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    South Africa’s rugby squad versus American football

    Any Afrikaner who has even a smidge of self respect wouldn't be part of this team. They are playing for a government that absolutely hates them with a passion. A government whose political idols have sang songs about killing Afrikaners.
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    UFC 274: Oliveira Vs. Gaethje

    I'm guessing it's a perversion of what was once know as religiously ''saving people" among American Evangelical Protestants. What was once converting people to their religion transforms into saving non-whites in other ways.
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    Jobs Women Shouldn’t Do

    When your Aunt was young, the system was more favorable to men, thus naturally fufilling the need of women's hypergamy. When men were dominate in the universities, medical schools, law schools, vet schools, trade schools,etc. this resulted in the men dominating the job market. Which gave men...
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    UFC 274: Oliveira Vs. Gaethje

    Michael Chandler has two black kids, Both adopted. El Cucuy has two sons with his wife. El Cucuy's kids are more European caucasian than Michael Chandler's kids.
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    Blacks Attacking East Asians - Why?

    Everyone needs to remember that Asian-Americans have the highest support for the Democratic Party amongst their own ethnic group. It is something like 76% of Asian Americans vote for the Democratic Party. Even a higher percentage than jews. They vote for all the lefty politicians who have...
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    "What Carrol did was no different from a devoted Communist going on a pro-Bolshevik rant" Exactly. In the old Soviet Union, Jewish led communists used ethnic minorities to justify purging ethnic Russians from many top positions. Of course, many of those Russians were replaced by Jews. It is...
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    College Hoops News; Transfers

    "the rich are getting richer with all this, as the small schools can't pay their athletes as much." This is what I call the jaybilasization of the college basketball game. Jay Bilas, is the ESPN basketball commentator who was constantly promoting paying the players. Google says Bilas makes 2...
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    March Madness 2022

    What a failure for Purdue. St. Peters shouldn't even be competitive with Purdue. I read that St. Peters is a small commuter school with very unimpressive basketball facilities. So what they have done in this tournament is amazing.
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    College Basketball 2021-2022

    The Asian guy is South Korean. Lee Hyun-jung. 6'7". ESPN has an article about him. I looked at the box score stats for the regular season. In their last 5 games, Hyun-jung was the leading scorer in 3 games(George Mason, Duquesne, Saint Louis) and the 2nd leading scorer in one game(Dayton)...
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    Aaron Rodgers

    If that contract report is correct, then Rodgers doesn't care about winning a championship. The Packers will find it difficult to give big contracts to multiple players if Rodgers is taking that high of a percentage of the team's available money. Congrats to Aaron. If the team will pay him...
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    Jake Funk

    From dobbs/ March 11, 2020- The 23 year old model was apparently spotted with Jacksonville Jaquars quarterback Josh Dobbs earlier this month. In a photo circulating on reddit, Sluss and a man resembling Dobbs, 25, can be seen...
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    Cooper Kupp

    Tweet from Field Yates: Cooper Kupp's full season(21 games) 178 catches 2,425 yards, 22 TD NFL regular season receiving triple crown Unanimous All-Pro Most catches in a single postseason(33) NFL Offensive Player of the Year Super Bowl MVP One of the greatest individual seasons ever.
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    2021 Running Backs

    His brother. Its explained in the article.
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    A nice video of White Dunkers

    The way that he is behaving is appropriate for the situation. The guys around him at that moment behave like that and will respect him if he is successful after trash talking his opponent.
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    Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III

    Fury has to fight smart. No wildness. No going for the knockout. Just very carefully outbox Wilder. Cause Wilder can absolutely knock out Fury if Fury isn't careful. Fury must respect Wilder's knockout power.
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    Usyk vs Joshua

    Notice Castillo's leg were trembling after the knockout.
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    Usyk vs Joshua

    RESPECT TO USYK. USYK was 20 pounds lighter also.
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    UFC 266: Volkanovski Vs. Ortega

    Nick Diaz is in the UFC because of his image that the public thinks he is, i.e., a street tough, no ********, no nonsense guy with a **** you mentality. Same with his brother. Nate Diaz is 4-6 since Dec. 2012. Nate was thrown around the octagon like a ragdoll by Rory MacDonald. Since Aug...
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    Usyk vs Joshua

    East European guys really have some different ideas on what looks cool.
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    Joe Biden Administration and Afghanistan: A Humiliating End to the War

    This is the Afghanistani people kicking out a foreign power who have a totally different value system than the Afghani people. It's happened in the past. Nothing new. From ( "The Taliban........have just issued a list of people who civilians need to...
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    2021 NFL Pre-Season Week 1

    Sandro Platzgummer -- started playing American football at 9 years old. There are videos of him on youtube. Highlight videos of him playing with his Austrian team and video of his journey to the NFL thru the developmental program. One of the comments said that Sandro is studying to be a doctor.
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    2021 UTEP Miners

    4. That is truly ridiculous. Who are the recruiters at this school? They should be going after 3 star players promising them playing time. There is a massive number of caucasian high school players that are either not recruited or under recruited. What else have they got to lose? Since...
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    High School Basketball Prospects

    Here is an article about Reed Sheppart in Sports Illustrated. I read this article in the magazine in my doctors office. It's a really good article. ( Published March 4, 2021. "Only 5 schools have offered scholarships...
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    College Football News

    Both Dylan and Luke got seduced by the Big Time Program spell. At programs like Michigan and Nebraska, it is the schools that are the stars. Players are almost an afterthought. The demand for the success of the program means players are will be given less time to develop. At big time schools...
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    2021 Memphis Tigers

    Memphis seems like a great place for a QB to shine. This is the type of program that Tate Martell should have attended.