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    Boxingscene: A racist Black Privilege website?

    I stopped posting there a while back. I just read the articles now, but every once in a while I'll go to the forum & see the comments/threads and I'm reminded why I don't go there anymore. A very lumpenprole type demographic.
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    Super Bowl L

    Professor Carroll has spoken :D He did two videos titled "Why Black QBs can't win the Super Bowl" before the game. It rustled some jimmies as you can imagine. Here he is gloating :D
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    Sergey Kovalev VS Bernard Hopkins is on!

    I've seen the ref a few times. He's always done a good job. Works mainly in the Northeast.
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    Vasily Lepikhin

    I caught this fight from the 5th round on. Jackson put up a better fight than most expected. NBCSN commentator BJ Flores is the quintessential DWF. BJ always seems giddy when an afflete wins a round over a European fighter. Believe it or not, I'd rather hear Teddy Atlas.
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    Sergey Kovalev VS Bernard Hopkins is on!

    The :alien: got beat down!
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    Study finds white people associate superhuman words with black people

    That's funny because just a few years ago, a study showed Whites had quite a different outlook on negroes :heh: I personally don't believe either "study." They're just looking for "racism" or ways to...
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    Rules issued to the Ferguson, MO police

    St Louis cop tells citizens to get a gun.
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    Sergey Kovalev VS Bernard Hopkins is on!

    My prediction: Kovalev in 8. If Sergey gets off to a good start, you can bet Hopkins will start his usual theatrics (faking fouls etc).
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    Matvey Korobov

    Korobov-Saunders back in play. Another Russian ducked by an afflete.
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    First diagnosed case of Ebola in the U.S.

    Yep. Saw this on Drudge. It's from Farrakoon.
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    Sergey Derevyanchenko

    From Fightnews. Sergiy fought a late sub. :thumbsup:
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    Sergey Derevyanchenko

    :bump2: He fights Ghanaian Laatekwei Hammond 21-7 (14) tonight in California.
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    Tomasz Adamek

    My old thread still going strong :biggrin: I favor Adamek over Szpilka, to be honest.
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    Whites doing well in Olympic boxing

    Number 1 seed Ievgen Khytrov from Ukraine was robbed against black Brit Anthony Agogo :mad: The score was tied 18-18. The judges then awarded the fight to Agogo after a countback. He's the second black Brit to get a "gift" decision. The first was Anthony Joshua who lost all three rounds to...
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    Denis Grachev!
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    Denis Grachev

    Big upset! Sillakh was an 11 to 1 favorite. Isn't it funny how the DWFs were raving about this "Ukrainian" but not the others. I wonder why :afro:
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    Zaurbek Baysangurov

    Zaurbek will face Michael Soro 18-0 (11) on May 12th. In his last fight, Terrorists were planning on blowing up the ring in an attempt to kill Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov. You can read about it here:
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    Karoly Balzsay

    Balzsay-vs-Sartison was great fight! I think it will hold up as a fight of the year candidate. Video of the stoppage
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    Gabor Veto

    Yesterday he stopped former world title challenger Justin Juuko in the second round. Veto improves to 28-0 with 22 knockouts.
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    Karoly Balzsay

    Karoly will defend his WBA belt against Dimitri Sartison 29-1 (18) on April 21 in Germany. Title winning fight against Ukrainian Stanyslav Kashtanov
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    Sergiy Dzinziruk It looks like Dzinziruk will face negro Austin Trout who holds the WBA title in late August on HBO. Promotional issues have hurt the talented Ukrainian. He's only fought...
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    Lukas Konecny Video of the finish
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    Denis Lebedev

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    Denis Lebedev

    Lebedev wins by KO in the 2nd round. Denis landed a beautiful straight left and that was all she wrote.
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    Sasha Bakhtin

    From Fightnews: Unbeaten WBA #5 super bantamweight Alexander Bakhtin (29-0, 11 KOs) outpointed WBA #11 Nehomar Cermeno (20-5-1, 12 KOs) over twelve one-sided rounds in a clash for the vacant WBA International title. Scores were 119-109, 117-111, 119-109. Cermeno, a former WBA interim...