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  1. sprintstar

    2022 NFL Week 4

    Goff has been great to excellent since he came into the league. Obviously doesn't need a superstar reciever to make great plays, he is just that good. With CM and Mayfield I think they need to get out of dodge.....Mayfield looks lost and the coaches look like they want to get CM...
  2. sprintstar

    Matthew Boling 9.98, 19.92 and 8.25 LJ

    WL I don't think anyone here on this board hates Boling. If anything they want very much for him to do extremely well. I want the kid to turn the corner as much as anyone. I do however think there are many out there(mostly Blacks/cucks) who do hate him because he shakes the myth(we know it's...
  3. sprintstar

    2022 NFL Week One

    good thing Kupp isnt physical...right Crissy? Hmmm breaks tackles, stiff arms a dude to the ground whilst gaining 20+yds....not too shabby for a non physical guy....Crissy is a slightly quieter
  4. sprintstar

    2022 European Track & Field Championships

    Wagner's coach needs to work with him going stride into the line then lean, He leaned almost 1-1/4 strides from the line.......young sprinter with basic mistake...otherwise he will be much faster next year.... Neita of GB is a very sour faced loser...walks off immediately...(guess she thinks she...
  5. sprintstar


    Thank you for all your hard work Don!!!
  6. sprintstar

    Femke Bol - European champion in the 400m hurdles

    Love her and her toughness, she is definitely the second fastest 400mh in the world, no one else is close to her in this regards. Unfortunately I do not think that she will be able to beat Sydney Mcgloughlin(not black but Mulatto) at this stage in her career. By the time she has the chance...
  7. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Browning (anchor runner) trips over his own feet in the final of the Mens 4x100m costing the Aussie men a medal..... Gotta say I am happy for Michele Jenneke of Australia finally lowering her times, she has been around for awhile. She looks much leaner nowadays indicating much more attention to...
  8. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    When I watched the 200m final I was shocked to see what I believe was the guy from Botswana easing slightly at the finish line aloowing the transplant from isreal to win at the wire. Then the dumbass from Botswana lays down and pretends to sleep in mocking his competition, moron of the highest...
  9. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Jenny meadows the British announcer mouth moves faster than her brain. How many names is she going brutalize? She never shuts her mouth constantly making mistakes on countries of athletes etc etc etc and she totally has a thing for Jamaican athletes. last rant: the black female athletes are...
  10. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Brahe-pedersen advances to semis winning her heat in a slow time of 11.45, hopefully she can run closer to her pb mark or she will be in tough to advance to the finals
  11. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Jackson of the USA gets away with a blatant false start to advance to the semis of the girls 100m at the World U20 champs
  12. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Fahmi if he runs relaxed will go sub 10 in his next race. Kids got springs in his feet. Turkey with their usual man running as a woman in the womens 800m.....India's female anchor in the mixed 4x400m looks very masculine as well. hmmmmmm
  13. sprintstar

    Projected starters

    twenty-two; the average should be 70% white starters on NFL defenses, think of how much better the caliber of football would be if this was the reality.
  14. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    jacknyc they start next week...oops i meant world under 20 my bad
  15. sprintstar

    Taysom Hill

    Booth if he did that he'd be released quickly. RB or huge slot receiver if he cant be QB.
  16. sprintstar

    Abby Steiner NCAA National Champion/USA National 200m champ 21.77 100m 10.90

    Prandini has some serious abs :) Steiner is going to be an absolute terror in the next few years....
  17. sprintstar

    Trevor Bassitt- Division II to American Champ

    He will hit mid to high 46's next year with good coaching maybe even faster! Huge upside for this kid, he has a steel mentality and is highly highly competitive! Well done!
  18. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    what I took away from yesterdays events was this: Steiner on obviously tired legs still ran incredibly fast on her leg, the others basically treated her like an outcast afterwards especially Mcglouglin, yes Mcglouglin is insanely fast but is a moping little biatch most of the time. Hodkingson...
  19. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    and they continue to punish Russia for cheating 10 years ago, keep some of the worlds best clean athletes from competing this year to punish Russia for fighting with Ukraine and its corrupt corruption and a total travesty by the World sports associations... they let obvious...
  20. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Cmon Jackson,SFP both juicing. Steiner looked good for the first 100 then tired. She has an amazing future ahead of her. lyles is juicing…….as well he is an absolute moron lol
  21. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Bol will be hard pressed to beat Sydney who is the world record holder. If they are both niggle free and feeling good the race should be very very fast. I like the fact that Mcloughlin is very serious about her sport, works extremely hard and does not show boat like many others...she is a...
  22. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    I thought Steiner was very nervous at the start, you could see it on her face. She didnt have her usual lightening fast start and didnt close on SFP at all. She actually ran slower than Prandini who was gassing at 180m in her heat. She needs to approach the final with the attitude "I have...
  23. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    oops I turned off tv as soon as 400mh race was finished and didnt realize that Bassitt had placed bad Congrats to Trevor Bassitt on a great achievement! He has had a long season. Congrats to Eleanor Patterson of Australia for winning Gold in a very tough battle with youngster...
  24. sprintstar

    2022 World Outdoor Season

    Yah anybody who think SFP legitimately took almost 1/2 second off her seasons best is brainwashed beyond hope. All 3 Jamaican woman are juicing. Warholm leads to top of stretch then I think he hurt his hamstring again. I was literally yelling at Bassitt to dive across the finish line, if he did...