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    Johnny Manziel

    Mary Kay Cabot is out for JFF already. Kyle Shanahan will be the O coordinator in CLE this year. Considering what he was able to do with Gremlin the Turd should Johnny get a fair shot O ROTY is not out of the queation. 3k 20TD and 600 & 7 on the ground is my guess. Johnny starts week 3 and never...
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    2014 Colorado Buffaloes

    Are the Irwins related?
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    Is Michelle Obama a Man?

    What the hell is going on here now? UnFkn real!
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    Reddit's White Athlete support page,

    Come on guys I know it might be new for a lot of you, and maybe less so for others come subscribe and start posting videos here or starting a discussion There has been very little activity there. I submitted some video links to get things started. Most of the videos I put up I got from...
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    Reddit's White Athlete support page,

    ( Reddit is a liberal wasteland, however this is its own pristine untouched world. Come join post videos, commentary, or even full on Op-ed's. If this community can grow then it will be an even bigger blow to the caste system. As the majority of users there are...
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    White WR revolution?? White Wide Receiver news thread

    Guys go checkout, join and contribute at.
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    NFL 2013-14 Playoff thread Go check it out and help build an even larger community.
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    Holy Bible

    LOL Once a year at least ehh guys? go check this out.
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    Lone Peak
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    2012-2013 Minnesota Timberwolves

    Robbie Hummel started the game last night for the T-Wolves scoring two early three pointers that helped set the tone of the game. With Martin out Hummel started at the 3 with Brewer moving to the 2. Hummel has lost a considerable amount of athleticism due to two ACL injuries. It speaks volumes...
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    Joey Chenoweth

    This is Joey's sophomore year. WOW!
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    Chandler Parsons Game 4 performance that kept the Huston Rockets alive in the playoffs, had an impact; albeit a lesser one in game 5 going for 10 points 5 rebounds 4 assists.
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    Chandler Parsons Chandler Parsons playing decent D on Durant so far.
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion

    Science seeks to disprove itself as proof for it's hypothesis. All those text books that they laugh at now, are laughed at because science evolved. The understanding evolved, theories were either proven and accepted. Or disproved and discarded. There is no growth in religion, no learning. Just...
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion

    The short answer here is, I don't believe in any of it. The story of Jesus, from his birth to his accompaniment by stars and three wise men, to his parents fleeing to Egypt, to his baptism by John, to his death and resurrection; is all just repackaged stories that existed centuries before...
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion

    To believe that Christianity is for all; despite the fact that the only time it is expressly mentioned by Jesus he clearly, and without ambiguity states that he came only for the house of Israel, is ridiculous. Also if Jesus came to "minister" too the "gentiles" what was his claim to divine...
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion

    That is not what the "House Of Israel" means. Israel is the name that according to Genesis 35:9-15 "god" gave to Jacob. Jacob's twelve sons becoming the twelve tribes of Israel, or The House of Israel. The point you bring up about Jesus allegedly clearing out the money lenders in the temple is...
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    Zach Zenner "Zenner added to Payton Award list" Looks like he is going to get at least a little bit of attention. Only a sophomore, he can only get better.
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    2012-2013 Minnesota Timberwolves

    Great post, even better quote. I suppose for those of us who are interested in such things, it will be an interesting study to watch the media's take; and in turn the public's reaction. Your point about Bayless is well taken. I have noted his attempts to give support to white players in the...
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion

    Do you have any evidence supporting this statement? I would be very interested to read it. You should also check out the Michigan St. E. Coli experiment. It's a very well documented evolutionary experiment, that may give you some new information to think about.
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion

    That is a complete logical fallacy. That is to say acknowledging that Mohammed lived is acknowledging that Islam is the right religion. It just doesn't follow. They are not mutually exclusive. And using the Bible to prove the Bible; it's pointless especially to a non-believer. There is no...
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion

    They are closing quickly. This is just a news clip, but I would advise anyone with an open mind on the matter to do a little more reading about this experiment.
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion

    Thank you for the welcome, it's good to be back. As you well know Carolina I know my bible quite well. And I would turn that same statement back to you. Matthew 15:24 "...I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House if Israel." They actually have you all worshiping a Jewish savior...
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion
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    Homosexual football player and evolution discussion

    For a bunch of people who are aware of how Jewish propaganda works. It's shocking to see how many of you still fall for the biggest one of all. The Jewish Carpenter.