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    Miscellaneous Boxing News

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    Miscellaneous Boxing News
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    Alec Pierce

    Pierce was 3 or 61 with a long of 30 against the Chiefs.
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    Arslanbek Makhmudov
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    GGG vs Canelo

    Don't respect Canelo for putting this off for 4 years. He is also waiting for Beterbiev to age out.
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    Boxing history

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    2022 Green Bay Packers

    He catches that, it totally turns the game around. He drops it (as he did), it totally breaks the morale of the team. They should have drafted Pierce.
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    Pro Wrestling thread

    I had not heard that Gene LeBell died
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    Flashback - 1988 Olympics 4x400 Women’s - World record

    Oh, that was sooo satisfying!!
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Henrik and Lana review the opening ceremonies of the Birmingham Games.
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    It was Murphy's Law in the relay. :( I hope Caleb Law can finally break the Australian 54 year old record for the 200 meters.
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    I understand. Asians stepping up breaks the stereotype. That is very very important. Another big problem is the drugs. I just do not see the authorities doing much about it.
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Yes. The Asian tigers will be back. Purple had a terrible start yet still ran a 10.12. Asians have passed up the Caucasians in the 100 meters. There are more sub 10 Asians than there are Caucasians, and their fastest time is faster than our fastest time. But, as White Lightning said, this can be...
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    That is crazy. 10.09/w+0.7, at 16? Is he really 16? When I look at the pics of him, he looks like a kid, but it's hard to tell with Asians. :) This Purple Monsoon kid is a prodigy. I'm sad it is not one of our guys, but I am happy it is not a brother. If it was a soul brother, we'd never hear...
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    UFC 277: Peña Vs. Nunes 2

    Definitely an early stoppage. Have a rematch so Pavlovich can beat on him for a longer period of time. I would like to see it. Yes, Pavlovich's reach is very unique, inch for inch longer than that of Jon Jones.
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Nice to see the men from Belgium get the bronze in the 4 x 400. They almost caught Jamaica. Of course the US women easily won the 4 x 400 with Abby Steiner :) I did not know that 400 meter runner Michael Norman was half Japanese.
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Well at least the Championships had a great ending with that relay. The Diamond League starts up again on August 6th. Still hoping a few of our guys can finish the season strong. Although he peaked too early, Boling had a great year. He will be more seasoned for next year.
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    It is purely racial. Flojo was a blatant, obvious drug cheat. Even her black fellow competitors resented her for it. But time has passed, and she has since been canonized as a saint, a black superhero. Read all the praising posts about her on Youtube. These cheating Jamaicans are already getting...
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    SFP is an obvious cheat too. It pisses me off.
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Abby got the worst start of the bunch according to the stats on Track and Field News. She looked flat. If she was in PB shape, she could have gotten second. They need to do a chromosome check on the winner. My God, the drugs have turned her into a man.
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    Asian performers

    I looked up Purple Monsoon's 200 meter PB. He did it with ease.
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    GGG vs Canelo

    Canelo is starting to crack up. I could see Golovkin beating him in September.
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    2022 World Outdoor Season

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    2022 World Outdoor Season

    What is the ethnicity of Dunlap Trey Cunningham wins his heat in 13.13 :)