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    Ryan Tannehill You really can't find information on Kenneth Aikman, like I've stated before his broadcasts are so over the top, if he's not a professing Jew, he could be a crypto and collecting the shekels
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    Ryan Tannehill

    Teddy Bridgewater maybe the worst the QB I have ever witnessed is visiting the Dolphins as a free agent, oy vey. Aikman gets aroused every time he speaks or even thinks of Teddy, the virtual signaling is getting out of hand Wikipedia states that Aikman's father is of (Iranian) Jewish descent...
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    Blake Bortles Release

    Now the screeching media chosenites can stop piling on Blake
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    Julian Edelman

    From what I remember is that Julian wasn't raised as a J.w, now all of a sudden with a little fame and fortune.....Voila!!!!!! Or is it Oy Vey
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    Leighton Vander Esch

    The thing that bugs the crap out of me is the condescension the talking heads have towards white players, particularly QB's, you'd think Tim Tebow, Joe Flacco, Blake Bortles, etc.... raped a college co-ed...Oh wait that was Jameis Winston, or maybe they sexually assaulted an Uber Driver.....Oh...
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    Leighton Vander Esch

    Leighton Vander Esch led the Cowboys in tackles, he was really impressive, but watching a Cowboy's game with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, I've noticed any showering of praise towards Vander Esch, they'll always include black linebacker Jaylon Smith in the discussion, it's like they've got a...
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    Clay Matthews, OLB

    Good post, I thought I was the only one that felt like this about the (((media))) coverage.
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    Clay Matthews, OLB

    Clay really didn't have a down year, Pettine admittedly used him in more pass coverage. Which should tell you the secondary was a sham as usual, even though Black DB coach is lauded as the next Vince Lombardi by the Packer's (((sports writers)))
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    Clay Matthews, OLB

    The (((media))) is really coming after Clay, stating he's getting slow, not as effective, the same BS as last year with Jordy Nelson.