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  1. white is right

    2022 NFL Week 5

    This play always stuck out as an obvious dive if there ever was one as the hand off missed Csonka by a mile. If Pisarcik stumbled and fell I could see it but a high school qb could have gotten the ball in Larry's breadbasket. PS Hackett might already be on a steadily warming seat as the...
  2. white is right

    2022 Baltimore Ravens

    He chose this team, he could have told them "I pass" and waited out any further offers. I recall Jeremy McNichols doing this one preseason because he was angry that he didn't break camp with the Bucs. IMO there is no way nobody would sign him to a practice squad spot. I suspect he like us...
  3. white is right

    Mike Trout

    Matt Williams may have broken the Maris record in 94' as he was on pace to break it before the strike happened that cancelled the playoffs and the World Series. That season Gwynn also had a chance to be the first player since Williams to hit .400 in 41' as he was hitting .394 in August. Of...
  4. white is right

    MLB 2022 Season

    Judge hit his 62nd home run in his first at bat today. Seeing the reaction of the fans who caught 60 and missed 61 and then snagged 62 are the various attitudes of DWF at least the Ranger fan sounds like he is selling the ball to the highest bidder the DWF who caught 60 sounds like he was...
  5. white is right

    Andy Isabella

    Why not snag him off the Cardinals practice squad(assuming he reverts to it). It's going to be a long season for the Patriots anyway you might as well make a clean break from the CFL caliber receiver core and try out something new.
  6. white is right

    Loretta Lynn Dies at 90

    I thought she died years ago. I'm not much of a country music fan but I remember seeing her on Hee Haw in the 70's and pitching products in this era during day time television. Sad news.....
  7. white is right

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    There is no culture of track in field in Argentina. Most Argentinians are of predominately Italian ancestry so you think the country would have a history some world level sprinters , middle or long distance runners as Italy and Italian dispora have produced these runners all over the world...
  8. white is right

    Caste article from 1991

    I tend to agree the league is full of automatons when it comes to scouts and for a while the Patriots exploited the other teams when it came to their orthodox views on what an NFL player is athletically let alone skills wise. I think the league has changed their views on what a starting qb is...
  9. white is right

    Miscellaneous Boxing News

    Legendary hall of fame boxer Eder Jofre passed away this weekend. Jofre won two titles in the original 8 divisions when in most cases the titles weren't split up between the various bodies in boxing. He only had two losses in his career and they were both to another hall of fame member in...
  10. white is right

    2022 NFL Week 4

    Some guys don't have the natural size to play in the NFL similar to Bob Griffin, Tua seems to be fragile even though his listed weight should be quite sturdy. Baker Mayfield has a similar weight and height to Tua but seems to have a natural stockiness to his frame that Tua doesn't possess...
  11. white is right

    Miscellaneous Boxing News

    I knew of the semi pro Joyce loss to Usyk in a team format but never have seen this one before. Joyce here looks skinnier than he is now but doesn't look weight drained and shouldn't be as he was fighting in the open class. This is a strange case of a fighter getting a stronger chin by gaining...
  12. white is right

    Miscellaneous Boxing News

    Ty for the report as I missed this bout as I watched the Joyce vs Parker card on and off. On the under card Anthony Cacae earned a hard fought split decision over his veteran Italian opponent. I only watched this bout in spots as I had to do house work so I won't give a report on this fight...
  13. white is right

    2022 NFL Week 3

    The Steelers have had grinder running backs since the days of Cowher it almost seems like that is a template of Steeler football and it hasn't varied in 20+ years.
  14. white is right

    Miscellaneous Boxing News

    This weekend has two British cards and the DAZN card has a White British fighter headlining against Kid Galahad. Maxi Hughes defends his IBO belt at 135 pounds against the comebacking Kid Galahad. The last I seen of Galahad he was being flattened by Kiko Martinez who was viewed as done like...
  15. white is right

    2022 Los Angeles Rams

    Back of the roster guys literally have to do what the coaching staff "suggests" or it's having your team facilities pass surrendered at the door and having your release papers signed in the GM's office and you will be blackballed out of the league.
  16. white is right

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Thread

    I wonder how much his alleged personal life issues are bleeding into his on field persona. It's hard to be even tempered when you are separated from your wife.
  17. white is right

    2022 NFL Week 2

    I remember that on third downs the possession receiver would come on the field and the chain moving curl pattern would be thrown the to receiver and the receiver he would be targeted for a kill shot to the helmet with a helmet on helmet hit or when they banned that a forearm shiver to the head...
  18. white is right

    2022 NFL Week 2

    Murray seems to have a horse shoe up his butt but once he loses his speed he will be useless. He could even fall apart down the stretch of the season. He is the tiniest 5'10" qb or player I have ever seen.
  19. white is right

    GGG vs Canelo

    Yes Golovkin had to conserve his energy to cross the finish the line safely this time. The telling stat was he threw 300 fewer punches than the 2nd fight 4 years ago. I had to watch a pirate feed that kept on freezing so I basically did house work and listened to the broadcast and only...
  20. white is right

    GGG vs Canelo

    You wouldn't know it by the way DAZN has promoted this PPV. How do you get PPV buys if only hardcore fans know where and when this fight is happening. Both fighters made weight and I must say GGG looks healthier at this weight than at 160. I suspect if he wins this fight he will stay at 168...
  21. white is right

    RIP John Stearns

    I remember having this card as a kid. I had a box full of traders(journeyman players) and tossing them out during the first card boom of the late eighties to early nineties. I didn't know he was a fringe NFL prospect and even an all star player as I only remember him as defensive catcher. Sad...
  22. white is right

    Arslanbek Makhmudov

    The weigh in was today and both fighters were close in weight with Makhmudov weighing at 263 and change and Takam was 261 and change. Takam looks like he is the latest PED stack as he is chiseled to say the least it won't help beyond possibly taking a worse beating...
  23. white is right

    Is there a chance of a USA-Russia war in the near future?

    I never thought I would see this but Russian incompetence in the battlefield reminds me of WWI and WWII. It seems like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing...
  24. white is right

    Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua

    He's there for the winner and he will earn close to 100m gross in the unification fight if the fight is in Saudi Arabia. The only question will be will he wait 6 months or a year. I can't see any way Joshua wins this if Fury has his head on straight. Fury knows more about all types of...
  25. white is right

    2022 NFL Week One

    I was trying to think of the last qb to basically be incompetent and then emerge like a phoenix in his early 30's and the only name I could come up with was George Blanda. Does Geno have a mean straight ahead kick?