a fair shot at the starting role. I was really disappointed last year to see him have such a mediocre season. I think that hurt the few white draft able running backs this year. If he had a really good year it might have opened some eyes. I think he has a major uphill battle to...
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    2015 French Open

    I think white people have to be the dumbest people on the planet with no sense of self pride. I would bet you if Serena Williams was playing a white French women tennis player the black french people watching the match would be openly routing for Serena.
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    2015 French Open

    I watched most of the French open on replay on ESPN watch. They didn't have any commentor just had the cameras and sounds from the players and crowd. I can't tell you how pleasant it was to watch a sporting event without some annoying commentor telling me what is going on in the match. I think...