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    What makes a good running back?

    Here you guys go. All you need to know. I nearly logged on there to say "oh yeah, the 8th and perhaps most important quality is that you better be of African descent. Pale-faces need not apply.
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    McD's beat down. More Black on white BS!!!

    This is another video, apparently taken by some bag of crap black employee of of some low-rent black skanks ganging up on a single white woman. Of course the gutless or complacent black manager lets it go on. You got to wonder just...
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    Nick Schrank...anyone seen this?

    Check out this video that was on Yahoo today. Nick Schrank jumps about 36" and lands on a ball...and balances there. wants to make it into the NFL. I wish him luck. Nick Schrank
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    Jameson Konz

    Kent State University alumnus Jameson Konz has just fulfilled a lifelong goal that many young boys dream of while growing up and that is to get drafted into the National Football League. Konz may not have been a first round pick, but the 6'3" 230-pounder become one of the newest members of...
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    Pay undesirables not to breed? Hmmm...

    Read this article from down under that a NZ mayor suggests paying low-lifes that continue breeding 10,000.00 NOT TO! Said class of miscreants would have to undergo voluntarily sterilization before they got their coin. Man, what a novel idea to fix the welfare system in this country...
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    Blacks beat down white kid

    This is going to make your blood sizzle never mind that there is a geek little white pos standing there watching this kid get his thumped by these efffing animals.
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    James David Manning

    Wow, but this guy hauls Obamas' ass to the wood shed! He is saying that the Whites have just about had enough. That they are tired of giving and giving and giving and the blacks taking and whining and never giving anything back. OBTW...this guy is black! A little out there, but he has a...
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    Article: Socially engineered white guil

    ""All-permeating "white-guilt" did not appear out of thin air. It has taken a sustained propaganda effort, a wide-ranging mobilization of education and culture, to inculcate and sustain self-loathing among American Caucasians. Like the Coca-Cola TM brand, white-guilt needs endless repetition to...
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    Is anyone surprised?

    Seems like the natives got a bit crazy in that liberal bastion of Miami... Here
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    Article...Angry White Men

    Fantastic article article here guys Thought it spoke well of an ignored cross section of America...US!!! Here is some of it: "There is one group no one has recognized, and it is the group that will decide the election: the Angry White Man. The Angry White Man comes from all economic...
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    Any bets on the race of these "Kids"

    Now I don't know for sure, but I am willing to make a bet thatthe woman was white and the misunderstood juvies were of a darker hue. Any takers?
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    18 yr. old girl raped by 3 Minn. Gophers

    Well. Looks like 3 bruthas are accused of raping an 18 year old girl (no doubt white). Link Whatdya bet it gets brushed under the rug.
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    Did you guys see.....

    ...the white girl beat the black guy in the 3 pt shootout on ESPN? Suhwwwweet! A gal from Purdue (the top shooter from the womens group) beat a black kid )(from Oregon) by one point in the 3pt shoot out. I was laughing my ass off! I'll bet his brothers was giving him no end of hell.
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    Vick smuggling dope?

    Hmm. Cowherd is throwing his hero Vick under the bus right now for possibly trying to smuggle some gangja through an airport. He wants Schaub now!
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    Thinkin’ ’bout the Saints V Bears

    Driving down the road today, listening to the ESPN chatterboxes and what not. They were talking about about the Bears/Saints match-up and how the Bears defense is pretty formidible in all aspects of the game. That said, and knowing that Sean Peyton is pretty aggressive and not afraid to...
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    Dr. Z’s "I’m a poor black O-lineman story

    Check outthis story from SI's Dr. Z. He writes this story as a Black O-lineman. Wonder how bad the white O-lineman have it? Pretty nauseating, but he is just playing the caste card.
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    Owens tries to do himself in

    The great T/O. tried to off himself (attention grabber probably) so goes the talking heads.
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    Conbine on the NFL channel

    Was watching some of the Combine on ch. 212 (direct tv). Saw Bloom run and he looked pretty explosive. I'd think with a some work, he could trim off some time. There was kid there from Iowa. Wide reciever. Ed Hinkel. Terrific hands. He fared better than just about anybody I saw there...
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    The Herd on ESPN

    Beano Cook is a football analyst that shows up every Wed. on Colin Cowherds talk show. I thought that BC may have slipped a little bit of truism in his analysis of two of the comparable college divisions. He may just get tacked to the wall as a racist, but I don't think that anyone really heard...
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    Wes Welker-Dolphins

    Watched this guy play yesterday as a KR/PR/WR. Very impressive. He had one fumble which may be the death knell of the kid. His numbers were good. Looks like he is very speedy and the Dolphins used him a good deal at wide-out. He is number 83 and exciting to watch. Kind of a Tim Dwight built...