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    2020 NFL Draft

    Baltimore will definitely go black.
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    2020 NFL Draft

    The only reason I am watching now is to see if a 3rd Caucasian gets picked before the end. I don’t think it’s going to happen.
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    2017 NFL Draft

    Listening to the experts on sports radio today heaping praise on a slot receiver or KR. Unbeleivable (well, not really). I did hear Greg Cosell saying that Mac would be a great primary back for an offense like Green Bays where they typically operate out of a shotgun or pistol...
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    NFL Preseason 2015

    winston network? Is it just me, or does ESPN have an I inordinate love affair with Winston? Every time I look up at a break in the play, they show that moon face on the screen.
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    White Starters - 2014 NFL Season

    Looks like I will be a NE and GB fan this year. Not much to root for on defenses.
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    NFL 2013-14 Playoff thread

    The thought of Cam Newton "flying" his superman act around the Superbowl nauseates me to no end. I really don't think I could watch the game if I had to see that punk-ass with the room brightening smile "pull open his suit." I'd take any of the other 3 but not the Panthers. Lets hope the...
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    2013 NFL Week 13

    friend of mine and I usually go to a local dive and watch MNF if we like the matchups. I thought the Saints would give Seattle a better run for it. He postulated a Carolina/Seattle NFC playoff. I thought I would go screaming into the night. I will not watch the SB if one of these two teams...
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    2013 NFL Season Week 11

    As crappy a call that last one was if you are a Pats fan (I am), the Pats lost this game on 3 turnovers, Talibs idiocy, DB mistakes, and piss-poor tackling. That turnover in the red-zone was the nail in the coffin. Lets hope the Pats light the Broncos up next week and the Fins whup the hell...
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    2013 College Football Season Week 12

    That idiot #7 Montgomery on Stanford single handedly lost that game for them. Dropped 5 passes, caused an interception, and muffed that last kick return.
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    2013 NFL Season Week 5

    The Jets next games are against Pittsburgh, Patriots, Bengals and the Saints. 3 of those teams will win. The Steelers are going to be coming in pissed off to no end, methinks. I would like to see the Jets destroyed in all 4 games, and I cannot stand the Saints and the Steelers.
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    2013 NFL Season Week 2

    You would think the Pats would at least utilize the FB and the TE's more? They are keying on Edelman, knowing that Tompkins and Dobson can't hold on to it. Turned into a punting contest. If GS wins this game, Mayock and this other idiot are going to be smoking his pole for the whole next week.
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    Johnny Manziel

    Going for Manziel on this one. Alabama has their dynasty already. I want to see JM kick one up ESPN's ass. If Manziel beats the Tide, think of the damper it would put on the lusty, foaming adulatiion Sports Media has for the latest crop of black super QB's. They will have to deal with Manziel...
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    Danny Woodhead

    Another positive article on Danny W. "“I can’t wait to see him in games,â€￾ said Chargers safety Eric Weddle, who’s become fast friends with Woodhead. “He’s so hard to deal with in the running game...
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    Riley Cooper

    If he doesn't get killed in the locker or the field, his career is done. The Main Scream Media will ride this horse into the ground. :icon_sad:
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    The Bible series (on history channel)

    Actually kind of surprised that "Vikings" doesn't have its own thread. I am even more surprised that there is a main-stream show allowing white people to be bad-asses. Still shaking my head over that one. Even my teenager commented on it. Still, as the series goes on, I'm sure we'll see...
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    Nfl vs Tebow

    I know this is going to sound crazy, but ever since I first heard of Denver wanting to get rid this kid, for some reason I saw him in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform. I don't know why exactly, but maybe I see his game as something that would fit there. That said, he may be better off back in...
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    Super Bowl 47

    Yes it has. Trent Dilfer.
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    Another ESPN jerk

    Apparently, Robert Griffin 3 isn't "black enough" I am laughing my ass off at these idiots. "Nobody will ever mistake ESPN's "First Take" show with anything remotely...
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    NFL Week 14

    I don't think Woodhead got another touch in that game. I noticed that Vereen or whomever fumbled it on the goal line where it was luckily covered by Hernandez, got another 20 touches or so it seemed.
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    2012 NFL Week 11

    Fellas, I don't post here too much, but have been around for a number of years. Pretty much agree with the arguments that there is an institutionalized caste system in college and NFL and to a large degree in HS sports. With that said, I have to say something about Kaepernick here. I...
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    2012 NFL Week 11

    Didn't get to see the game but caught some of the interview later with Spiller. Damn, what with all the lovin' and huggin' on Spiller going on, I was about to send my kid out of the room! I thought ole Michael Irvin and Mooch were going to make a sammich out of their hero:faint2: Ole Mikey was...
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    2012 NFL Week 3

    Dear God but now we have to listen to the talking heads tell us what a phenomenon Wilson is. This crap is unwatchable anymore.
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    2012 NFL Week 2

    Patriots had better get their crap together soon. It's almost painful to watch. can't figure why they aren't giving Welker any targets. Obviously hes the only receiver that is producing today. Agree with those that are confused with the run game. Passing has always been the Pats game.
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    2012 NFL Week 1

    Man, I got to tell y'all that I'm sick to death of the relentless Griffin the tird-bird love out there. Glad to see Newton get picked and beat today...even by one of the top 5 NFL Media love children Josh Freeman. Hey, as bad as this Sunday was for "our side" at least the Broncos won. I...
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    NFL Draft 2012

    RG III proposed to his mudshark Found the pic on Seems some of his bruthas are assed up he didn't find some nice sista to hook up with. :pound: