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    OFs at Fututre Games

    The Future Games on July 10 feature up and coming outfielders worth noting. Bryce Harper will be there and he gets the most press but three guys interest me most. Mike Trout is being touted as as an all around budding star with great speed and everything else. Love to see him and Borjous in the...
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    6-6 Alex Caruso Class of 2012

    Rising very fast after play at Pangos he has a 40 inch vertical great lean athletic ability and can shoot and pass. Star in the making.
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    Mario Hezonja

    Young player slated for 2013 draft. 6-6" Croatian with a lot of early buzz. Quick and and can really leap. Looks to be the next big thing out of Europe.
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    Chris Herren book

    A great combo guard prospect from Mass during the 90's he is best known for playing at Fresno State but drug addiction ruined any long term career. He did make it to the NBA but his career stalled. Upsetting book because he had so much talent and looked to be a high draft pick at one time. Think...
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    Blake Webb

    WR class of 2012 ran fastest time at recent Houston combine 4.43. Runs track and has blazing speed . Highly recruited. 6 ft-172lbs.
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    Benjamin knauf

    4.33 40 fastest time at recent camp 2012
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    Taylor Hall # 1 Draft Pick

    He looks like Chipper Jones. Edmonton Oilers drafted him #1 in recent NHL Draft. Great great speed and power and is being compared to Pavel Bure. Nuff said!!!!
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    2011 speed

    We know about Wesly Leftwich and his blazing speed. Oleg Parent a kicker out of Cal runs a 4.27 40!! also Colten Connor out of TX WR runs a 4.40. And Stve Schmitt--can someone check to see if he is white? runs a 4.39. White Germanic name. Nick Stoner 4.4 --Ben Muff out of Neb--some name--runs a...
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    High School track meets

    The 2 big indoor meets Nike and Ncis are done. John Drabik finished 2nd in 60. Kyle Plante, a girl won the 200 at nike. Brady Gehret won the 400.Dwayne Golbek and Taylor Burke ,girl ,won the HJ. And a triple jump winner in girls and some pentathle winners too Gunner Nixon etc.
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    Aaron Lindgren

    WR/CB out of Ohio. Ran second fastest 40 at recent big name camp 4.47 Class of 2011.
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    Mac All american

    Not one white. This is the ugly trend. The only good thing is we won't have to hear about the "athletic " difference. And of course I am not watching it.
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    SI article on white RBs

    Phil Taylor on last page discusses lack of white rbs. He is not known for sticking his neck out at all but this is a good article. Also Doug Gottlieb blasted Duke BB for being ulta unathletic. ESPN is the real culprit for nuturing this anti white a-hole all these years. One of many sports...
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    High School speedsters 2010 draft

    At the recent National Showcase, the biggest camp of the year with all the top players it was a great year for white runners. In fact Mitchell Shiflett a sprinter out of VA ran the fastest ever 60 yard dash at a mind numbing 6.11 seconds. No that is not a misprint. This beat the old record by...
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    Wimbledon 2009

    Sorry Poacher I hope you don't mind--your post referring to Nadal pulling out--I just wanted to get a fresh start for 09 so I moved Wimbledon coverage with an 09 headline. Wimbledon is generally my favorite sporting event of the year. And history could be in the making?????? Stay tuned.
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    Kurt Fleming

    Not sure if this guy is football, track or baseball but he is unreal fast, participates in all three. St. Christophers VA calss of 2010-6-1 205.
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    Next Kirk Gibson?

    From Michigan class of 2011 Cory Noeker 6-3 190 according to runs a blistering 4.25 40. This is the kind of stuff I love to see. He is a track athlete but I would prefer the football route. He is listed as a QB first--and TB. Love to see this dude running the option.
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    Tommy Heinsohn and Mike Gorman

    Celtics announcers.These two a-holes are the world's worst white haters . They are flat out sadistic. They praise black speed leaping etc to the rafters and make fun of white players like crazy. Never ever heard of an athletic white player. These two are a disgrace but I have discovered a trend...
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    James McCaffery

    Speed demon with good size WR out of MA class of 2010.
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    CF Brett Gardner

    Gardner has been named starting CF for the Yankees. His success would go a long way in puncturing the same ole since he plays for most high profile team in USA sports. Gardner is probably the fastest player in MLB and well that means he is likely the fastest athlete playing major league sports...
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    Hayden Pierce

    Ran fastest 40 in recent combine 4.43. Is a CB/WR 6-2 170 can fly like the devil. Class of 2009 CA.
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    Nick Massey

    Athlete out of AZ 2010 ran a blistering 4.39 recently at a camp.5'10 185
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    Blacks 60 Whites 0

    Yes that was the real score of the Duke- North Carolina game. 60 times or more Vitale and his play by play partner in crime referred to black speed (Ty Lawson, Gerald Henderson etc)..and leaping ability and done with breathless exuberance. Not once in the entire game was a white player credited...
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    Gordon Hayward

    Frosh 6'8" SF from Butler and teammate of very good soph C Matt Howard. Hayward is off to a terrific start and is coming off a solid game vs. Xavier last night. Butler pulled the upset. Was a very good HS tennis player which gives you an idea of what kind of athlete he is--has excellent all...
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    A few underclassmen names

    Daniel Manning-2010 CB 4.4 speed AL Matt Luetjen-2011 WR/ATH 4.48 speed OK Collin Hochberg -2010 QB/ATH 4.42 speed MI David Glidden -2011 WR 4.4 speed OK Jimmy Giansante -2010 WR Speedster-PA-Team won state championship!
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    Lee Cummard

    One of our faves scored career high 36 to lead BYU past Long Beach State in season opener.. Also grabbed 11 boards.