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  1. Ambrose

    Post Covaids, Post Ukrainia-Russia Cycle, Cyber Attack Incoming?

    For the past twenty years we were warned in many ways, both implicitly and explicitly, by the highest order of international organized criminals, that they were going to execute a plandemic. And they did it. We have been warned and shown for the past ten years that the Russian Federation will...
  2. Ambrose

    For Those Who Still Play The Trumpet

    This is how out of tune the instrument is:
  3. Ambrose

    Victory! Victory! Victory! The Scamdemic End is Nigh!

    The man below being interviewed is from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. He was issued a Covid-19-related ticket of $1200.00 and demanded a trial. He got one! In his defense he required the evidence that the virus allegedly causing Covid-19 was isolated and purifed be produced. No such evidence...
  4. Ambrose

    Vaxx Attack

    The unseen swine calling themselves the "Federal Government" have cobbled together small groups of Covidwitnesses to come-a-calling on your door seeking more converts. Here's what to do if they come for you: 1) Take a look who it is either good guy or bad guy. If bad guy don't open the door...
  5. Ambrose

    Inherent White Greatness

    If the video below does not draw any emotion or inspiration out of you what will? Here this remarkable 7 year old boy swam to shore for an hour to save his family. He did this without a flotation device! How many adults would have drunk themselves to death with water in the same position as this...
  6. Ambrose

    R E M E M B E R

    Enjoy (it is less than 2 minutes):
  7. Ambrose

    All White Super Fight Alvarez Vs Saunders

    All White Super Fight Alvarez Vs Saunders Alvarez is called a “Mexican”. Mexicans are not a race but a group of people that form a country. Saunders calls himself a “Traveler”. A Traveler is not a race but a life choice. Our eyes do not deceive us, these two fighters are White. Man vs. Man...
  8. Ambrose

    We Must Stand By Trump Now More Than Ever

    For all that Trump has gone through these past four years, and putting his family through the same, we can stand by Trump now, after he has pledged his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor to America. No other man has attempted what he did in our lifetimes. If some of you are despondent...
  9. Ambrose

    PC Police Find Whopping Race Gap In Professional Sports

    I don't watch football, and admittedly know very little of it. My eyes, however, are quite strong and see quite well and accurately, and what I see in football is mostly Blacks running around. So, the article below came as a surprise to me. As this has become almost exclusively a football site...
  10. Ambrose

    Tom Brady, White Supremacy, White Privilege = Sour Jewish Whine

    If there ever was an article tailor-made for this site, this is it. These left wing Jewish academics are really going insane now. Prof Blasts Tom Brady's "White Male Omnipotence" For "Buttressing American White Supremacy" by Tyler Durden Thu, 09/26/2019 - 15:05 0 SHARES Authored by Celine...
  11. Ambrose

    The Message the Move the Medium

    If you really want to move your cause, instead of merely writing to each other, maybe you ought to try cross linking to other personalities, channels, and platforms. Here is a well known youtuber called RAMZPAUL talking about the patriots and their whiteness. His points are in part correct and...
  12. Ambrose

    Images We Enjoy Viewing

    No words on this thread save this introduction. Please post only favorable images that make us smile. Russian long jumper Darya Klishina:
  13. Ambrose


    Blaziken EX 27 People have gotten so dumb they don't even have brains anymore
  14. Ambrose

    White Boxer of the Year 2017 [Poll]

    The finest group of elites of any race. Don't quibble about purity -please.
  15. Ambrose

    Football, Globalism, Bankers, CFL, White & Black Athletes, and More...

    Canadian Football Brainwashes Fans in Globalist Agenda August 20, 2017 CFL quota system is affirmative action for white males. In an insidious campaign of social engineering, the Canadian Football League is actively promoting "diversity." Yet, the league has a racist and nationalist quota...
  16. Ambrose

    White Man Asian Woman (WMAF) is...

    ... Self-esteem Weakness Glued Together with Racial Jealously and Bitter Envy Good insights of these relationships in video.
  17. Ambrose

    Wladimir Klitschko Retires

    Wladimir Klitschko retires from boxing to end chances of Anthony Joshua rematch A re-match with Joshua had been discussed for this autumn. Joshua's agents were trying...
  18. Ambrose

    Black Attitude

    Man, it seems everywhere we go some black is acting like a spoiled belligerent, aggressively trespassing without want of forgiveness. There are so many daily examples this behavior has become common. In the video below the black woman parks her car on an angle preventing the white women from...
  19. Ambrose

    "We don't tip white ppl, LOL"

    A waiter of the diarrhea restaurant called Mexican Grill & Cantina (Memphis) got this written on a bill he put to some customer: That's what a man gets for working for a foreign styled outfit. He's probably so unaware of the race war going on he was shocked by this.
  20. Ambrose

    Jack Dempsey's Grandson Explains Shortage of White Boxers [in America]

    LOL! In case you didn't know, Josh Dempsey (6',5) is a MMA fighter/boxer. Have written on this site for years of the two main reasons, and good to see it said honestly instead of the old stream media's usual lies. 1) Parents don't want their kids getting hit in the head. 2) No boxing gyms in...
  21. Ambrose

    White Americana 2017

    Just a start. We can post so much more. Anything American whites do well and do in numbers. This is a fun vid.:
  22. Ambrose

    Televison, Radio, "Broadcasting" Media

    Look, for the stupos that don't know yet, Marlowe will show you: Lying Liberal Jewish Media Now In Freefall By Phillip Marlowe Now that the phony Russian “kookspiracy” has fallen apart at the seams — after months and months of pretend outrage — everybody is talking about the totally...
  23. Ambrose

    NRA is for Libertarians

    As most here, save a few squeamish squirrels, hold what is commonly known as "libertarian" views, this video is a good, brief, summary of America during the Presidential election and since. Why we support the NRA (this woman could be a castefootballer):
  24. Ambrose

    Where Have All the White Players Gone?

    A good video in some respects. At least the kid was aware of the discrimination and openly spoke about it.
  25. Ambrose

    Men These Days

    This thread is not limited to this first post example so post come what may. Saw this video of boys being told they could not wear shorts to school during a heat wave so their parents dressed them up in skirts. This is an example of the effeminization of men in what is commonly known as...