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    We want your opinion...

    As long as it matches ours. ia-answered-her-question-lost-her-the-crown/21528?nc So miss california lost the title because she didn't say she approved of gay marriage. Why ask the 'why or why not' part of the question? Why not...
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    Ridiculous tv show

    I was watching a tv show on Spike (the only good thing on that channel is UFC) called Deadliest Warrior or something. Anyway, it supposedly scientifically (yeah right) matches warriors from different eras against each other. Today was the first episode; Apache vs Galdiator. Guess who won...
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    Mike Brown is a tough dude

    On the live WEC card tonight, Mike Brown destroyed the highly hpyed Leonard Garcia in the first round. I think he's going to beat Faber again in the rematch.
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    Price and Wilson go pro

    British Super Heavyweight David Price, who did very well in this past Olympics in China, and American Mike Wilson (beat Travis Kaufmann in the amateurs) are both going pro! Price is big (6'8), and pretty good overall. He's been stopped as an amateur, so hopefully as a pro he can get some...
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    R.I.P. Ingemar Johansson

    Fightnews reports that great Swedish born Heavyweight Champion Ingemar Johansson died last night. Very, very sad news, he was one of my favorite fighters. A true champion, he will be missed.
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    Matt Light vs. Channing Crowder

    Did anyone see the "fight" between Matt Light of the Patriots and Channing Crowder of the Dolphins? Once again, a black player lost control when his team was losing (watch any Ravens loss) and he pulled Matt Light's head down. Crowder lost his helmet, and Light got up swinging, grabbing on to...
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    Not enough black coaches...again

    From ESPN Just the typical read on how too few black coaches there are (also states 54% of NCAA players are non-white, yet no one complains about that). The usual. What's interesting, is down at the bottom, the comments that fans made about the article. Seems to be a lot of intelligent...
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    Kessler-Hopkins in the works?

    There's a post on boxrec stating that a Danish paper (BT) has reported that Kessler and Hopkins have agreed to a fight. Of course it's all rumor and speculation right now, but I see it as a very real possiblity. Kessler has been considering a move up to Light Heavyweight for a while now. I...
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    Ever see World Without End?

    World Without End is one of the favorite movies of my dad and I. It's a science fiction movie from 1956. The movie centers around 4 astronauts who return to earth to find that they have encountered a time displacement in space. It is centuries in the future, and the earth has been destroyed...
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    Who do MMA fighters vote for?

    Here's an interesting article from Sherdog on who MMA fighters are voting for, and why: dential-election-15037 Kind of gives an interesting perspective on some different things.
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    How many punches can you throw per second

    Joe Calzaghe can throw 9! At the above website, which is selling a heavybag that can be connected to software that gives feedback, it reports that Joe Calzaghe threw an incredible 1,636 punches over a 3 minute period. These are not full punches...
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    Interesting Potential Heavyweight

    I don't know how many of you on the boxing forum follow the World's Strongest Man contest, but the ltest white Heavyweight may be coming from it's ranks. On, it was reported that 22 year old Norwegian strongman Arild "The Hulk" Haugen has decided to become a pro boxer in 2009. Here...
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    Media Waking Up?

    Here is a great aricle I found on Yahoo. While it's not perfect, it's much better than the useless trash usually put out by the boxing media. Eastern European Boxing
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    Those Great African Heavyweights

    Following Peter's loss to Vitali, I thought it would be appropriate to look at some real African Warriors. Gerrie Coetzee is one of my favorites, he had really fast hands, was a very good counterpuncher, and one of the top Heavyweights of his day. It's really too bad a bout with Holmes never...
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    You might like this

    I don't follow basketball at all except for a few white players I'm familiar with, but I thought you guys might like this: Video A white English street-baller outclasses NBA player Devin Harris. This comes after Lebron loses a game of HORSE to a white fan as well.
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    White Heavyweights

    As we all know, white heavyweights are dominating the division. I thought it would be good if we could have a list of white heavyweights, with links to their records and info. That way, we can keep track of who's fighting, and when, and if anyone new turns pro. I think I've got most of the...
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    We’re all Americans...right?

    NBA Player disses anthem Let's see how much the media plays this up. You know it never fails to amaze me how things like this, Michelle Obama's proud of America comment and others get brushed aside so quickly. My question to Howard is this; why do you live here if you don't celebrate this...
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    Interesting new movie

    Not sure if this will be coming out in the US or not, but there is a new movie entitled "Risen" coming out in the UK sometime this year. Risen It's about Welsh featherweight champion Howard Winstone. Looks like it should be another good movie about a white fighter in the mold of Cinderella...
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    R.I.P. Evan Tanner

    Very sad news that former UFC middleweight champ Evan Tanner died in the desert at age 37. Article RIP He was a very entertaining fighter. So sad to see he died.
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    Finnish folk/viking metal band Turisas is one of my favorite bands. Finland seems to be producing the best music these days, and gives you some great songs to listen to instead of that same rap/hip hop you hear coming out of everyones cars these days. Turisas has a concept album out called...
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    Dual Citizenship

    I have a question for any of the more knowledgeable posters here. My mother is Scottish and a British Citizen by birth. My father is American. I myself was born in the good ol' USA, but have always considered myself a dual citizen. My mom recently became a US citizen, but did not need to give up...
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    Boxing- How it got where it is now

    I'm sure that most of us know boxing's 'roots'. Names like Jeffries, Dempsey, Tunney, and Marciano are all familiar to us. After Johansson's brief reign in 1959, the white heavyweight almost became a thing of the past. From 1960 on, there was usually one decent white heavyweight contender, but...
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    Obnoxious Tourists

    From Yahoo Despite the fact France finished third to last, the article quickly digresses into a typical media hate fest for the French. Of course the Indians and Chinese were totally skipped over. This is one of the few "surveys" I've ever seen that focuses on who finished "third to last"
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    The Hyland Brothers

    The Hyland brothers fight out of Dublin, Ireland. They were highly successful amateurs, winning 19 all-Ireland titles, and 20 Dublin titles between the three of them. Eddie Patrick Paul With their amateur success, these three may be able to add to white boxing in the lower weight...
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    Good Turkish Card on Friday

    There's a pretty good fight card in Turkey on Friday. The main event features Sinan Samil Sam vs. Paolo Vidoz of Italy. I'm hoping for Vidoz to win, but it will be tough. Also, The Albanian Tyson Nuri Seferi fights Herbie Hide. I, unfortunately, don't feel Seferi has much of a chance, but I...