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  1. Flint

    2022 NFL Week 4

    One bright spot with the Lions defensive meltdown is that Aaron Glenn is coaching himself out of a head coaching opportunity. The Lions defense is a mess, miscommunication, bad formations. The defense stopped the Hawks on a big 3rd down that was played over due to a clock malfunction, then...
  2. Flint

    Commercials we HATE!!!!

    I think the NFL or at least one of the pregame shows did something about the gay movie Bros. I tuned in to hear the host mention that the movie will opening in theaters soon after some guy was talking about it. Why the NFL would have anything to do with it….well we know why. Still depressing though.
  3. Flint

    Human Space Exploration

    I’m a big fan of the “space” program. However I wholeheartedly endorse the private sector taking over the burden on this. Not only shouldn’t the taxpayers pay for what is essentially a non essential service, but the current state of our government couldn’t tell the difference between a black...
  4. Flint

    2022 NFL Week One

    So what year will blacks be a majority of the starting QB’s in the NFL? That would be what 17? Getting pretty close it seems. I’m thinking in 10 years there will be almost all black QB’s, with a few superstar white ones, like the wide receiver position is now. It’s too much of an advantage to...
  5. Flint

    Detroit Lions General Thread

    Yeah Hutchinson did not play well, one tackle, a big whiff, and non-factor otherwise. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.
  6. Flint

    Will China Take Taiwan in the Next Few Years?

    What is China's capability in a nuclear confrontation? With Russia you know they have the bombs and the rockets capable of delivering them. China has rockets and bombs too but not to the extent that Russia has. It shouldn't be risked anyway but the idiots that run the government have to be...
  7. Flint

    MLB 2022 Season

    I see the Negro League defeated the slightly less Negro League 3-2, as 2 of their guys homered to one of ours (and a Jew no less!) The game was as illustrative of the state of MLB baseball as the 1-0 1968 All-Star game was of the game at that time. Three home runs accounted for all the scoring...
  8. Flint


    If only. The Saxon today is a soy laden femboy that loves to serve his masters (any other people). The “Saxon” is being exterminated willingly from the planet. Kipling’s writings are like reading Tolkien. Epic fantasies about a long dead race. Where are those heroic Saxon’s that fought for...
  9. Flint

    Starsux Forces Employees to Watch Anti-White Propaganda

    Starbucks is on the way out anyway. Wokeness is going to kill them as they are giving into the agenda and unionizing. Unions kill off nearly all non government companies. How are they going to compete against non union coffee shops? The death throws of the company will be fun to watch as labor...
  10. Flint

    47 super brave conservatives!!!

    I think at one time the state had an interest in regulating and recording marriages. It was good for society but more importantly since back in the day almost every marriage resulted in kids, often many of them, it made legal issues surrounding inheritance and divorce easier to handle from a...
  11. Flint

    Ubiquitous Man Hating

    Amen to that brother!
  12. Flint


    Yeah but he didn’t invent it. I’m sure some white guy did. He just got it when they salvaged it from the terminator in the first movie. Dyson was a complete AA phoney. Although he did show some balls at the end holding off on the explosive until he died.
  13. Flint

    Ben Joyce 105.5 mph fastball

    Speaking of numbers and baseball, especially as it regards to the radar gun and speed, it seems every hit, and especially home runs has to be referred to in terms of exit velocity. Apparently it’s the most important thing to know. Here’s an excerpt from an article on Detroit’s Riley Greene’s...
  14. Flint

    USC, UCLA to join Big 10

    USC, UCLA moving from Pac-12 to Big Ten in 2024 What a joke. The conference’s don’t make any sense anymore. No geographic sense, no historical sense, just an endless pursuit of more money. With pay for play coming and players getting...
  15. Flint

    Coming Financial Crisis Worse Than ’29?

    It does seem like the financial system is severely stressed. Near collapse? How would you know? This thread goes back to 2007. The system has been on the verge of collapse for 15 years, reading some of the older posts. If you had pulled your money out of the system at that time you would have a...
  16. Flint


    You are going to go back and forth with me on this issue because I'm not going to let you use personal insults and false accusations bully me into not replying. Your MO by the way. Millions of people would have had to be in on the "conspiracy" for it to be successful. There were 8 missions that...
  17. Flint


    Here's some push back on your reply which I know you hate, but nevertheless deserve. I don't know why you brought up the "nuts" that credit blacks for advances they had nothing to do with, I didn't bring up anything of the sort, I brought up the people that demonize or belittle past...
  18. Flint

    Roe v. Wade Overturned

    People are pretty stupid about the law. All this decision was about, was that the Constitution says nothing about abortion, thus it's an issue for the states. Period end of story. The previous decision made stuff up, and that was wrong. The decision was not about religion or a womens body...
  19. Flint


    A lot of criticism of the project to put a man on the moon was race based. "Whitey" on the moon nonsense. It's persists because every thing Whitey did back in the day was evil or in this case phoney. Many modern critics, not all, but many, instinctively try to discredit in any way possible any...
  20. Flint

    Roe v. Wade Overturned

    The tears of the liberal left is sweet nectar to me. A bunch of freaks that don't want to reproduce and couldn't if they tried. No egg harpies chuck full of hormones and their spermless soyboy beta males. They have more need for fertility clinics then abortion clinics. The Roe v. Wade decision...
  21. Flint


    Trashing the greatest achievement of mankind in history should be left to our critics. The NASA Space project is a towering achievement of almost exclusively the White race. There is plenty of solid evidence supporting it, including recent photographic evidence. I know there is no way to...
  22. Flint

    Ben Joyce 105.5 mph fastball

    Baseball's the best sport for statistics. There's a lot of games so a lot of information. I used to love to calculate batting averages as a kid and still recognize some of the common averages and know the hits/at-bats. Unfortunately, the penchant for numbers and baseballs has been taken to...
  23. Flint

    Ben Joyce 105.5 mph fastball

    Baseball is moving towards guys that can generate spin more than power pitchers. No matter how fast a guy can toss it, it can be hit. Movement is key. Nolan Ryan and Bob Feller could bring the heat but weren’t as good as guys that could mix in off speed stuff with the fastball. 105 is impressive...
  24. Flint

    Aidan Hutchinson

    Hopefully Aidan Hutchinson has a long and prosperous career with the Lions. His family made more news today as his beautiful sister was crowned Mrs. Michigan. Good luck to her at the next level too!
  25. Flint

    The greatest athletes are black

    Those are all good choices. It's almost impossible to pick the "greatest" in a sport. What constitutes great to one person may not to another. If I had to pick "greatest" I'd pick someone that towered over their sport. Football: I don't think Brady has towered over his sport but he is clearly...