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    Eric Weddle in the NFL

    Eric Weddle article that breaks down the battle for starting strong safety. "In San Diego, Weddle will be asked to play but two positions. On running downs, he will be an in-the-box safety; in obvious passing situations, he will slide outside and serve as a cornerback, matching up against the...
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    Jack del Rio wanted Quinn?

    But Leftwich is "durable" ie. an injury prone black QB.
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    Mike Alstott information

    I remember when Mike came out of college he only weighed around 205.
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    Class of 2008 Running Backs

    Dune Coon, Rag Head, Sand N!ggers, Dirka Dirka's. Ever since 9/11, I have no respect for Middle Easterners in general, but that's another thread.
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    Class of 2008 Running Backs

    If the guys didn't have pictures, I didn't list em. I saw a few non-blacks, but I'm surely not going to list the dune coons in the "White RB" thread. If I missed 30 or 40 guys, why not post the list? Take initative.Edited by: White Mike
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    Class of 2008 Running Backs

    Article about Austin Deck By Bill Hicks BroncoCountry Recruiting Reporter Posted May 30, 2007 And some foolishly thought Jerome Bettis had retired from football. What actually happened is he has disguised himself as a running back from Meridian, Idaho named Austin Deck; whose...
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    White Defensive Player

    "Kilmer flashed his raw athleticism and instincts" I like that part. Great find backrow.
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    Brian Leonard 23

    Great points Jaxvid. In years past (and with most teams) that has happend, but Linehan is really high on Leonard and will give him as much of a chance as anyone. If something happens to Jackson, injury, lack of production, whatever, Leonard will get his time to shine, and you can quote me on that.
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    Vick smuggling dope?

    Screw the Falcons. They shafted Schaub. Atlanta should of used Ron Mexico like the Saints use Reggin Bush.
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    Fantasy Football Openings

    I'll lay 10 to 1 Brian Leonard and Matt Jones are off the board in RD 1!
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    The Rise of the Duke Lacrosse Team

    Very nice article. Eye opening to say the very least.
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    White Defensive Player

    An interesting article about Stewart Bradley (LB of out Nebraska) starting for the Eagles next year. Good Luck Stewie.
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    Brian Leonard 23

    Nice little Brian Leonard article "This is less a problem for teams with a more clearly-defined powerback and scatback, like the Saints or Jaguars, but the Rams have two guys with similar skillsets."
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    A Look at NFL Defensive Linemen (...)

    Tim Shaw is not listed either. Great articles though Kevin.
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    RB - Sam McGuffie

    Exellent point jaxvid. Sam is just a product of the "MTV Generation". You figure he works out with the black kids during RB drills at practice and combines. "N*gga" is a term of endearment amongst blacks, and IMO when the black kids call Sam "N*gga" they are showing that they accept him. I...
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    Google Suggest (You must see this)

    No prob cslewis. It makes me sick how google would filter out the black results just to please the NAACP. Yet if you want to insult my people it's totally acceptable. On a side note, someone should create a new NAACP, Non Africans Against Colored People.
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    Glad you guys like the page.
  18. W I set this page up a few months back with permission from Don. I'm prepairing to leave for a few months to spread God's word. Is there anyone who would be interested in running it for me? Nothing difficult, just post the occasional bulletin, and add friends as...
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    Favrre wants Moss

    I'm not denying Favre still has it. I was just answering your question.
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    Favorite League

    Try 16.
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    Favrre wants Moss

    Hanging around to break Marino's record.
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    Dirk wins the MVP

    And Steven was runner up.
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    Google Suggest (You must see this)

    Google suggest is a feature that will "fill in the blanks" for you. I did a "racism" search and found this : Try this link google suggest. Try entering a "black people are" and see what comes up. Nothing. Google has placed a filter on it. Now try entering "white people are" and...
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    Brian Leonard 23

    I'm stoaked Carriker ended up where he did. Linehan is shapping up to be one of the most pro-white coaches in the league. Holt and Bruce are nearing the end of their careers, Drew should be starting WR sooner than later.
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    Article about David Ball(Bears tryout)

    Hester has came out and said that he doesn't want to play offence. Did anyone think Ball was actually going to get a fair shot? This is the same Lovie Smith who called Brock Forsey a team manager. IMO Smith saw potential in David and had to do anything he could to keep the white man down...