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    Anyone who watched him "crush it" in preseason... LMAO!

    Black players who crush it in preseason get every chance in the world at playing time in the regular season. Just look at the case of Russell Wilson "3rd round pick" who came in after the high payroll signing of Matt Flynn. Or look at Colin Kaepernick who crushed it in preseason and questionably...
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    Chip Kelly vs. Jim Harbaugh: two case studies.

    Here are two different cases of coaches that jumped from the college ranks to the NFL. 1. Chip Kelly FBS, Oregon: He had a black dominated team, but always had some white players who were key cogs to the Ducks success ie. Casey Matthews, Jeff Maehl etc. Usually had one white WR in the rotation...
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    Trent Richardson, 71st best NFL player and top 10 NFL RB... LMAO!

    Hillis runs for 4.4 YPC and 1170 yards in 2011(has a similar receiving year to Richardson 2 years later) and doesn't get a sniff of the top 100 NFL players. In an injury plagued season where Holmgren was hell bent on not giving Hillis the contract he deserved and the media is trying to bring...
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    White Outside WRs

    It looks like Decker, as well as Jordy, are going to get shots to play as outside WRs. The Packers drafted Randall Cobb who looked very explosive this preseason as a returner and to provide that short area explosion that can be effective in the slot. Here is a list of the 27 white WRs currently...
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    White Purge 2011

    Well, the proud black Panther Hatie Smith- and coward GM Jerry "Bungholo" Angelo- start the annual white purge, as perusual, with the cutting of a white RB (this time: Dan Dierking). It's now close to a shoe in- that "Northern and Foreign" Andy Fantuz will soon follow. Looking at the Bears 1st...
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    Predict Danny Woodhead's 2011 Production

    This should be fun: Danny Woodhead is in an ideal situation with the Patriots to be a brilliantly efficient back. He gets opportunities to make guys miss in space with his burst, speed and agility. I agree with snow that Woodhead is more like Marshall Faulk than Kevin Faulk. If I was going to...
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    Predict Hillis' 2011 Production

    We all know that Weenieworld, that Grossi writer and even Holmgren have stated Hillis was overworked in 2010, which I disagree with. Hillis was no more overworked than MJD, who by virtue of the violence of football battled some unlucky lingering injuries toward the end of the 2010 season (as...
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    Eric Gerber RB '11, Recruiting Progress?

    Take a close look at this incredible white scatbacks highlights! His name is Eric Gerber from Lake Forest H.S in Illinois: He looks like a blend between Danny Woodhead, Noel Devine, Nile Knapp and Barry Sanders! If...
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    Greg Salas

    I know some of you guys don't consider him white b/c he probably has a little Amero-Indian blood in him (or is it Hawaiian?). I don't see why not. He's mostly white and isn't a beneficiary of the caste system like part blacks or the darker Polynesians are. I think he's best suited to be a #2...
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    Vote for Hilllis, Woodhead for Madden '12 Cover!

    Follow this link to vote for Hillis and Wooodhead for the Madden Cover! Today is the last day of voting for the first round. I don't know if I want to see either go all the way to victory though b/c of the Madden cover curse. Madden Cover Brackets!Edited by: ToughJ.Riggins
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    2010 Week 7

    It should be a good week. Hopefully Woodhead will be used even more this week- and hopefully Peyton Hillis is getting fully healthy and will dominate against the Super Bowl champs (who's run D isn't stellar). Anyone got a live stream for the Browns-Saints game?
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    White Purge 2010

    Notable white offensive skill players cleansed before final cut down: Chris McGaha (Jacksonville) Black Del Rio cuts a guy I had ranked as a third round talent before training camp even starts- when their receiving corps is nothing to write home about. McGaha is a big framed WR with some solid...
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    Tim Toone

    Rookie Tim Toone out of Weber State has some legit potential IMO. I have seen footage of him dominating in big games for WSU on Youtube. He looks quick in and out of his breaks, can make guys miss after the catch, has good hands and field awareneness- and has very adequate top end speed. What do...
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    2013: The Year of the White RB?

    2013, the Year of the White RB! I'm not going to be blind enough to say that NFLdraftscout is completely fair. And as I've said, the graduating H.S class rankings they come out with every year look very much like Rivals, (so their site appears to be lazy and biased enough to copy Rivals...
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    Jake Sharp (Best Undrafted RB)

    See a concurrent theme here: Let's face it guys, Sharp will not make this team. He doesn't even have a FA deal with them yet, it's only a camp invite. Hatie and his stupid team- have a knack for getting the best, vastly underrated, late round or undrafted skill players (who always happen to...
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    Zach Langer RB 2011

    Zach Langer RB, Jenks H.S Oklahoma. I didn't see a thread for him yet. This kid might be my favourite RB prospect from 2011. He seems to have great instincts, a good burst, he's a cutting cannon and he displays power too. He could end up being very good. He plays in Division 6A, Offer from...
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    Ranking the top White H.S RB Highlight Videos

    Ranking the highlight films: I'm going to play Rivals scout here- I'll rank as many white RBs as I can rank fairly before my eminent firing comes for being an honest well meaning person with no hate in my heart- I'd have no chance to last long there in that cesspool of hate. A 6.1 rating means...
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    The Bears are NUTS!

    First they cut Eric Peterman to keep Rashied Davis and Devin Aromashodu, which was the most caste move of the year IMO for any team- other than the RACIST NUTJOB stuff going on in Denver. Now they sign scrub RB Kahlil Bell off their practice squad. O.k where am I going here, he made a 72 yard...
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    New Strategy on Fighting the CS

    I think it's time we bring this fight to mainstream message boards. We need volunteers to flood Bronco's message boards to use statistics and the fact that Denver had a 100% win percentage with Hillis last year too, to show he's getting screwed. I also think it's a perfect time to hit the...
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    A Look at the '09-'10 NBA by the Numbers

    A Look at the NBA for the '09-'10 Season: I have created a grading scale (as related to fairness to white ballers). This is how the grading criteria is derived: We are approximately a 75% white country. Teams carry 13-15 roster players. Despite the fact that basketball is HUGE in the black...
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    Vick Signs Endorsement Deal With Nike Already

    This is enough to make me sick. The dog torturer/killer (just like that) has been resigned by "black power" Nike to an endorsement deal already, after his first game back in the league. Nike could have signed spectacular QB Drew Brees (he's been the best QB in the league this year) to a big...
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    Tyler Thigpen Traded to Miami

    Athletic white QB Tyler Thigpen has been traded to Miami by Kansas City for an undisclosed draft pick. I think the Dolphins plan on using Thigpen a lot this season now that Pennington is injured. Henne is inexperienced and struggled this week filling in for Pennington. The Dolphins are good...
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    Need Help Finding Racist Quote on Welker

    I remember when the Patriots signed Welker (after he was originally cut by the Chargers prior to Saban wanting to cut him in favor of Marcus Vick going into his second year in Miami. Yes, this was despite playing well...Welker would then go on to break out in his second year in Miami) some clown...
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    18 White WRs After Final Cuts

    Just bringing a little optimism (I should change my name to Paula Ann lol). I count 18 white WRs in the NFL on opening rosters. That means if you average it out, more teams have a white WR than not. Does anyone remember how many white WRs there were last season? Wasn't it 14 or 16 or something...
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    Rex Burkhead- RB- Nebraska

    This kid is going to be a star. He's so good even caste wacko Rivals couldn't leave him off their 250 list. Rivals' scout Jeremy Crabtree said- on a small channel radio appearance in in the Dallas area when pressed on Rex's late rise in the rankings- that Rex would probably be a top 50 player in...